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  1. Thanks for the comments and crits. I realize now it wasnt so smart to have the broken plaster same texture as the bottom plaster. Im gonna have to try to improve it when I have time.
  2. I totally agree with you. I got bored and didnt do much or anything special to make it look real. I fiddled around abit more with it and ended up with this: And thanks for the tips Hessi!
  3. Hi! Just some totally random textures
  4. Hail to the power of touchpad (I broke my mouse)...
  5. Thanks for the tips. I will keep that in mind until next time. Because I realised while making that texture that my computer really sucks. So I will just keep making 512x512 instead. And barrakid, sorry no screenshots ingame cuz i dont have a game :roll:
  6. Hello. Ive tried to make my first 1024 texture. And here it is: My goal was to make something like this: http://home.no/rayzone/asdf/facade.jpg
  7. Thx alot for those nice comments. I will give another try again, I have som new ideas that I have to try...
  8. OK, here is my new attempt. I'm still experimenting with some techniques...
  9. OMG, all those nice textures makes me wanna stop making textures...
  10. Mike post the psd document to :wink: ~~
  11. rayzone

    Texture request

    Well it depends... If someone has made to squares in real life like where I live they look like squares...
  12. rayzone

    Texture request

    Something like this?
  13. I can only speak for my self, but I started with textures that looked like a wall from donald duck . After a lot of practice and experimenting I got better and better but I'm still not near The mighty Mikezillas talents~~
  14. rayzone


    I will start on a new skin tomorow, I have just unwrapped the model. But now I have to go to sleep... :wink:
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