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  1. I care. I want to play crappy little maps that the authors are ashamed of. If i want to play regular hldm there are plenty o other servers for that
  2. It has bearing, but you have to think outside the political correct prison surrounding your mind to get it. In America, you defend the freedom to protest against yourself, but you oppress the freedom to protest against others. Out of respect for different cultures or religions, you disrespect your own citizens. From what ive seen Posty, you are in favor of the freedom to burn the flag, simply because you dont care and its just a piece of cloth. But the underlying principle that youre in favor of it because it demonstrates freedom, has completely gone over your head. This is demonstrated by the fact that you are against the freedom to burn a cloth that you do care about. The paradox Fletch talks about isnt just misunderstood by ppl that want flagburning banned, its also misunderstood by ppl that want the burning of other symbols banned.
  3. Thats what i thought your reasoning boiled down to: because a religious symbol invokes a stronger response, it should get more respect. What does burning a flag prove? Burning a flag in the US proves that you can criticise those who have power over you without fearing for your life. Burning a religious symbol in the US, proves that you can criticise a culture/religion without fearing for your life. If theres violence in return to either of those, then theres a problem? There is no excuse that a symbol is an ancient interracial non-state entity. All of these are flawed arguments, and the ppl that you call racists actually had an incredible insight into the problem. The violence proves their criticism was just. A man burning your flag and getting blown up by a government missile, was fighting for your freedom. But if it was a religious symbol he was burning, and a religious bomb that killed him, he was a racist. :roll: That is what happened with the muhammed cartoons matey.
  4. This is about a law in the US on US soil dealing with a US symbol. It is more important here than anywhere else because it deals with the US. The religious symbol is NOT a national symbol and its importance can be felt anywhere there are followers of that religion. Goddamn man, do I need to draw diagrams with stick figures? Now youre answering a question i didnt ask. If there are americans that find it offensive their flag is burned, it doesnt matter to you does it? You would speak out in favor of the freedom to protest. But if there are religious folks in your country whose symbol is burned, it suddenly matters and you oppress those who wish to protest. The question is why? The only logical conclusion is that you expect atheists to be more tolerant than believers, which is positive discrimination. And yes you can use diagrams to explain it :roll:
  5. i fucking hope this is coming on other consoles or the PC. It would be brilliant for the Wii
  6. moonpie was for cs mazy ????????????????????????
  7. I saw this game on TV and i immediately recognised its brilliance. Its one of those games made by crazy japs. Unfortunately its for the PSP and i dont have one, but i would almost buy it for this game. You play a blob that can grow or multiply, and you move around the world by rotating the level. Absolutely genius. Watch some videos here to understand it a bit better: http://www.gamespot.com/psp/action/loco ... q=locoroco
  8. You still havent answered why a religious symbol would be more important, other than saying its religious and that a religion crosses borders.
  9. My first HLDM maps! (Click image to download) They all have an abnormal playstyle Theyre very small (500kb in total) so u must add them pericos
  10. Because a symbol pretaining to a nation, within that nation is more pertinent to that nation. A religious symbol has no national boundaries. Why is a symbol that is more pertinent, less important than a symbol that is less pertinent?
  11. you simply go into options and set a timelimit
  12. National. Pretaining to a nation. Religious. Not pretaining to any one nation. There. Why is a symbol pretaining to a nation less important than a symbol not pretaining to a nation?
  13. I thought it said: how long ago have u played CS. So i filled in the wrong spot
  14. Depends on who you ask. But it was probably an Israeli missile that killed them. A missile intended for the Palestinian rocket launching sites ironically enough. There was an investigation and it was most probably a landmine planted by palestinians to stop israeli commandos from entering by beach, which they did the week before. Also the shrapnel and crater was investigated and concluded to be from a landmine. At least thats what my media told me
  15. In the past 2 weeks Palestinians have fired hundreds of missiles into Israeli cities. In response btw, to a palestinian landmine that killed 9 palestinians on a beach.
  16. Isnt that exactly what Palestinians are doing by targeting all of Israel?
  17. One is a domestic issue of national importance and the other is a non-state issue of religious importance. Now you're just being obtuse. Again, the same answer: one is a religious symbol and the other isnt. And again, the same question for you: why is a religious symbol more important than a symbol representing other values?
