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  1. There is no need to make things personal Scraps I feel misunderstood by you, so i added the special paragraph that summarizes the discussion.
  2. This is exactly the opposite of what i said in your quote. It is also a flipflop of what you said earlier. You now say you support the freedom to criticize religion, but you called it racism earlier, and racism is forbidden by your very own laws: I am in favor of the equal treatment of your flag to any other symbol. Postman is against this, and with your confusing flipflops im not sure what your stance is.
  3. I did it to be constructive. Someone must reteach America what freedom really is
  4. Not sure why youre explaining that ppl in official positions have to be more responsible, sport. Nobody in an official position burned any religious symbols or drew/printed any cartoons about religion, not even in Europe. Theres something you are forgetting. Criticizing a religion is neither racist nor discriminative. There is valid criticism on certain values that certain religions preach. You can close your eyes to its retarded values only up to a certain point: the point where it doesnt hurt other ppl For example that condoms are forbidden and letting a billion ppl die in Africa is retarded. But i guess in America, because christianity is your own religion, you close your eyes to it. Here in Europe we criticize such backwards values. Its ok to criticize the pope, its ok to criticize Jesus for what he said. It must be ok to criticize all leaders and prophets that ever spoke hatred of other cultures and races. Especially in the case of the cartoons, the violence following the publishing, prior to it and in other countries proved the cartoons to be a valid protest. When a religion goes out of control, you confront it with words, or you wipe it out like Waco. Besides all that, it is plain discriminative to compare all those that criticize religion to ppl that scream nice man in Harlem matey
  5. Nothing wrong with getting rid of Hamas. Its an organisation that intentionally targets civilians: a terrorist organisation.
  6. Ofcourse this isnt just about the soldier but also the hundreds of missiles that are landing on Israeli cities each week, fired from Gaza.
  7. You said its fucked up Its true you didnt say they were right, because it means they were wrong. I actually created this daring thread for it to evolve like it did. Its about the principles of freedom, and not the cloth. The thread has gone naturally to the weak points in your argument against the ban. Unfortunately you dont recognize this argument, simply because you hear the word Islam. I tried to just replace it with the word religion but then you thought i was talking about ufos. This is not about you or me Postman, but about something much bigger and more epic. In the end, the freedom of speech has won this argument. But between you and me, the jury of Kleinluka, Skjalg, Kokos, Pericolos0 and Killertomato have condemned you to losing.
  8. Yeah it looks awesum. How about an overview of it? Are there 2 platforms, one for each side of the skybox?
  9. RD


    Welkom steef This thread is a year old so im not sure if anybody still making maps for gunman chronicles :wink:
  10. Apparently you dont recognize the causes and effects, because you dont recognize there is a problem. You think violence is a normal and acceptable way of dealing with criticism? :roll: That violence is predictable doesnt mean its all righty Unfortunately for you, you live in the western world and its unlawful to assault or kill others for whatever reason other than self defense If you dont like your own laws and freedoms, why do you live there?
  11. I dont think you even grasp what you are saying yourself. If you really believe what you just said, you wouldnt mind the entire US being like Harlem... having the freedoms that white ppl have in a black ghetto. Its nothing more than pretending, because you only talk like this because you dont live there and never have to deal with it. Your tactic of dealing with extremism has only made the situation explode globally. You just let it grow and then throw bombs on it Its not working matey If you meant what you said about accepting responsibility for intentionally pissing off violent ppl, then you got alot of death and destruction to accept.
  12. Thats exactly why Harlem has been such a shitty hood for decades. You support the murder of anybody that wants to change it and confront the violence with words. You do this because you believe anybody that criticizes black ppl is a racist. Likewise you believe the same of anybody that criticizes religion. Dont you understand that the mere fact that its dangerous to protest against certain cultures, proves that it needs to be confronted with the year 2006? It is actually the contempt for your own race that blinds you from the truth In your eyes there is no such thing as valid criticism of other religions, cultures or races, but only your own right? What does Dungeons & Dragons have to do with this? You know in Europe we had an open debate about this with over half a billion ppl. They all agreed that the freedom of speech should not be oppressed to satisfy a violent culture. It is retarded :roll: Who said anything about the government doing it? Trying to change the subject?
  13. Wait.... suddenly you are in favor of the freedom to burn religious symbols? Flipflop? :roll: While i welcome your embrace of freedom, its sad that you dont have it. Your government might be ok with it (but probably isnt), its not your government your criticising by burning religious symbols! The freedom of speech, is being able to say whatever, without fearing for your life. You cant do it. Apparently all this time you havent understood the government wont kill you, but the ppl you are criticizing will. And you had the courage to call ppl that criticize this violence, cowards. This is a giant flipflop :roll:
  14. Freedom isnt just allowing what you like and banning the rest :roll:
  15. RD

    In The Works ...

    i like the sky. Instead of the top rows of the buildings, make the streets more lit.
  16. I have, repeatedly. You lose, RD. You havent defeated me. You have defeated the freedom of speech in your own country. Congratulations :roll:
  17. You cant explain it can you :roll:
  18. I have. Repeatedly. You just don't care to use logic in your posts. Well then explain it again. Why is it ok to burn western symbols and fucked up to burn others? In your own country. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  19. We had a play on sunday night! It was awesome on my maps Kokos was a king in ORBIT And me in THE_HEAD
  20. This is my thread Postman, and i decided what it was about, not you :roll: You have missed the point of its creation. This isnt about the cloth being burned. Its about the principles behind it :roll: :roll: This shows you are against the freedom of speech. You are only in favor of it when your own culture is criticized. But as soon as there is criticism of another culture, its "fucked up". It is plain discriminative, no matter how hard you try to flee away, moaning that it has no bearing. Try to explain it Postman :roll: I dare you.
  21. In the last 3 pages i have only been talking about strictly the US. Not the middle east or the rest of the world. Youre not free to burn symbols in your own country, you are not in favor of it unless its your own flag. You allow it because you simply dont care. Not only does that defeat the purpose of burning it, but it is plain racist. Racism is a complex word Postman, there are many kinds of it. You have to be very careful not to discriminate your own race out of fear for a population that wants to defeat your values. It is racist to treat any culture differently than your own laws subscribe. You must also demand all citizens IN YOUR OWN COUNRY to follow your laws, and not just your own race/religion/culture, because again, it would be plain racist not to.
  22. I am in favor of the freedom to burn all symbols, including your flag. But it is discriminative to yourself and all americans to only allow the burning of your own symbol. It is, in plain simpleness, a sign that your values are inferior to values that support violence to get respect. In even simpler terms: you admit that the freedom of speech is a logical fallacy. So you either ban it, because equal is still better than inferior, or you respect freedom. Btw your ad hominems are useless. Youre not arguing with me, your arguing with the freedom of speech
  23. maybe if the ppl playing on the server dont mind playing a real map, then it can switch to it.
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