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  1. once i get it skinned ill get some sort of port...
  2. Alcrifice

    Female Cop Skin

    that shot isn't rendered. screenshots straight from the viewport. not sideburns its hair hanging from the side. besides.. who cares if it were sideburns :\ how about construction criticism on the engineering side :\ not "i dont like army pants make something new" ^ is newbish not you ;] skin isn't done.
  3. Alcrifice

    Female Cop Skin

    i still gotta detail her face and pants
  4. Alcrifice

    Agent Model

    model: me skin: me
  5. Alcrifice

    Female Cop

    Bink 2774 tris [removed]
  6. Alcrifice

    Agent Model

    looks like i found work after all. hopes j00z like
  7. Alcrifice

    Model Requests

    Post any model requests here. objects, people, etc. I'm bored as hell and need crap to do so whatever gets posted here and isn't stupid then you can expect to get modelled. yays -objects = model only -people = model and skin
  8. this weekend i had cross country state meet (which btw i got 20th in the state with a 16:34 4A) and afterwards I went with my team to universal islands of adventure. While i was there i stopped at one of those stands where they have those artists who draw charicatures of peoples faces. And the guy who was making the painting looked exactly like mike zilla. he had the dirty blonde hair, a little diff in style, but was similar build and everything. now i was about to say soemthing but i didn't want to sound like an idiot and also realized that mike didn't live in florida and wouldn't be down here for some reason. but anyway i just thought that was interesting to see a 2d artist taht looked like ziller. -cool stuff
  9. Alcrifice

    new archer skin wip

    i started to work on a new skin for the archer. it is the same exact resolution as the last skin but im just putting more time into this one so it "seems" higher res. bc of the lack of detail in the last one, I slightly drifted from the total real looking skin just so i can add more detail. i started this one tonight and will be working on the head alone for the next few days. the grey tone will not stay. and the line down the face will be fixed aswell. check for updates. copy paste http://www.freewebs.com/alcrifice/archer%5Fwip3.jpg (im getting my new website in a few days time so u dont have to do this copy paste crap much longer)
  10. yez i was lookin for a "2d" section and the first thing i saw was "texture" and this is like a skin "texture"... so i clicked ^_^
  11. Alcrifice

    FACE > YOU !!!11one

    judo chop! copy paste http://www.freewebs.com/alcrifice/ps1.jpg
  12. Alcrifice

    archer model

    dont make teh fun of meh!~11 copy paste http://www.freewebs.com/alcrifice/archer%5Fwip2.jpg
  13. Alcrifice

    archer model

    bc freewebs doesn't support direct linking D': But no fear.. i am registering my website for my bday which is in 18 days (mebee ill get it sooner ). So i can finally have a proper host for my stuff.
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