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  1. Congrats on the release! Finally!!
  2. The soundtrack is really good! http://music.musicofthemoon.com/track/hydrogen
  3. Didn't we do some donation thing? Who the hell did I give money to?
  4. So damn hard when you didn't know english...
  5. insta

    CS_Museum by FMPONE

    That bridge is maximum sick!
  6. Give me a X Give me a C Give me a O Give me a M What's that spell? GOTY!
  7. That sucks if true That's where KFS works, right? Hope you got to keep your job!
  8. How are you all so good at this game, playing on Classic and all that? I'm playing on Normal and the bodies keep stacking up. I spent all my money on new recruits, which then get slaughtered on first contact with badguys
  9. I am still in therapy after seeing that ballet-film you suggested, and my psychiatrist says I can not watch any more movies until I'm cured.
  10. One mans garbage is another mans treasure. The Taken movies are shit IMHO.
  11. Played it for 10 hours this weekend, absolutely love it! I was gonna play it for half an hour or so last night before going to bed, ended up staying up until the middle of the night. Haven't experienced that with any games lately.
  12. insta

    Politics forum?

    Lets have a forum where we can discuss how sexy children are, and where we can post and trade pictures and video.
  13. Awesome portfolio, but most of the pictures were very dark! Also, with the content, it reminds me of my own portfolio, but with better updated content Day of defeat, Ghost Recon etc. Also, I didn't know the new Ghost Recon had a mission in Norway, now I have to buy it
  14. Conjunctions arent included in abbreviations l2a (learn 2 abbreviate)
  15. Please stay on topic, lest I summon an admin (I'm a pretty big deal around here you know)
  16. Also the quick-reply thing is hella nice, I've made so many posts already, its like a neural-net hookup straight into my brain department.
  17. I like that you get notifications when someone quotes you and stuff, I am already loving this new theme or whatever its called! Forum? Layout? Code?
  18. I agree with the gentleman above, that part was never so hot. I got stuck in the area where you follow the water-stream through the crushing meatgrinders and so forth and so on.
  19. What the fuck are you talking about? You made the right choice! But I'm also buying both :G Yes, true. I just read a review of Dishonored and it seems so good. But I'm sure I will have fun in XCOM as well!
  20. Why did I buy this instead of Dishonored (((( Oh well maybe it will be fun anyway )))
  21. insta

    Welcome to the new MapCore

    I feel uncomfortable and gassy
  22. The Big Daddy will be bulkier than ever. (I mean the metal character from Bioshock, if Cliff starts working there, its not a weird innuendo or something)
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