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  1. the spider on an aircraft carrier one i meant
  2. Breaking news: Zarqawi died struggling on a stretcher
  3. Looks good. And to the other guys stop being so childish
  4. the violence cant last forever
  5. Thats pretty much what happens here on a daily basis. When a politician uses the word Islam, he is in big trouble. Many ppl have been forced to step down or do it voluntarily after the party they leaded betrayed them. The only politicians that survive are the ones that want to fix integration problems by building the biggest mosque of Europe in their city (Zaandam). Our integration plan is to always look at Islam positive and treat it equal without thought, even tho its their religion to treats others unequally. When theres a radical imam and a wild neighbourhood, we dont send him away to morocco, but a minister drops by to have a respectful chat, without shoes ofcourse. Then playgrounds, clubs and new mosques are built for them because we believe that the problems come from their boredom. The problem cant be Islam, because our law tells us to treat evrybody equally. In other words its politically correct to blame it on evrything but Islam. Its depressing to see how few ppl can think outside of political correctness. Your sister converted to Islam? Wow that is some heavy shit. Like Mabufo said: Tolerance in this case is ignorance to your own morality. Westerners that convert believe their own values were inferior to this new interesting religion that is so modest and polite, but they will discover that these values are forced. And all your sisters muslim friends will betray her when she converts back. Anyways western muslims are almost by default more extreme than muslims that were born in an Islamic countries. Muslims that were born in Islamic countries barely know the Quran, but only a very practical daily life kind of culture. Western converts study the books and search a "pure" scholar that can teach them true Islam, and then they try to live like it, which is pretty extreme. Its not just the koran, because if Islam was just the koran there would be no veils or headscarves today. Islam is a mix of culture and religion, where men have the right to freely choose which part to force on women as religion, and women respect their and others lack of freedom out of love for Allah. The Koran btw, says a man should beat his wife if she disobeys. If your sister comes to a diffrent conclusion then dont be humble and think she knows better. Enlighten her. Also your sister saying that women have the free choice to cover herself up, is the big lie. Even tho the Koran doesnt tell her to cover herself up, the other books say something like "the righteous woman covers herself up" and "Its better to cover up". If you have any reading skills you see this means a woman who doesnt cover herself isnt righteous, and a women that does cover herself is better. Muslims treat such women accordingly, it is only accepted in the most unislamic environments. The choice is also what makes women proud to weir a veil. They believe they are making the right choice, where there is actually no choice at all. Either youre righteous, or youre not, either you make the right choice, or you make a mistake.
  6. I wouldnt trust that site but its right
  7. theres more christians than muslims
  8. I took this picture today: Two wrapped up muslims, sitting next to an image of an unwrapped muslimgirly. I just thought it was funny
  9. ofcourse i made it up, but it could have been stolen from Einstein. If god doesnt exist then god is nothing, and nothing is the god of atheists
  10. You have to think a bit longer to understand it
  11. Maybe it was an atheist trying to prove that god doesnt exist
  12. And yet, here you are saying that their culture is bad because they oppress women You can wrap it in as much patriotism and the american flag all you want, its not black and white. It has been their religion and culture for longer than your family goes back, yes there are cruel persons there too, but if it had been half as bad as you think it was something would've happened a long time ago. Actually i said some muslims oppress women, but that nearly all muslims accept these values. Its black and white that opression is wrong. Religion or culture is no better excuse than doing it just because you feel like it. Theyre not superior because they believe in a god. I think youve forgotten the purpose of tolerance. It lets us live the way we want to (to a certain degree ofcourse). Maybe some women can acccept their faith of slavery, but what about the ones that dont? You ignore them because things arent bad enough yet? Ayaan gave up her third last name, because at the time when she came to Holland immigrants werent allowed to have 2 last names. She fled the Islamic tradition of forced marriage which we dont accept as a valid reason to flee, but we know she would have been killed otherwise. Theo van Gogh was shot, stabbed and partially beheaded with a note stabbed in his chest. The guy didnt have time to finish it. You seem to find it unacceptable that ppl are intolerant, in other words you are intolerant of intolerance, just like us. Its like - - makes +, a positive thing, if you understand math. The word intolerance, just like racism, makes ppl go blind and forget math. Not shaking a womans hand because shes a woman, is sexist. Not befriending other cultures like bhuddists, hindus or christians is discrimination. It doesnt matter whether its a holy rule of their religion. Their rules arent better than ours, and we have zero excuses to do stuff like that. Tolerance of these values shouldnt come both ways, unless you want the dutch to break ties with all the other cultures here that we befriended. I think you know the truth already, when you saw how fine evrything is on the streets here. That we dont treat muslims any differently. There is no racism, but valid problems with primitive values, and alot of ppl who dont grasp the word racism. They did circumcise her. It means both cutting off the clit and sewing it up. Muslims from Somalia living in Holland regularly go on a trip to Africa with their daughters to get it done.
