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  1. I'm sure you can convince your parents to go for the "With Porn" option, so you can continue watching full HD videos of teenage russian girls inserting kitchen utensils up their reproductive organs.
  2. here's to hoping that people at autodesk/unity etc. all take heed of how awesome this will be Sketchup is a good gateway-drug into modeling.
  3. Cool!! Probably won't have time to make any entries, but looking forward to playing!
  4. insta

    I'm a dad

    I don't think I've congratulated you earlier, so congrats!!!!!
  5. Maybe it was modified for the purpose of creating a cool trailer
  6. The iPad 2 has a front VGA camera and a rear-facing 720p camera, both capable of still images (but these are only taken at a low quality 0.3 megapixels) and 30fps video. The rear-facing camera has a 5× digital zoom for still images only. Both shoot photo and video in a 4:3 fullscreen aspect ratio, unlike the iPhone 4, which shoots in a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. Unlike the iPhone, the iPad does not support tap to focus, but does allow you to tap to set auto exposure.
  7. You forgot to add "As long as it doesn't off topic the thread ;)"
  8. Usually studios are horrible at keeping people up to date in a timely fashion. I say you should send another email every couple of days until you hear back. HRs job when it comes to recruitment is to answer emails, don't worry about "nagging". It doesn't have to be the most drawn out "uuh well hey guys sorry you have to read my email again here is a question!! i was wondering if you perchance had an opportunity to consider my future gainful employment in your studio? heh its okay if you havent although it would be swell if you had however i understand these things take time but if possible it would be great if you could let me know so i can get on with my life", just write something like "Hello. Any news regarding blabla? Thanks, blabla". If you feel awkward about sending these mails, set up your email client to do it automatically. If they don't give you a job, forget to disable the automatic email sending.
  9. Can it do other shapes than squares? Like say you have a L-shaped room.
  10. insta

    The Edge of Forever (Q3)

    Awesome! Awesome to the max!
  11. The hunt for Red October was a metaphor for the transsexuals rights to travel on buses.
  12. Sit atleast 3 meters away from your monitor, when people give you grief about not actually being able to do anything productive, show your doctors note.
  13. Ask to play popular games during worktime "for reference", learn nothing.
  14. Record a 1 hour video of your desktop when you're working, then loop it all day every day. Paint eyes on your eyelids and wait for retirement.
  15. Settle down nerds!! I'm getting nerd-germs all over my new pants!!!
  16. for extra coolpoints, refer to your colleagues as "game gurus" nickname each game guru after your favorite jedi or character from big bang theory write bugreports in klingon or that language from game of thrones (not english) paint your nerfgun gunmetal grey and rob a bank, get shot with real guns
  17. Seeing that the standard reply on mapcore is "needs more contrast", I will say "great work!". TBQH I think it's a bit too contrasty
  18. Most videogame studios provide free coffee and tea.
  19. Yeah, but the Stalker2 dev is eastern-european, so getting a project back on track is just getting a crate of canned food and a diesel generator to the office. Western game development is more "contracts" and "changing the locks on the office" types of things.
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