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  1. last time i saw my puppy, i hadnt been home in a few months http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1cpjEsnVqg
  2. wireless keyboard. i just got a nice wireless mouse and i always use my tv for a monitor with my pc under the bed. the on screen keyboard or touch keyboard app on my iphone only go so far for simple stuff, besides the fact that my laptops keyboard sucks. should be much easier to write papers now, this thing got great reviews. white looks nice too
  3. your avatar is a giant hairy man ass fyi
  4. that was a great read and maybe the greatest part or even goal of all of your efforts. the knowledge gained from all your work may just be worth it. if not just for you few developers, for everyone who read this, thanks
  5. nop, senior. mmm subway bmt. especially on herb n cheese bread
  6. finally i can cook stuff at school. i got tired of fast food since its winter break and my dining hall and corner store are closed. now i need to buy some frozen stuff to cook
  7. i got frustrated at the slowness after 15 minutes and quit. i giggled when he pet the cow though
  8. haha i have that one too! Of all the things the iphone does, that's the one that the most people are blown away by. I've since got a wireless keyboard/mouse, but it was fun while it lasted the app i use (there are a couple) is nifty, but i would be totally happy if it worked just like the iphone keyboad with the same layout and typo correction etc
  9. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl $1.99 Mirror's Edge™ $4.99 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory® $4.99 Company of Heroes $9.99 Summary of charges $21.96 Tax $0.00 Subtotal $21.96 <3 steam sale
  10. you people have something against garden couches now too? ffs
  11. supposedly nvidia video cards cant do sound out over hdmi and only some, probably the newer/better ati cards can, mine cant (hd 3650). plugging in speakers is pretty easy though. ive got an iphone app that i use as my keyboard
  12. there are tvs with built in web browsers? neat. i have no problem plugging my tv into my laptop via hdmi (ati, not tv problem), though i have to use separate cables for my speakers, but i would have used them anyway
  13. i bought this on black friday for $400 and love it. full 1080p, 360 looks awesome and i hook it up to my laptop all the time. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6889005061
  14. home tree. thats right, two trees, bitches
  15. i just beat bad company 1 on the 360 and while the lighting, sounds, vehicles and destruction were cool and look even cooler in bc2, theres just something about the mechanics that dont feel solid. mw2 nailed the atmosphere and just the feeling of being in action and being part of the game while the bf series just doesnt have that. i think its just the way the engine works or something. ill still give it a try though
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