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  1. Sorry to disappoint you, but I shaved most of my hair off about two years ago, buzzcut baby! On topic.. Kingpin: Reloaded looks like absolute shit, you can already play the original on Windows 10, and in 4K with some community updates... don't waste your dollars bros!!!
  2. *bump* Official site up: http://www.quake4thegame.com Snagged an image of the new gunner: Looks pretty cool to me
  3. Well you saw it too now didnt you ? and for D3, look for this I saw it mate, you're obsessed
  4. Good article, he makes plenty of good points and I like his humour. He could do without constantly reffering back to D3 though, not exactly the best example to compare others to.. and Crates rock!
  5. Isn't that 'Call Of Cthulhu' ?
  6. Hitler makes an appearance in Mortyr as well I think..
  7. H20 pwned this thread. Mmmm.. I'll take all three please, plus a kingsize bed and some lube
  8. Oh yes, the black haired one would soooooo get it..
  9. Woah, you just kicked about 75% of people on this board in the balls, well done
  10. D3adlode

    hi from me

    Extreme Off-Topic, also known as St0lve's kingdom
  11. Gotta say I'm not impressed by what I've seen so far with Prey and I partly agree with Mazy. Best sci-fi game ever is System Shock 2 and no, I wont ever stop mentioning it
  12. I have a complaint about the logo! It should be 'IV' not '4', sort it out or I'll send the lads round!!
  13. Yeah, I just tried it on a few of the work computers, does exactly the same thing..
  14. The smallest it can go, makes it easier to fit brushes without accidentally making any gaps.
  15. Thanks, I was just curious in case I ever wanted to mess about in the future when Q4's out. Cheers
  16. I downloaded the high-res wmv from fileshack, but when I open it, it doesn't play properly, it sort of skips frames and the sound just runs as normal so I only end up seeing like 7 still frames.. Anyone know what the Hell's up? I've only got MP 8 so that could be an issue but my PC isn't exactly slow so it's not a power issue... Odd.
  17. That's not what I meant dude, forget it..
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