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  1. There be no need to have such a huge exterior. Or are they going to fly over it with the choppers.

    So you could cut it off after some distance and then slant the floor up so they cant see the horizon.

    Also about the lighting, its better to pick a darker sky and have your map brighter. You can have it pretty bright and still have it look like night then.

    Or you can make the map entirely green nightvision style...

  2. I am proud.

    I would not keep it this dark tho because peeps will get depressed. The actual place was much more joyful. Also Osama did not really die.




  3. MuTVdyp.jpg

    This map does justice to my legacy. Btw, u have my permission to use the original story of Rambohulk. I think it will add that extra touch for the average player who is interested in background stories:

    In this map, CTs and Ts investigate a bizarre phenomona at the African Coast. After both teams got a phone call from the mothman (a mysterious creature that predicts plane crashes and other happenings where lotsa ppl die) , both teams take the plane to Africa where they will investigate a mysterious stone that appeared out of nowhere after the terrorist attacks of 911. They soon find out the hidden powers of this bizarre object, and in a race to get to the crash site first they wipe out a nearby village called Jericho. They bury the civilians in massgraves around the globe trying to hide the attrocity but the stench makes many ppl suspicious. When they return to Africa they discover the true nature of the stone when one of the terrorists tries to touch it. He slowly turns into an immortal beast that hunts humanoids for joy, he becomes RAMBOHULK. The ct team tries to reach the airfield where they fly back to europe,. but the rambohulk slaughters them down before they make it. Then it continues on a rampage along the African coast and into the congo where it slaughters millions and Liberia is next. It blackmails the liberian president to leave to a nearby country and transforms into a group of rebels that attack the capital. On wallstreet the markets collapse as a result of these wild events and even Saddam himself tries to calm the beast cuz of inflating oilprices. He fails and the beast eats him, it is now ur job to locate Saddams corpse to calm the riots in Baghdad. Find this beast to restore world peace!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Fitna the movie is boring, but its purpose is genius. Special treatment of religion (such as 'no criticism' 'be respectful') inevitably leads to violence. And atheism is not a belief, god is a concept entirely made up by believers, just like anyone can come up with concepts. It says nothing about others.

    Freedom of speech :-D

  5. Found this game yesterday, its genius :o

    Made by BitBlot ( http://bit-blot.com ), you play as a mermaid or fish or something and later on as a yellyfish. Dont know how big it is yet but looks like its pretty long. Oh and it has a great soundtrack (you can hear it in the trailer). :fist::fist:

    Ive been playing it for a day now, it is better than crysis. Its about 200mb and plays extreem smooth on older machines.


    Final teaser:

    7mins of gameplay





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