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  1. I'm going apeshit, I'm just holding it inside.
  2. No words containing thrik found in this word list.
  3. Puntastic! I pundered making the same spunky puncher but i goddamnit i cant come up with anything more. Heres the website with all words containing the word "pun": acupuncture acupunctures acupuncturist acupuncturists compunction compunctions compunctious contrapuntal contrapuntally contrapuntist contrapuntists counterpunch counterpunched counterpuncher counterpunchers counterpunches counterpunching cowpuncher cowpunchers cyberpunk cyberpunks expunction expunctions expunge expunged expunger expungers expunges expunging finespun homespun homespuns impunities impunity inexpungible keypunch keypunched keypuncher keypunchers keypunches keypunching micropuncture micropunctures nonpunitive opuntia opuntias outpunch outpunched outpunches outpunching prepunch prepunched prepunches prepunching pun puna punas punch punchball punchballs punchboard punchboards punched puncheon puncheons puncher punchers punches punchier punchiest punchily punchinello punchinellos punching punchless punchy punctate punctation punctations punctilio punctilios punctilious punctiliously punctiliousness punctiliousnesses punctual punctualities punctuality punctually punctuate punctuated punctuates punctuating punctuation punctuations punctuator punctuators puncture punctured punctures puncturing pundit punditic punditries punditry pundits pung pungencies pungency pungent pungently pungle pungled pungles pungling pungs punier puniest punily puniness puninesses punish punishabilities punishability punishable punished punisher punishers punishes punishing punishment punishments punition punitions punitive punitively punitiveness punitivenesses punitory punk punka punkah punkahs punkas punker punkers punkest punkey punkeys punkie punkier punkies punkiest punkin punkiness punkinesses punkins punkish punks punky punned punner punners punnet punnets punnier punniest punning punny puns punster punsters punt punted punter punters punties punting punto puntos punts punty puny repunctuation repunctuations spun spunbonded spunk spunked spunkie spunkier spunkies spunkiest spunkily spunkiness spunkinesses spunking spunks spunky trapunto trapuntos unpunctual unpunctualities unpunctuality unpunctuated unpunished unspun venipuncture venipunctures Actually heres the website: http://www.morewords.com/contains/pun/
  4. Holy macarony that looks awesome!!! Great job!!!!
  5. It reminds me of a colonoscopy. However, is that real spec on the brain/colon texture? It looks like it! Oh and the map looks cool too!
  6. Oh awesome, I've been looking for good creepy films! Thank you
  7. Today I watched the new "Dallas", which is a lot like the old "Dallas". I also watched "Farmer seeking wife", a swedish show about farmers seeking wives.
  8. Here's a map I was planning to fix up and release for some project that Campaignjunkie was trying to organize a while back. You would babysit Alyx which was driving an APC, and it would have hella synergy between you and the metal machine and etc. etc. Anyway, here are the screenshots: Its sooo close to completion, just the scripting left to do really. Which is fun. But where to find the time??
  9. lol I usually just use the shower if I'm out of paper. You animal.
  10. I agree, however what you indeed brought to the dude was household paper, not toilet paper. The picture belows explains better: In my experience, the item more resembled the one on the left, as opposed to the one on the right. Of course, this is nitpicking, and both types of paper can be used to dry/clean your rectum. Even coffee filters will do in a pinch, which I'm sure I'm not the only one to have experienced firsthand.
  11. insta

    Mobile phones

    Nope, me too. I have this "four in a row" game on it that I've gotten really good at. Here's a youtube video of it: Not me playing sadly, but I'll get there some day :derp:
  12. It's awesome! The only thing I have some problems with is the balancing, I play on medium and the turrets/marines can really take your health/shield away in seconds. Also, I've ragequit a few times, but thats because of standard HL2 issues, like the player not attaching to a ladder followed by me falling to my death. The levels look for the most part amazing, and I love the small touches like the small colorcorrection or whatever when you pick up a shield canister, alien goo sticking to your weapon etc.
  13. insta

    [CS:GO]Death Valley

    Does it have the scripting from rambohulk as well?
  14. I am also enjoying it! I have more achievements than evert! I want to make a gungame level! I have a hard time stringing together sentences!
  15. I'm looking forward to it!!! Congrats on the (imminent) release, can't imagine how much work it was
  16. Looks good to me (mind you I have no idea what I'm talking about), the only weird thing is the videocard, I've never heard of the manufacturer. Last time I skimped on money on a graphics card it had a critical meltdown, so I'd say spend some extra dollars/euros and get a card from a high profile manufacturer.
  17. Cool stuff! Looking forward to seeing it more detailed, love the texture lights and how you've baked the lights into the architecture!
  18. Yeah, awesome to read through this. It's really fun to see how many tricks they used to get the most out of the hardware :derp:
  19. For those of you who have a hard time understanding .jpegs, the following things can be yours for 50 buckaroos. 4 .pdf documents a forum account i dunno like 6 postcards or posters or desktop backgrounds or something? access to a diary a game maybe For the low price of only 45 bucks, I'm putting up for offer: 5 .pdf documents (20% more pdf documents) 2 forum accounts 8 desktop backgrounds access to my diary a game maybe
  20. On a 3G modem? Damn crazy ass norwegians! It has great lag compensation, I'm untouchable.
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