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  1. if were going to talk about seating, i bought this couch for 300 dollars last month, score: (i took the pick with my phone!)
  2. So this iPhone is pretty sweet
  3. I've never sat in a rocker but the way the normal kind is built the legs bend and it kind of rocks anyway, especially if you're fat I didn't realize they cost so much. Ikeas supposed to be cheap
  4. Skdr: it's meant to be a joke. It only cost me a dollar shipped Dux: I know! I've had 3 just like it at home for years, this one was here when I moved in, it belongs to my roommate. I got the ones at home from ikea
  5. (why are my posts always the last fucking posts on a page! always! for years now!) i just took a picture of my pitch black living room for you, heres what it looks like with the flash. the camera is pretty damn good, every picture ive taken has a big crescent on the left side from this retarded box case though lol so it fucks with the focus. the front facing camera is pretty neat too but right now its only useful as a mirror, no one else i know has an iphone 4, though im assuming i can use it on skype? the most impressive part to me of the camera is how fast it is. i was snapping front facing camera shots so damn fast i flipped through them in a photo album and it was a mini slide show
  6. so i got mine in the mail the other day. it's pretty tits. however, i do't have a case for it yet so i dug around and i've been using my recession case: http://www.case-mate.com/iPhone-3G-Case ... n-case.asp i bought tht for a dollar shipped last year because i thought it was funny and had it on my 3gs for a minute. so now i'm walking around with a 500 dollar phone in the most ghetto case ever. i've gotten plenty of laughs. i'm waiting for otter to start selling their 4 cases im toally pleased wit how itunes dealt with the phone, i selected restore from previous phone and EVERYTHING was transferred over. when i opened safari all the tabs i had open on my 3gs the last time i synched it were even there. to be hones i never much needed multitasking, its nice that i can use pandora while doing stuff but id rather just listen to my own music. i actually find it kind of annoying that everything i open runs in the background until i turn them off, though i didn't notice any performance loss with like 10 things open.
  7. In my hand right now posting this. id have one right now if those fags would allow debit or cash preorders, i dont have a credit card so i couldn't preorder one. had to have my dad buy one for me. i bought a rental car for a week if that interests anyone. dont buy an adui if youre looking for reliability in a car :x
  8. general exclaim uhp tires and my own car insurance still no damn iphone 4, fucking no one has it. i shake my fist a yee at&t for disliking my debit card. phoneless for 45 days and counting.
  9. just wait for intermediate microeconomics and intermediate macroeconomics
  10. i played it for 5 minutes yesterday at my neighbors. I just rode a horse around watching a stamina meter and shot a coyote. wasn't too exciting but I didn't play much, hopefully it gets better, i was expecting it to be amazing
  11. ugh i went to att on monday to confirm how it is to be done and what it'll cost. monday morning i wake up real early to try to do it online, it doesnt work. i go to att at 10 am to pre order one and i cant because i lost my license. on lunch break i get a new temporary license and go back. this time they tell me i can't use a debit card and i dont have a credit card. grrrrrr
  12. i thought i could pre order tomorrow but then realized i have to wait til tuesday. i think im going to stop into at&t tomorrow anyway so i can be clear on how much it'll cost me due to the fact that my contract is only 10 months old
  13. i did this to my 3gs back in march and used it like that for 4 months until i spilled cranberry juice on it whilst drunk about a month ago. i've been without a phone for a month, which is pretty fucking annoying but probably healthy due to my intense addiction. i was anticipating the iphone 4 to come out at wwdc so i didnt buy a new one. i wholly plan on pre ordering the thing the second i can and picking it up on the 24th. i'm pretty pissed about how at&t is getting but i dont really have another option if i want an iphone call me a fanboy but i love the damn things
  14. 500 thread count sheets memory foam mattress topper new bed crock pot blinds new lock quality chopping knife i didnt buy them but i got 2 end tables from the trash neeeeew apartment just need a new couch
  15. philipk's uncharted picture is hosted there
  16. i should be done this week if i were normal, but, i have 1 more semester ahead of me (plus a summer class), then, who knows what
  17. you guys should have gone to the sublime concert at roseland ballroom!
  18. i was in nyc for the night and walked from penn station to 52nd street, i figured when i got to times square they were doing one of those things where they shut streets down so people can walk around. i just thought it was odd that they wouldn't let people walk between 43rd and 45th and just went around the 6th ave. i found out the next morning that i would have walked right past the car 1/2 hour after they found it smoking
  19. today is apparently upload pics of bic to facebook and tag him day i remember none of these moments.
  20. it would be nice if you8 could add a second origin so as to make 2 corners meet appropriately
  21. am mi the only one that enjoyed mw2? (i only played single player)
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