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  1. ARGUE ARGUE ARUGE ARUGE Actually, I agree with this, particularly the part about SL. It's starting to become that the social aspect of online games are making the game more than the actual gameplay is, which I personally think sucks, but what can you do?
  2. Mako

    Lucid Dreams

    I'm usually not aware of a dream until the very end when i wake up, as Mr. Luka has said. Though I have a much more difficult problem. Apparently the part of my brain that is used for dreams is treated sort of like a ram drive assigned the task of being a scratch disk. I can remember every single little solitary thing that happens in a dream, until I wake up. Then it's all gone except for maybe the last 5 seconds worth of events that happend.
  3. sadly. i'm going on my 5th or 6th year here.
  4. You sir, cannot talk shit
  5. ZOMG pictars of what is currently in your wallet. This means don't go to the bank and cash out $1,000 in hundreds to try and make your shit look pimp, when it is clearly not, so behold, the wallet of justice:
  6. Mako

    Post your desktop!

    It's not a cum rag, it's an old papertowel from something I ate.
  7. Mako

    Post your desktop!

    Exclusive Images of "The Pit"
  8. I was gonna get one of the redhat fedoras and a cheap suit, dress up as shadowman, and make shruikens out of redhat cds
  9. Note: it has been brought to my attention by several 10th Dan Blackbelts of the Obvious that my spelling is poor. You try typing all that in about 45 seconds with Hitler and his Hitler clones hovering around you. That is all.
  10. I appear to have been stuck at school with a project on my future career, well, just so happens my future career wants to be game level designing, reguardless of the fact I can never seem to complete a map. On top of that the java IRC applet dosen't seem to want to work there. Here is where you do your part to help ensure a good grade for Mako: (I am not asking that you fellows do the project for me, just some assistance with something I know next to jack about.) 1. Explain what is needed of me to succeed in obtaining a job in said field (Educational Requirements, etc.) 2.What would go on a resume(self explanitory I hope) This is 100% serious my fellow mapcorians, so don't let me down now. More to come when I have working IRC.
  11. you sir, are gay. there is your reply.
  12. Mako


    Yea, mapcore is just a front for an illegal AMD and ATI smuggling ring. *Beats m1ke with the Oxford English Dictionary, then jumps over the fence, running from the Mapcore Five-O*
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