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  1. oh shit it came out today im going to a store next to best buy, I'll buy it in liek, 2 hours, I had mad monies cause i halped my dad put a new roof on mah house :DD
  2. Besides the fact that its never coming out, Hostile Intent (LOL EVERYONE CRACK THE NEVER BEING RELEASED JOKE~) got its name stolen. About a month ago, someone made a thread in the forums saying there is another game with the same name. They copyrighted the name that (the real) Hostile Intent has been using for a few years. On top of that, they claimed that they did research for the name (Yeah, bull shit). So Ikusagwai, one of the team members calls Gamespy and talks to their CEO and stuff, but apparently, the other game gets to keep the name. So effectively, they stole the name. Is that not bull shit? So now we are being forced to change the name of the mod. You can read some more on the main page here: http://www.planethalflife.com/hostileintent
  3. Check this map out: http://bf1942.com/forums/showthread.php ... adid=43868 The guy made clouds that move around and stuff. Should be real fun
  4. whut is this! i am teh guest, stop taking meh credit feg!
  5. I saved 500 dollars on my car insurance.
  6. this is meh dc map site http://www.megaone.com/dcmapres it has liek all of the dc maps
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