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  1. welcome to sweden peris! was a while since I took a look into the mapcore forums... shame on me It's really cool that some of the folks here (when I was around) now got those leveldesign jobs that you was dreaming about some years ago. Great to see that! Im on the other hand choosed to study...
  2. Hey mapcorians! It was a long time since I last made a map. Something like 1-2 years ago. Ever since I got occupied with studies Im only had chance to fool around some in photoshop in my freetime, but Im always been interested to test the new Hammer. So when I saw this competition, I thought it was a great way to explore the new features. /me discovers the new Hammer So yesterday I started building this fast action map with a gravity tunnel in the middle. Pretty much just to test the new features displacements and 3d skyes, but also of course to make a fun map for everyone! PS. god damn its easy to make cliffs nowadays!
  3. EjrulF

    my apartment ^_^

    Yeah, bookshelf "Billy" would fit in just perfectly :wink:
  4. EjrulF

    Mum's garden...

    thanks for the comments! / sry about not being able to see the pics though, but it's now fixed. @Belgarion I would love to have a system camera, but these pics are taken with a Canon Ixus 55. So I cant setup the camera exactly like I want, but I takes pretty good pictures anyway. I edited some shots just for fun:
  5. EjrulF

    Mum's garden...

    Some macro-shooting in mum's garden.
  6. EjrulF

    [D3 SP] Lost Facility

    nice to see some quality work!
  7. EjrulF

    [UT2k4] dm_Baroque_BETA

    looks very good!...some of the textures looks kinda blurry though but I guess u fix that later... now light those candles and gas :idea:s !
  8. looks like one of hundred NS maps, it needs something extra...and first of all some new textures
  9. the first two shots looks really cool! gj love the light spots and how the colorful signs blends with the dark surroundings... rest of the pics looks kinda empty and plain...they need some more detail, spice up these areas and you got a really cool map!
  10. really nice photos... I'm in loved with macro so this is just one big orgazme for me
  11. EjrulF


    looks too normal to be a mazy map!, wheres tha pringelz???
  12. EjrulF

    Old man (ZBrush)

    well, he got a very big underlip which makes his mouth with the underbite look very wierd... in other words, he needs a surgery :wink: ooh thx! long time no see!!! zbrush is pretty simple, I made this face with only some days experience in the program...its very flexibel but you cant model with same precision as in max, but it works great for high poly modelling and texturing and I can use my wacom too!
  13. EjrulF

    Old man (ZBrush)

    heh, well I used this image as ref and yeshess he got a fat underbite
  14. EjrulF

    Old man (ZBrush)

    finally got some freetime again! so noo more army for me! weee! well now when Im free again, I thought Id finish some of my latest wip... so here you got my zbrush model of da vinci's old man painting, which I started one year ago HIRES
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