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  1. What would i be afraid of? Let me guess you didnt read anything i wrote and believe i fear for the day that Islam will conquer our government and hate all muslims and islam. Jesus St0lve go read the article and my replies.
  2. No, thats not what the coalition is doing in Iraq. Democracy is a tool allowing ppl to have their say. Theres a big difference. You would never know if they want democracy or not if you cant hear their voices. The only values theyre asked to abandon here is intolerance and oppression. There is no excuse for racism or oppression, not even if its a religion which 9 out of 10 of them follow willingly. Its kind of a paradox that you believe its tolerant to let others be oppressive. The muslim woman thats under total control of her family will be sent back to India to marry a guy she has never met and have children 9 months later, while being beaten and locked inside the house and thats ok with you? Btw, Islam isnt the dominant religion here. Its atheism, after that Christianity and then Islam.
  3. Would it be okay if they transformed Canada into Iran then, seeing you have no problem with the culture? Holland is a tiny tiny country and you really dont know how tolerant you are untill "your put to the test" Also i found this funny: But what if you DID wanted to dress sexy??? Wheres the freedom? Maybe there in Canada your gf would get away with it (except near her family and muslim friends), but when your country is dominantly Islamic, she would have no chance. Yes, that is ISLAM. And you are tolerant of it because its not the dominant religion there. If there is even one single girl feeling like that here in Holland then something is seriously wrong.
  4. It was an example to show which way the integration is going. They arent integrating or giving up any of their values, but we are adapting to them to avoid confrontations. I can give you many other examples including a ww2 monument which was removed to please a nearby Mosque. We are way too modest in what we expect of them. You almost literally say something which is written in the article (maybe you should read it ). The diffrence is that islamic women are abused because of a single cause, the husband believes it is Islam, and the woman also begins to believe its Allah will. She will proudly wear the veil. If you knew men beating their wifes, and you knew the cause, wouldnt you confront it? Why not confront Islam? You believe youd be a racist? Racism is coming from both sides but on a whole diffrent scale. Have you ever seen a westerner work in a kebab shop, or any other islamic business? Do they ever hire westerners? Do they marry ppl with diffrent skin colors, diffrent religions? Arent they plain racist towards gays? What do they think of women who dont wear veils? Its not racism to treat racists differently, its forcing them to adapt. Like i said, you cant see someones believes and you cant possibly see how extreme someone is. The true nature of a man isnt shown untill you put him to the test. I know hundreds of muslims, even some of my best friends are muslims. These are some of the best integrated ppl i know, but ive heard them say surprising things. One guy said he would beat his wife if she even looked at another guy, and another suddenly started talking about how these beheadings show that muslims arent afraid of Americans. Just test someone before you conclude that hes ok because of his smile. You havent understood my views at all. I guess i have to quote myself: It wont be an apocalypse. Things are moving very slowly but already Islam has transformed Holland in the past decade. Artists are getting murdered and threatened and our politicians are hiding. The worst thing is that ppl are angry at the artists or politicians for messing with Islam. Basically ppl are adapting to dhimmitude and we backstab ppl that confront it because we dont want any violence.
  5. Actually, they do it because its culture, and a great deal of them absolutely dont do it voluntarily but are forced to by surroundings. Its Islam. I know its hard to say that word. Just for one second think deeper about the reasons why a woman would have to cover herself up when she is around men. What does that make our dutch women who dont cover up, and what does that make our men? 2 Weeks ago there was a documentary dedicated to this subject on "netwerk". It was about islamic women who are kept inside their houses here in Holland, all covered up, not allowed to even open the blinds to see the sun. I think i recognised a colleague who was forced to marry a moroccan guy and last thing i heard lays pregnant in a spanish mental hospital after fleeing Morocco. Thats where they live, the neighbourhoods at the stations..... They dont live in Scheveningen. Schevening is an oerhollands fishing village. If you take tram 6 around the Hague, thru the areas where they live, you will see most women wearing a headscarve. I dont mean to sound like your father Peris, but you havent lived here long enough or seen enough of the Hague or our country to know much about it except very superficially from a tourists point of view. If you read the article you would see whole chapters written for you. You cant see someones believes. I am curious do you have any muslim friends Peris? Or colleagues? Do you know any women wearing a headscarve, and if not, why do you think that is
  6. I am talking about muslim women lying on the beach with a bikini. You know, the ones you see in the tram wearing a headscarve. And quote me where i am talking about burkas
  7. I dunno what youre talking about, just answer the question.
  8. How am i overreacting? I didnt write the book. Read a little further than the title. If integration goes both ways, than why do muslims refuse to shake hands with the queen or even the highest members of our government? If they dont give way for these ppl, do you really think they do for anything else? How do they integrate, apart from creating their own blocks where they can keep living their way and in these blocks they ask us to adapt? I know Holland is lightyears ahead of the EU or US when it comes to immigration, but you cant possibly see how things are by walking on the street and seeing smily faces. I dont believe the apocalypse is coming for Holland but we are moving backwards to avoid confrontations with Islam.
  9. Most of our 1 million muslims are born and bred in Holland, we have had them for decades. But that doesnt really matter. Obviously they are very conservative, but im more curious about the reason behind it. Why dont they go to the beach, they like the sun just like you and me?
  10. I know you'd think that because youre not living in Europe. But how am i overreacting, i didnt write the book? Btw you didnt answer the bikini question. I am really curious about the answers
  11. Its time for another Islamic discussion. I discovered an interesting book here in Holland called: The Downfall of the Netherlands, "Land of the Naive Fools". ( http://www.childrenofmillennium.org/heroes/downfall.htm ) The title immediately hooked me.It was written in 1992 by a Pakistani who came to live in Holland. After writing the book he was convicted by the dutch court because it was racist (against his own religion, Islam ofcourse). In short the book is about the authors vision of the downfall of Holland, because we treat evrything equal. It is about racism and how almost nobody understands the word. It would be an interesting read for Kosmo and St0lve especially If you read it (its a long read) keep in mind this was written 15years ago. Its nothing less than a prophecy. Dutch ppl here will recognise alot. Disgraceful that the man was convicted because the truth he wrote was not politically correct. Last week our queen visited some muslims in The Hague and to avoid an embarrassing situation she didnt shake any hands, because on previous occassions muslims refused to shake hands with ppl from our government. Can you imagine meeting the president of China in China and refusing to bow, and getting angry when he bows at you? But our Queen has just happily succumbed to it. Guess whos feet these are? Its our queen. Its kinda like Iran threatening to go on with its nuclear program, threatening to stop its oilsupply and we giving them hundrends of mlns of dollars. We are happy when it works, while the truth is its a disgracefully backwards mindset. Islam has a word for it, called dhimmitude. Basically dhimmis are slaves, they get angry at others for not bowing to islamic violence and threats. There wouldnt be a problem if we just all did what the muslims wanted, and we should do our best to avoid confrontations at all costs. Remember the cartoonthread and many of you being angry at Europe for it? Its called dhimmitude. Its especially ridiculous accusing ppl who have the courage not to bow of racism. This quote is also very true. And lastly a question the author asks in his book: I am curious about the answers
  12. I just saw a mod in the finished work section that has this RTS stuff. Mod is in beta stages already. Curious how it is http://www.empiresmod.com/download.php
  13. RD


