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  1. anyone play the demo on a 360? how does it play? i might just get a 360 cops since it doesnt run on my pc good
  2. more bars in more places (jesus christ that screen is huge, you forget how hires it is)
  3. I didn't get an email, just had a small inconspicuous box show on my steps one day
  4. it didnt run very well on my pc which is kind of disappointing, i definitely felt like the gameplay was kind of sluggish, i hate the lack of crouch. i felt like the firefights were just to drop behind cover and wait for the enemy to pop out from his cover (always in the exact same spot) and shoot him. in the second playthrough i realized that if you walk slow you can see the guys before they react to you and just take your time and shoot them each in the face. i liked in the first mafia how the exterior and interiors were seamless, i didnt like how they felt so disconnected here. i had the graphics on low and it was still slow but the city didnt seem to exciting, driving was hard, and there wasnt much going on. that and it was dark as fuck; felt like doom 3 in that warehouse.
  5. downloading now. hope my laptop can play it :x
  6. lol this is going to be like a 25 gig demo
  7. did you guys order your free cases or is that a us only thing? mines still got a month to ship
  8. I loved worms so much. I bought it for my phone but never play it, not much fun against bots and it's a little awkward. I think my favorite part of the original games was the intro
  9. because the show would end
  10. this thread needs more of me without a shirt
  11. Btw the trailer for the new season of Dexter came out recently. Another amazing show.
  12. Put a big masked texture on it and func_illusion that bitch
  13. I like when a game offers concept art and stuff but I want it physically ala raising the bar. Not paying extra for jpegs. It would be worth it if I didn't have mafia 1 fo sho though.
  14. Yep love the show, I started watching it a few months ago and watched all three seasons in a few weeks. I have so many damn shows I like and not nearly enough time to watch them. School isn't even in session right now and I'm 3 weeks behind on my shows.
  15. i wish i had hammer on this computer so i could just fly around. im always interested in looking at other peoples work, especially professionals, not that ive even opened hammer in probably 2 years
  16. i came to my real home for a week and have been making a lot of phone calls and doing stuff and i'm consistently having people tell me over the phone that i'm hard to clear, breaking up and ultimately drop the calls. even when i hold the phone with my right hand, very high up. its incredibly frustration. also, i live on long island which is extremely populated and you'd expect to have great service however i was in 2 separate places yesterday and had absolutely no service. i had a suspicion that i had lower than normal bars so i stole my dad's 3gs for a while and drove around and i consistently had one or two bars less on the 4, and this is without touching either phone. i'm starting to get unhappy and i doubt that a case will resolve this. i don't see the 4 as much of an upgrade to a 3gs and if this continues bothering me maybe i'll downgrade to the 3gs.
  17. Did you just make your generalization of Americans based on the movie "anger management"?
  18. i dropped my 3gs a couple of times. i leave it in my lap when driving and when i get out of the car i've forgotten about it and it hit the pavement a few times, or when i have the wire in to charge i'll trip on it or close a drawer and take it down, or i'm drunk. i managed to shatter the glass on my last one and almost shed a tear. for a 500 dollar electronic that is 99% glass i still think you're a fool for not having a case, especially if it improves your reception. but this is coming from a guy with a cardboard box case
  19. i dont have the greatest reception in my apartment and when i hold it in my left hand to surf the web i lose bars guaranteed, they'll slowly go down to one bar, i've never lost service though. but if im outside in the middle of the city, the signal is strong enough that i don't lose any bars. however, i'm yet to get a case for the phone and youre dumb to own one and not have a case, which solves the issue anyway. come on otterbox, sell your damn cases
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