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  1. Haha, you're not the first to say that! Glad you seem to like it! Looking forward to posting more stuff. And big ups to Rick_D for the lovely art!
  2. Heyo! Since Mission Improbable is well underway now, I thought I'd start a thread here where I can post all the stuff I usually post on ModDB. Me and Rick_D are hard at work on it, and we aim to be content complete at the end of June. Once we reach that, we will spend some time polishing it up as much as we can, and hopefully it will turn out just dandy. Anyways, here's the things I posted to ModDB last night. I'll stick with the screenshots, if you want to read more general update stuff you can take a look here : http://www.moddb.com/mods/mission-improbable The re-worked MIMP2 map. Rick is currently working on it, I'll do an additional script and optimization pass on it once he's done. This is the work-in-progress MIMP3 map. I'm currently polishing and tweaking it, once I'm done with it I'll hand it over to Rick so he can do some stuff with it. And here's our new character, he is the rebel leader you meet in the second map. He is hella battle-scarred from fighting the Combine for so long. Now he has a more administrative role in the Resistance movement, but he can still pack a punch if he's backed up in a corner (and facing the correct way, haha). I'll keep this thread updated with whatever new media (ooh media, I actually just mean .jpg images) that's posted. Again, if you want to read the development-updates, you can take a look right here : http://www.moddb.com/mods/mission-improbable Okay hope you like it!!
  3. I hope they release a edited-down version with only the Team Meat stuff. Although I guess I can just use the fast-forward button during the other parts.
  4. insta

    Euro 2012

    lol 22 guys running after a ball, heh plebs, enjoy your idiot past time *watches online starcraft2 tournament*
  5. Good for them! Now they have completely free hands to create what they want (as long as they fund it themselves), and no more required "good ideas" from the publisher side. Hope it works out for them!
  6. Still better than the intensely scripted "unscripted banter" during the big press conferences though.
  7. I hope the characters can cry, the only true human emotion.
  8. Latex-wearing, assault-rifle-toting, prison-tattooed nuns getting their necks snapped Latex-wearing, assault-rifle-toting, prison-tattooed nuns getting their necks snapped Latex-wearing, assault-rifle-toting, prison-tattooed nuns getting their necks snapped Latex-wearing, assault-rifle-toting, prison-tattooed nuns getting their necks snapped
  9. Been playing it for a while. It's no Starcraft2. But only Starcraft3 will be Starcraft2, so that's to be expected.
  10. Another one! Pretty much everything shown in the bottom part is the work of rick_d!
  11. I think I'd remove the modeling page and just mention it in the CV. I'm not very good at modeling, so that's why I just say it in text and let the reader imagine what awesome high quality models I can make. Once they hire me its too late. The Portal2 screenshots are very messy, maybe find one or two cool angles, remove the weapon from view, and put some more effort into presentation? All your level design docs are marked as "confidential" in the bottom left corner, which they don't actually appear to be, so maybe remove that. Also remove the lines under each work experience how it relates to the games industry, because crueler people than me might laugh at that, and not in a funny way
  12. Continuing working on Mission Improbable 3, and the upgrade to part 1 and 2 at the same time, with huge help from rick_d! You can follow the development here, if you want to : http://www.moddb.com/mods/mission-improbable Actually I think I'll add that to my forum signature
  13. insta

    [HL2: EP2] Station 51

    Now I've played it, and here's the feedback! It's really good! Love the use of color, even though it can get a bit dark in the outside areas now and then. The enemies would feel better if they're more active from the start, right now it feels like a lot of them are just waiting for you to come into their line of sight. Ambient sounds would be great, I can't remember if they were there or not, but if they are, then they are a bit too subtle. The jump right after you get the airboat was a bit weird and ruined the flow a bit. After the large fight near the beginning, with the guys coming from the dropship, there was a pretty long calm period, maybe re-introduce light combat towards the end of the lull since right now it goes from no combat at all to business as usual very quickly. Anyway, I recorded a demo while playing it, so you can take a look at that and draw your own conclusions. Definitely think you should continue developing the map, I think it will end up great! http://magnarj.net/files/station51_playthrough_a1.rar
  14. insta

    [HL2: EP2] Station 51

    Cool! I'll be sure to play it and give some feedback!
  15. I'm home now, it's installing just fine, I guess I bought it after the problem was discovered. What's everybodys battletag thingy? Mine is daffodil#2999
  16. Bought and preloaded it this weekend. O M G.
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