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  1. Hey all! Long time no post! I am lecturing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago about my animations and artwork and I want to give some background about my days as a level designer and the mapcore community. It seems the IRC channel is a little inactive. I was hoping to have a screengrab of the IRC channel with like lines of dialogue or something to have in the lecture - Does anyone have any from back in the day? I want to talk about the communities that exist around developing independent games and mods etc All I have from that time are a couple unfortunate quotes on bash.org, so something that shows the community would be cool! Would be cool to archive in general too. Thanks yall!
  2. I found these screenshots on an old angelfire account... I think CS was at 1.5 during this time. (this was 2001-2002) Map was never realesed...
  3. JonM


    Cool looking map! My first map I ever made was for cs 1.5, and was called cs_conduit: http://www.angelfire.com/ct3/jonmcs/cs_conduit.html
  4. I like it! I kinda like how they are all on one page. Maye the thumbnails should be a bit larger? Also perhaps all of the large images should be the same width, and not varied like you have em?
  5. I made a short animated film (3m 14s) It is about a lion who loses his crown, and his head... It is a little dark and weird...
  6. will our join date be erased? I was rather proud of my old school 2003 status...
  7. I am pessimistic; unless I misread the article I don't think Will Wright is behind it. SC4 is still pretty cool. But who knows maybe it will be awesome!
  8. JonM

    The yes men

    I have met them in person, they work out of the New School in NYC. They are nice guys.
  9. Don't brush this off as bs. The web is dead. It is ending, the money interests have been quietly taking over. They are winning the file sharing battle, governments are grabbing more control of the web under the guise of cybersecurity. There is not going to be anymore wonderful free web with tons of info anymore. It is a bloody miracle that the web has been free and open for so long. Wake up.
  10. Spicy, you need more light in the street, add light coming from the shop windows or something, your hiding all the wonderful detail there.
  11. JonM

    Crisis of credit

    This is only a small part of the problem that is going on here. All you have to know is: buy gold and canned food.
  12. the thumbnails are scaled down larger jpgs. the thumbnails should be their own small jpgs
  13. JonM

    [DOD:S] dod_troddle

    My only complaint is that it looks like its laid out in a grid, everything is very linear. I would like to see more curved streets, forked intersections etc. Also needs more color, very bland looking Looks like fun though!
  14. JonM

    AO Error [3Ds Max]

    see if there is a bias parameter for the AO, put it to 0 if there is could also be a UV map problem?
  15. Pretty much every person you would have to interact with spoke English. Again, I went before the whole Kosovo/embassy on fire situation, and then they didn't seem to treat me any differently as they would any other foreigner. Some of the cab drivers gave me tours. I would say tensions have died down now however here are some good sites with lots of good info about traveling: http://wikitravel.org/en/Main_Page http://www.bootsnall.com/
  16. I have traveled a lot throughout europe the past couple of years, some photos i took: This is Sofia, Bulgaria I found it safe and a lot of fun, with good looking women: This is Belgrade, Serbia. This was before the whole Kosovo thing, and it was nice and fun there, and the women were incredible, although they didn't want to talk to me. more of Belgrade: Sevilla, Spain: (January) Cordoba, Spain: Florence, Italy: Rome: Berlin Dresden From my experience as a traveler I would say go to some smaller towns on your trip. You don't want your experience to be a touristy fiction. You will get a better sense of life in Europe if you stay in some less traveled areas. Like if your in Germany go to Aachen or Bruhl, wonderful cities with a lot of history and stuff to see and do. It was also interesting being the only American in Belgrade.. I am going to France in a couple of days, New Years etc. I will let you know how that goes
  17. I am sure he is making good money, but there are expenses as well. And he has worked his ass off the past couple of years Its just another job... But good going garry! hardwork and good ideas pay off.
  18. JonM


    It just needs to be made a bit more colorful, perhaps less fog, more lighting variation, Blueish fog with a warmer sunlight maybe? I dont think you need to worry about details, just more colors in the textures and less fog, more colorful lighting.
  19. I like it, but I think the lighting needs to be have more contrast and more color. at times it doesnt seem to match the sky. I think a darker blueish/purple lighting would help
  20. Shucks, I thought this was going to be a retro CS map competition when I saw the title.
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