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  1. Design levels for a game you like, it's easier to get motivated to finish stuff then.
  2. insta


    It's like -1 degree celsius outside, winnerteamjoiner.
  4. hah tomorrow this will be embassrrassing but today its funny haha lmao anyways too bad 2 the peeps being releaseed into the indie marketpålace but im sure they wil find reluctalrnt emplyment inin indie dfevelopment to futher the marketplace in 3d realmsd lmao
  5. theyve produced top notch games during these 20 years xD haha no im joking, what a frontiers developments+ lmao Games developed Frontier: First Encounters Darxide V2000 Infestation Wallace and Gromit in Project Zoo Darxide EMP RollerCoaster Tycoon (Xbox port) Wacky Worlds and Time Twister expansions to RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Dog's Life RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Soaked! and Wild! expansions [*]Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit [*]Thrillville [*]Thrillville: Off the Rails [*]LostWinds (WiiWare game) [*]LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias (WiiWare game) [*]Kinectimals Kinectimals: Now With Bears [*]The Outsider [*]Elite: Dangerous (previously called Elite 4) (upcoming game) [*]Kinect Disneyland Adventures [*]Coaster Crazy[1s, i have boiught then iun hardcopy on the internet cdrom on the spoecial deedtiojnn relwease lmao [*]im just joking bro kinetctimals animlas lmaohaha i lovce tghese game,
  6. theyve produced top notch games during these 20 years xD haha no im joking, what a frontiers developments+ lmao
  7. Maybe I should purchase this piece of interactive art to tickle my funnybone.
  8. insta

    ITT it is 1999

    Haha, that's crazy! These things happen to all of us though, don't beat yourself up about it!
  9. Looks awesome! Will play this as soon as possible!
  10. insta

    Ufos dude. Ufos.

    Often (every time) someone says "Ufos dude. Ufos", they are wrong.
  11. Why haven’t you gone to a publisher for funding? We have! Over the years we've pitched ideas for a new Dizzy game many times, but it's been hard to convince publishers to bring back a classic a talking egg when they've got lots of new ideas not talking eggs to put their money behind.
  12. insta

    ITT it is 1999

    bloomin ell u lads ad a look at big brother proper good init Also Bluetooth was invented.
  13. That looks really cool! Very close to the conceptart. Could you post a picture which shows off the combine structure a bit closer? The shading looks very smooth, I'd love to see how you built it!
  14. insta

    World War Z

    I can't wait!!
  15. When I start my own gamecompany I will write a blogpost denying that the holocaust ever happened, that will secure my future position in the top 10 iphone app list.
  16. Hey but at least we visited their website to read their provocative blog and now we know they exist and now we will purchase their non-game a year down the road for our smartphone devices.
  17. Lets play Forgotten Hope omg!!!
  18. Did you know that zwei means "two" in German?
  19. insta

    Untitled project

    Script a kill-combo system which forces the player to push forward to maintain the combo/multiplier/whatever, so he doesn't just stop to relax all the time. Like "Total Overdose" had, a super-overlooked game for the previous generation of consoles/PC.
  20. That's right! Hope you like the interview!
  21. Awesome! Ill add it to my favorites!!
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