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  1. Splash

    archer model

    yea, nice stuffs u got there
  2. Splash

    My Rock Texture

    you can use it to anything u want.. I dont care..
  3. Splash

    My Rock Texture

    Im not very good tiling and stuffs.. I just like to do pics
  4. Splash

    new leet signature

    hehe, im not that 1337 =)
  5. Splash

    My Rock Texture

    A rock texture I did with photoshop, Im not a mapper so if you wanna use it go ahead =) (If it gets famous gimmie some credit )
  6. looks like a photo.. :roll:
  7. i want quest to release a beta http://www.planethalflife.com/quest
  8. Splash

    Post your desktop!

    too tired to upload a screen on my ftp.. maybe some other time =)
  9. Splash

    Sheep and ROBOT

    did u seriously get an A+ on that? I did a better one in kinder-garden =)
  10. Splash

    Liek somefin

    Yea, the site looks great now GJ Guys
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