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  1. u ful!!!!! Ive seen the videos and it must be a genius game!
  2. A beautiful video! Beautiful! The proper solution to the problem.
  3. who won, and what match is this about
  4. Looks like a pretty solid engine. Some of the games look awesome (not graphically but overall). Anyone any experience with it?
  5. I thought exactly the opposite. The snow maps were boring and it started getting good in the American campaign
  6. Looks nice.... kinda like the other western map Whats happning with that one? It looked awesum
  7. Nevermind i checked the screens on google, it looks worse than nes rpg's
  8. Post me a link to a superb emulator and the unitron rom and i will play it!!
  9. i heard just about all the players hate the new balls
  10. They showed footage of the airstrike on tv.
  11. RD

    Underwater Low Poly Level

    its awesome. I could walk off the map tho. Loved the water effects on the rock and the music
  12. Holland has defeated Serbia & Montenegro. I have a feeling we will become world champions and my feelings are never wrong. I am willing to bet 100 United States Dollars.
  13. I think it was fine to kill the pig, but the GI's gotta be sure they dont turn into killing machines that rather kill than capture or whatever. Itll become very hard to explain why the US is the good side and terrorists the bad side. Its already very hard with places like Abu Graib and Guantanamo
  14. For anyone that finds it interesting, a video of a dutch woman walking around Amsterdam with a Burka to see how ppl react. Its funny Clix
  15. Suddenly evrybody finds torture ok? I didnt see that in the torture thread.
  16. Havent i seen this map around 3 times already? It looks very very familiar.
  17. Nice The bricks on the house and the wooden plank texture differ too much in size, doesnt look right. How about an overview so we can see how big this is.
  18. so whats the point of this game
  19. Looks awesome. I first thought it was a remake of de_port but its not i see Also i am refreshed to see a map which doesnt look depressing. It has some nice colors And whats up with all the freaks here lately. We have freakadellen, mfreaks|chris and the phreak....
  20. Breaking news: Iraqi witness says American troops tortured Zarqawi before his death
  21. u guys are so dumb. He even explained it for u
  22. I get it. Its fucking genius HAHAHAHAHA
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