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  1. im staying in the dorms over christmas break to work so it'll be like the shining in this bitch. im intend on buying a little 2-3 footer charlie brown tree to keep me company, i want it cheap though. more to follow.
  2. hi squad!!!! i hope you can customize your player and pick from a large variety of sweet beards. or maybe like tf2 hats where you can earn increasingly awesome beards.
  3. :comeback: edit: oh, and i bought worms for the iphone i cant help myself
  4. once again im going to post and it'll be the last post of the page and no one will look any who, i bought this on a whim, i dont even reallly need it, but i expect to be getting an apartment after this semester of school and i just had to have this, what a great deal: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6889005061 32" 1080p for 400! oh and i got cod mw2 like everyone else along with forza 3 and replaced a scratched rockband 2 with a used one and bought mw1 used because i never beat that; 2 used gets you a third for free so i picked up battlefield bad company, i didnt realy feel like browsing the selection to find something else, hopefully i'll enjoy this. it should put my tv to use, maybe ill find a used 360 wireless wheel to use on forza. man i forgot how cool having a job was. you guys probably dont care but i got new rotors and pads for my car also
  5. i bought the game the other day and beat it on hardened (took me 11.5 hours ) it was completely epic. i not sure if there was a story or not, it just seemed like a bunch of hobbled together random missions but i dont care too much, the atmosphere was far beyond anything ive ever played before, maybe mafia II can come close but the bar is completely raised. i'll probably waste another month trying to get all the special ops missions done on veteran but i doubt that'll be possible (for me, on the 360). i dont play online and for some reason dont really want to so i dont care too much about the whole dedicated servers thing, so long as it doesnt start a trend in gaming.
  6. its perfect for my mother
  7. the bucket full of chocolate gold coins was icing on the cake
  8. i feel like dave grohl and neil young need to get together and make sweet love and music
  9. my roommate beat SP in 7.5hours fyi. how did everyone else do? im going to hijack this xbox when hes at class and im not which should be.....next monday
  10. yay, i got in. whe i al tabbed out and right clicked te item in the task bar to full screen it crashed. how do i fullscreen the game? making fullscreen = yes in the settings doesn do anything. quick observations: mini map is crucial, i want to know which way the next turn is it would be nice if the item boxes displayed whats inside, you wont notice until last second and some people might sway for another one or fight for the better item, you already have the icons made there is no penalty for going off the track and cutting corners
  11. i searched my inbox for zero, zerogear and zaphod and got nothing
  12. desert combat will always have a special place in my heart. i was always the helicopter guy
  13. http://kb.mozillazine.org/Lost_bookmark ... _bookmarks
  14. k, im hijacking my roommates xbox tomorrow and getting the demo
  15. 99 cents with no tax and free shipping....i had to http://www.case-mate.com/iPhone-3G-Case ... n-case.asp
  16. mazy has me curious, i loves me some racing games. there's a little game rental kiosk on campus, i think ill check it out periodically and rent it if its ever avaliable
  17. iphone 3gs and a new lenovo laptop i broke my touch and laptop last month and have gone an entire month basically without internet access while at school. man i was so productive. i guess that's done with.
  18. Your post was the only helpful one though I bought the laptop before you posted it. I looked at the lgs and I found one I liked though I don't think they sell laptops here in the US. My phone is an lg and I like it
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