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  1. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/neaz3d/airpods-are-a-tragedy
  2. Capitalism is so beautiful isn't it?
  3. Minos

    Peace in Korea.

    This video gave me the chills. This is a major sign of trust, Trump put his ass literally on the line, there were no secret service agents following him (unless they were hiding on the other side lol), basically anything could have happened at that moment, but like a true commander he demonstrated his lack of fear (or at least his capacity to hide his fear). This video is also a masterclass on body language. Notice how Trump arrives first so it seems like Kim is the one coming to him, how he taps Kim in the arm a few times, then when it's time to return he's the one that points to the ground and Kim follows, like a trained dog would. You can clearly observe how Kim is just a big kid with lots of powers. I have my opinions about Trump, and I dislike many of his actions, but man... this dude has balls of steel!
  4. Saving this for posterity The new movies are incredible too, some of the best art I've ever seen on an anime. The whole show just works on so many levels...so much symbolism it affects me on a subconscious level.
  5. Such a great series, the OST is amazing Damn, now I'll have to watch it again (I got the bluray set for dirty cheap) This shit makes me cry:
  6. Very nice Those look super flexible! Are you just going to paste them on top of the buildings, or do you have to cut the building's faces? (I mean, do the windows have depth, or do they just protrude out of the walls?)
  7. Looks fantastic I'm ready for more DOOM!
  8. Watched Detective Pikachu last night. When I first saw the trailer I thought it looked like a disaster, but turns out that it's actually pretty cool! If you enjoy the series, definitely give it a try, you can tell they put a lot of love into this movie
  9. Wow this looks incredible. Hope I can find some time to check it out during the weekend!
  10. This looks incredible, finally someone taking narrative risks I'm in love with the lighting and material definition!!
  11. Damn, beautiful map!
  12. Always keep things simple early, and work from macro to micro. Instead of beautifying just one corner, make one texture (don't finish it) and apply it all over the map. Then make another texture, and apply it all over the map. Repeat that, until you have a somewhat solid texture set. By this time your map should start to resembles some place. Then you start detailing. Detail things like door ways, doors, windows, railings etc... and propagate them through the map. Try to reuse as much as you can so you can finish the map (it's very important to finish a map, even if you could make a better one by the time you are almost done). Then lastly, when everything is in place, work on lighting, set dressing and final polish (decals, little props, flowers, etc...). This process should tallow you to be creative and artistic in a manageable way Of course that is just the dream... the reality is that we as artists tend to focus on the result, instead of the process. Enjoy the process and the result will be good, make lots of mistakes until things start to click. I wish I could send this message back to my 15 year old self in the past.
  13. Looks kinda crappy
  14. I remember speaking french was a huge plus when I was at Ubisoft, it was basically mandatory if you wanted to grow in the company (even though everyone spoke English perfectly well). We even got a teacher at some point, but of course it didn't last long, until the producer realized that we were working 1.5 hours less a week and somehow that impacted his schedule
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