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  1. Ok, i will rephrase it for those of us that dont have intelligence as native language. When you burn a koran, your flags correlate with fire around the world. I guess it has become so normal for you that you dont even grasp what freedom is anymore. You cant say everything anymore, and you cant protest against Islam at all. It was demonstrated during the cartoon riots, the US backstabbed the EU when it excersised its freedom to protest against islamic violence. But now you are defending this same freedom because it only involves your own flag. Why? I think this law would restore some balance to the planets energyforces. Btw the news article in this thread wasnt really about Islam, but in the rest of the world, when american flags are burning, the chances are that it involves Islam.
  2. just some constructive criticism
  3. I hope it because these days its mostly done by ppl that assault our right to burn their holy book. It will expose the apes that are for freedom to burn an atheist symbol and against the freedom to burn a divine symbol. In other words, ppl that find atheists lesser humans.Ofcourse it would be better if it was all free to do But its not and as long as its not, you accept your inferiority.
  4. When it becomes illegal in the US i expect it to happen even more in other countries, just for the hell of it For me it depends on who's doing it. I dont mind hippies or ppl protesting Bush or the war, but most of the time ppl burn the flag because it represents freedom and western society. They'll never appreciate the freedom to burn it untill its removed
  5. the time of hippies is long over :roll: Today its muslims that worship the deathpenalty for burning a koran or drawing a cartoon
  6. I know what the thing looks like, but a review is more than just a block of text. Imagine going to a gaming site reading a review of super mario universe with a link to google for the screens :roll:
  7. Will become illegal I hope at least. http://www.cnn.com/2006/POLITICS/06/26/ ... index.html I wish other countries would do the same with their flags. What do you think?
  8. this review is pretty bad. Post some screens, images of games, etc.
  9. Arent you 19 or 20 minos? The best years of your life are not puberty Anyways its good to be unhappy about the past/present, it makes you want to change.
  10. It was 0-1 We went out with a big bang
  11. 20 yellow cards and 4 reds Mojo. A worldcup record Game of the century!!!!
  12. But BF2 doesn't advertise or glorify killing civilians - you can only kill military people. yea thats true
  13. the bloom is so bright i can hardly see the screens. Its like staring into the sun.
  14. It looks a little cramped. Other than that im flabbergasted (that u made a map since carbomb). How about an overview?
  15. Somehow I actually forgot about that. I'm not so sure their problem with it is that it is an American game (though that does rub salt in the wounds), I think they just have a problem with the fact they are using computer games to glorify terrorism and lure in children, and that really is hypocritical considering AA is designed to do exactly the same thing for the American army. EDIT: Oh and this should really be in games industry discussion, shouldn't it? The diffrence is that military fights the military or terrorists, and terrorists fight civilians
  16. Looks great Burton, but you might have problems filling up the rest of the area. hahaha!
  17. someone send them a link to my css_suicidebomber video
  18. Looks awesome, especially the city one
  19. 0-0 Holland - Argentine btw
  20. America has been eliminated!
  21. Theres alot of camming in the UK
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