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  1. I'm assuming many of you here have them, I picked up a HP Touchpad last year during the fire sale, mostly because it was cheap. I've come to love it and it was a great purchase, though I'm not sure what the right price point for one would be for me (definitely $100 :) )

    My laptop is a 17 incher, and is permanently in a cocoon connected to an HDTV, wireless mouse/in, speakers, ipod cable, power cord, laptop cooler etc. Basically I should have bought a PC, though I feel like even if I had a more mobile, lightweight laptop with great battery, I wouldn't bring it around with me much, neither the living room nor to work. The tablet is fantastic for this. I can bring it anywhere with one hand, or slip it right into my backpack. Plus the charging cord doesn't have a brick. I bring the thing everywhere and the battery lasts many hours.

    In my current state, I barely play games and 95% of my computer usage is web browsing, that's what this thing does best so I use it a ton. I don't really have a complaint about a lack of apps (especially true with HP, though supposedly not so much for the iPad, but also poor for Android tablets). The only limitations for me are that its WiFi only, but I have WiFi at home and work. I don't think I could ever justify another 3G contract in addition to my phone; I wish tethering were free, but I feel like that'll never happen with at&t and the iPhone. I've got 16 gig of music on here which I think I mah take off because it seems to slow the thing down, and I use it with Pandora a lot. Lastly, the keyboard is not entirely easy to use. I can type very well on my iPhone, but not super on this tablet (Making this post a bitch). I've used an iPad keyboard before and its better but never as good as a real one. I'd consider a Bluetooth keyboard if I typed more, but like I said I mainly surf the web.

    I'm sure wed all love an iPad, but I can say that their price is above my price point. Plus having a tablet that can use flash makes it a huge negative that the iPad doesn't. While its a little slow and finicky, I can watch any movie on YouTube, without it bring converted for iOS use (I find many aren't playable on the iPhone), and in HD.

    Anyway, I'm real frustrated by now typing all this. Just wondering what everyone else has and what their thoughts are. Real excited to see hoe these things are improved in the future and what they'll cost.

  2. i had been bored and cheap a few weeks ago and havent played a game in eons so between this and mw3, there were some popular things to get my hands on. rented mw3 and beat sp in 2 nights. then i realized my roommate has a ps3 so i rented uncharted 3. took over 10 hours i think, was a pretty damn sweet game. i think it could have maybe used a bit of variety in weaponry and opponents, but an interesting story and epic environments make it real sweet. i have no patience so i looked up the solutions for most of the puzzles :P (which really only seemed to exist in the one level?)

  3. ive been using an i-rocks rf-6570 wireless keyboard (its a combo with a mouse but i dont like the mouse) in conjunction with a logitech lx-8 mouse for my wireless needs. provided the mouse's receiver is pointed in the right way, they both work awesome. i havent even replaced the batteries in the kb and ive had it for nearly 2 years and i recharge the mouse's batteries once every few months over night.

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