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  1. Hella visceral. Looks like our "tap quickly to finish animation" finger will get quite a workout too!
  2. Yep, think in what engine you fill more comfortable ang just go and do some great shit. BUT! if you plan to put it in your portfolio it should look enough good as Dear Esther. If not - HL2's source engine isn't the best engine to show right now... artist alert, artist alert. if it's a level design portfolio it could be dev textures as long as it plays well. some art polish is nice but HL2 still looks pretty good, look at episode 2, it's not entirely shit you just have to pick and choose your battles as far as art goes :S You should practice what you preach xD xD xD
  3. Do it for whatever game you enjoy the most, since you're most likely to finish it then.
  4. Oh btw, everybody must buy Orcs Must Die, sale or no sale.
  5. insta

    Door interaction

    What that other guy said!
  6. Research and development is awesome, you have to play that one!!
  7. Two of the three maps were released back in 2009 and 2010. I was planning on finishing it up, as in creating and releasing the third map as well, but then Rick offered to help, so now we are sprucing everything up so it looks nice and current. I'm also going over the two old maps and tweaking the scripting and such.
  8. Haha yea, I know, I remember it being much prettier! I think the largest kick in the face is this one :
  9. Hey bros! Here's some more screenshots! Progress is going great, and we are hoping to release in July!!! As always, larger images + more detailed news are available at : http://www.moddb.com/mods/mission-improbable/ OMG!!!
  10. insta

    [TF2] koth_nerve

    This looks sick!!
  11. Haha, yeah. Actually it looks like it will be released in July. Unless some catastrophic computer mishap happens.
  12. How do you mean? Or, where do you mean?
  13. After the disappointment of Diablo3 and the Extended Cut DLC I will vote with my wallet and boycott this
  14. More stuff! Another comparison from MIMP2. Weird alien cave from MIMP3! Very work in progress, but I thought it was definitely worth showing off. The pipes and plants are all animated, so it looks super-cool ingame. <3 Rick. As always, bigger versions are here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/mission-improbable/images And news-babble is here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/mission-improbable/news The latest news, which was posted just 10 minutes ago, is not up yet. But it will be, soon! Most likely. I'm getting pretty good at this promotion-stuff. Maybe I should start doing it on other forums as well.
  15. UFO!!! Or a cylinder filled with nuclear waste
  16. A comparison from MIMP2 I just uploaded. You can see a bigger version here : http://www.moddb.com/mods/mission-impro ... comparison And then clicking on the HD button.
  17. I finished Diablo 3 today!
  18. We might give him sunglasses.
  19. During the last hours at work today you could sit and watch the movie and drink some beer, so now I've seen it! The Fez guy was likable at first, then he turned into a bit of a dick. Team Meat was awesome throughout. Also, loved the SouljaBoy review of Braid overlapped with Jonathan Blow talking about the deeper meaning of the interactive medium. "It pains me that the faceless masses don't respond to the outer meta-character of the LOOK AT THIS NIGGA WOO WOOOO"
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