  18. Is it the right thing to invade to get out 1 man? Is it right to cut the power and watersupply of 1000s of people? Is it right to capture the Palestine goverment? (they didn't kidnap the soldier) Will there ever be something that we can resemble as peace in the ME? Answer please. I think it would be hypocrite to judge either side, but if i was going to judge one this time, it would be the palestinians. They started it again
  19. Let me carve out the operative words: National Religious A flag is a national symbol to the people of a nation. Having a national law against something of national importance (perceived or otherwise) is inherently different. A religious symbol is a matter to the people of that religion. It is an extra-state entity with no bearing on a nation's laws unless that nation is a theocracy. Do you have any idea about the difference between domestic policy, nation-states and religious entities? These two things have. no. fucking. bearing. on each other. Still the same answer: one is a flag, and one isnt. It doesnt answer the question mate. Why do you place one above the other? They both represent a culture and its values. Im not saying you should explode in fury when the flag is burned, but you must expect the same tolerance from others in your own country, even if their religion crosses borders. You expect it from christians, not to go on riots when a bible is torn apart somewhere, you expect it from evrybody not to riot or be violent for whatever reason, even your own government when they see its flag burning, but you dont expect it from muslims. Do your laws only count for white men?
  20. Doh... one is a flag and one isnt. You can keep repeating it or answer the question. Why is a religious symbol more respectworthy than any other symbol that ppl add value to? If i attached great value to my special marble, would you respect it more than your own american flag?
  21. There is still no bearing here on what's going on in the US with the failed flag burning ammendment. For whatever reason you're still trying to inject this shit into something completely different. Domestic policy regarding a national symbol != domestic policy regarding a non-state entity's religious symbols. There is actual correlation. I know that a flag isnt a koran, but why is one superior to the other? Why does the freedom to burn something or not depend on the amount of violence that it triggers? What you are suggesting is nothing less than accepting your role as slave in your own country.
  22. BREAKING UPDATE NEWS: The ban failed!! http://www.cnn.com/2006/POLITICS/06/27/ ... index.html You still haven't drawn a correlation at all. You're trying to inject something that has no bearing on the domestic policies of the US. Get out of this thread and cease the trolling. The correlation in plain english, is that defending the freedom to criticise your government while oppressing the freedom to criticise Islam , is hypocrite. And why do you do it? Can you answer, why is it forbidden to criticise Islam? Is it absolutely perfect then? I can tell you matey there are about 27 hotzones around the globe that disagree with that! This explanation is plain discriminative, since it has no valid arguments. Why is it more offensive to an individual if his religion crosses borders, has more worshippers, more races or is older? He only lives in one country, he is only one person, he is only one race and he has only lived as long as any of us. All of these explanations give no justification to being more violent about values. It is a desperate attempt to be politically correct while sacrificing courageous heroes such as the authors of the muhammed cartoons. The real reason you respect Islam is that worshippers stand up for its values. And the reason why many of them dont respect your values, is because you let them be burned. You dont care about them untill it reaches congress, and in the meantime you backstab the heroes of the telemark that defend the future your children will have to live in
  23. What happens in the US goes beyond national borders too matey. The lack of response when your flag burns is not because the symbol is unimportant, but because youre tolerant. And the riots from burning a koran come from intolerance. But your flag represents your values, just like the koran does theirs. Letting it burn while respecting the insane status of the other has apparently made you believe that a koran has the most respectful values the world will ever see. If you didnt believe that, then why do you accept your bibles being burned while backstabbing europe for drawing cartoons? A paradox only Postman could be, in favor of the freedom to burn flags, but against the freedom to burn islamic things! It is discrimination Posty, plain and very very simple. Im afraid the KKK is an organisation from your own backyard mate
  24. The flag burning ammendment means that US citizens cannot burn American flags. How the hell does this have anything to do with the EU and how you tools fucked up with that cartoon and its reprinting? I think you're really stretching here. It correlates :roll: And i just explained how. Why are you in favor for the freedom to burn flags, and against the freedom to draw cartoons?
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