  13. There were some ppl in the government doing some stuff. But its getting less. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has left Holland to join an American thinktank unfortunately. Ayaan btw, if you dont know her, is a muslim refugee that fled Somalia to escape her islamic family after they cut off her clit. She got into our government to fight against Islams treatment of women. She made a movie with a dutch guy, he was beheaded and she went into hiding. And now shes in the US, one of the only ppl that dared to confront Islam politically. Ofcourse that made the number bigger. Because whats on the news is reality, its not science fiction. Over here we dont have alot of terrorism, but we do have alot of ppl defending the values when you dare criticise Islam. It basically means we have no problem with other skincolors, cultures or religions at all. That were not xenofobes. We know Islam, and the problems ppl have with it arent dumb. Ppl arent brainwashed by the media. And yes, all the other religions and cultures here have already integrated. We already have a multiculti for decades.
  14. Wow, spanked to an irresistable death. I dont think you meant it that way Minos. Anyways sad... is it the guy you posted a picture of a while ago?
  15. They can only solve it themselves. The best we can do is not backstab our own ppl and dont take over islamic values. They can adapt or stay in the French suburbs. Btw i opened the paper this morning and it had the results of a dutch survey about immigrants, something about the dutch breaking the last taboo The results: 50% of the Dutch is against Islam 10% of the Dutch is openly racist towards it 41% is bothered by immigrants intolerance 41% believes Islam is not a peaceful religion 70% believes Islam cant integrate into European society 75% want a multi cultural society 80% feel tension between Islam and dutch culture
  16. You mean like ancient egyptians? They were fairly advanced back when your ancestors were probably still running half naked through the woods and sacrificing virgins (wich their descendents of course accused the jews of doing) :roll: But seriously your over reacting. I used to think along similar lines (my school has around a 70% muslim population) but I got over it. There is no real permanent threat from Islam. The west won't "surrender" to to it. Its not about an apocalyps or all of our ppl bowing on the streets to surrender. Its happening inside your head so slowly you didnt even know it. You got used to a certain level of violence/evil or whatever you want to call it, and its acceptable for you as long as its bearable. Since when was it ok to be sent away to an Islamic State against your will? Not so long ago, if someone defended that kind of shit he would be called an ape and his religion a cult that our government wipes out. Theres nobody here denying that it happens, and that the majority of the moderate muslims defend these values. That none of you has any problem with that proves the prophecy of this book. Btw primitive Africans ARE our ancestors :wink:
  17. Islam is much more than just a religion, its a whole culture, including arranged marriages and many other things depending what country youre coming from. The fact that some women do it by free will is irrelevant. The fact that its a culture and not a religion is even more irrelevant. What are you going to say to a girl that doesnt want it? That most women want it so whats the problem? That its not a religion that forces her but a culture? Anyways you make it sound like a small thing, the angry parents. The parents are probably the most moderate generation of muslims living in the West, but even they oppress their daughters. They actually stab their own kids in the back when these decide to use the freedom the West offers them. There is no self criticism in Islam and there is nobody stopping it when it goes out of control. Honourkillings, beatings and women being locked up, the only ones who do something are our police, and only when its already too late. When you see someone wearing a headscarve, you can think its only a piece of clothing, and youre so tolerant. Its very easy to just ignore it. But if you have any intelligence, you know that shes not wearing it because it looks nice. Today its unfortunately a symbol for some sick values, and if its not of these values, its a symbol of tolerance of sick values (i think mostly the latter). Its not racist to connect these dots. Im not treating them differently, i treat them exactly the same way as when some western guy beats his wife or sends his kids to a country they have never been to have sex with a stranger, willingly or not. Now imagine the kids fleeing, and the parents murderously angry. How could you tolerate such evil in Norway? Its not western, its ancient african. You cant possibly believe its tolerant to accept such values, its exactly the opposite. Anyways, the downfall of dutch culture is when we accept such things because of freedom of religion. Im not afraid of muslims taking over, but worried about how few ppl see it my genius way
  18. The husband living in India obviously doesnt have to adapt to Holland. You just didnt mention if its socially bearable to be sent away to marry a stranger. Isnt that an acceptable thing for you? Because you didnt mention it. Might as well also mention the headscarve because it means you will get punished for not wearing it. Just like converting, going to the beach etc etc.
  19. The article isnt talking about an apocalypse. The downfall is that we lose our values of tolerance because we are tolerant of intolerance (i know this is deep but try to understand it). St0lve just one question for you. Say you actually knew a muslim girl, which was sent out to marry some hardcore muslim in an islamic state, and she flees and her murderous family wants to kill her. What would you do? From what ive seen, you'd call anybody that helps her a racist because its against Islam. If you had actually read anything i ever wrote you wouldve seen i dont hate Islam or headscarves, but the religion being forced on ppl that dont want it.
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