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  1. I grind in the Bottomless Burrows 3 days a week for a sword of +5 layout, so that i can further grind 24/7 at Oh God Please Plains for the Skullcap of +2 Hygiene +30% Chance of casting Funny Jokes +10% Chance What do we call ourselves Gangster Squad You cant shoot me You are a cop Not anymore The American Dream I was just hoping to take you to bed.

    Haha no but not really, don't work too much overtime, your output will be excrement, holla at a minority!

  2. Your friend sounds like the kind of person you should switch out and find a better friend :) He will introduce you to persons of the opposite sex and you will have more fun that listening to a guy talking about the recent nerfs to the p250 and the fucking bots and the omg and the wtf and the nerfgun and the invincible.

    Also post a topdown shot so you can see the layout instead of a hella sick "whatever-its-called fallout1 and 2 style isometric wowowow its looking cool but whats going on" screenshot so people can see the layout.

    And find a better friend, although that guy might need all the friends he can get because he gets awfully upset about videogames which might indicate that he is unhappy in life and it didnt turn out as he expected :(

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