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    the Quran code!!!!

    all the other books were just books, but this is math. And numbers cant lie!!!!!
  2. RD

    the Quran code!!!!

    not according to the koran!!!!!
  3. RD

    the Quran code!!!!

    gehenna awaits u duffy
  4. RD

    the Quran code!!!!

    http://www.submission.org/miracle/ Not to be confused with the Bible code which was proven to be false, the Quran (Koran) code is the ultimate proof that GOD/ALLAH exists and the world will end in 2280! The holy number in the Quran is 19 which means ONE in all arab languages and possesses unique mathematical properties. If just one letter of the Quran is falsified the code wont add up anymore which prevents the Quran from ever being falsified and proves it hasnt been since it was discovered 14 centuries ago!! How could someone make such a complex code 14 centuries ago:) Also if u believe the code is just made up by a mad scientist, the Quran itself mentions the code!! But for evrybody who doesnt believe it, the Quran has this message for u: 'The one who hears GOD's revelations recited to him, then insists arrogantly on his way, as if he never heard them. Promise him a painful retribution. When he learns anything about our revelations, he mocks them. Awaiting them is Gehenna. Their earnings will not help them, nor the idols they had set up beside GOD. They have incurred a terrible retribution.'
  5. RD


    ritual kinda reminds me of charles bronson in deathwish
  6. RD

    N.K. Death Camps

    see, theres more important stuff than gaschambers
  7. RD

    N.K. Death Camps

    why should they mess with NK if they shouldnt have with Iraq
  8. RD

    Telnets eating lunch

    they should have done it wiff candid camera.. and the ppl in the restaurant not as actors =o)
  9. its a miracle she survived a shopping herd of americans
  10. RD


    URBAN WINS!!!!!
  11. im suprised u didnt get in shootout with the cops walkin around with guns in parks
  12. what was so bad about ur job if u could sleep in ur own office and nobody opening ur door?
  13. i have many tips for u crazymac, but i will give u the first 10 for free 1)follow code!! 2)the bodies in a swamp!! 3)fear the small man 4)do it from behind 5)kill the witness 6)use the element of suprise 7)kill ur victims children (else they grow up and revenge) 8)the closer u get, the higher ur fee!! 9)no women (i mean no relationships wiff women, its ok to kill them) 10)blend in wiff ur surroundings like a kameleon!!
  14. RD

    Blind Spot (m)

    yes it works. OMG I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!! A BLIND SPOT???
  15. go back to freelancing, and find a part time job that isnt as repetitive. maybe become a hitman
  16. RD

    Zilla Logo

    thats what i said on irc yesterday KD
  17. i think the baby is dead
  18. i never noticed it but ther are these deformed bubbles on the left of topics
  19. RD


    nobody dos attacks anybody from the core!!!!
  20. it all came to a rapid conclusion!!!!!! it...
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