    holy fuck that mountain looks amazing. I hope its not just a background gimmick tho that would be a waste. just looked at the map, the rock seems to be a centerpiece Nice work im gonna check out the mod as well
  14. Awesome, just like the other 2 maps. Unlike all the rest i like the spiderwebs. It looks like ectoplasm from demons (d3 should know what im talking about). One thing you could improve is there are some really dark rooms in there, with dark brown textures. You might want to create some small piece of contrasting light in those rooms, not to lit up the entire room but just the entrance or exit
  15. RD

    Mapcore Book Club

    what the hell is this thread
  16. But basically it boils down to Shifty using hammer because he doesnt know Autocad. Right?
  17. that game has some serious problems. Just like you d3haha hahaha just kidding But that video didnt make any sense, nothing happened, and when ppl were talking the subtitles either came in way late, too soon or they came when nobody was talking. And why did that guy stare at the camouflaged old women for 5mins without saying anything? I guess you need to have played the game to understand this video
  18. If I was a little boy I would take one look at his teeth and start crying. And you meant "on a camping trip" right? No, on a camping. I forgot the english word. Its a place where ppl put down tents and caravans and stay for holiday. Also his teeth may look hideous, a mouth is a mouth.
  19. Isnt that what autocad is made for specifically? Also dont you need a license to be able to use asource or hl1 engine for business purposes?
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    chechens maybe?
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    Fun with your games

    then im waiting to be rich
  22. Some new information surrounding the creator of this party. He has locked himself inside his trailer on a camping. Other ppl living there said he was always surrounded by little boys and he was like a grandfather to them. He helped little kids when they are about to derail. He pretended to be a social worker.
  23. RD


    His names Andrew. Btw was this a masskilling, or were there 6 kills all across Russia?
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