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  1. I made the classic 2 rooms connected by a hallway in Worldcraft for HL1. That was the first time I learned what a leak was. Compiling was hell back then. Man, when I moved onto making a button that opened a door, I thought I was Carmack. I had plans to create a full single player mod - I wonder if I still have the plans for all that. It was essentially just fighting through many floors of a black mesa skyscraper. After making many many test maps I eventually started working on HLDM maps and then DoD maps. Who remembers the 30-60-90 minute map contests? I found a zip file full of hundreds of those the other day.
  2. Very much looking forward to WoD. I have been playing wow since beta minus a couple breaks (mid-tbc and most of mop). I can only laugh at Taylor's post about it being lifeless and you'll never meet anyone again and blah blah blah. I just got back from blizzcon where 24 of my guildmates from around the US all flew in an hung out for 4 days. We have been playing for years now and it has branched out into many other games - but we always have that common ground in wow. We burned out from being a hardcore raiding guild at the end of cata and pretty much sat out all of mop (until we started a recent 10 man, we missed a good expansion). However, WoD seems to want to take it back to the TBC roots and it has a lot of my e-buddies excited. WoW is an easy beast to hate - but its an awesome game in the truest sense of the word. I do think they need to catch up with some other mmo's in terms of features- and you can see it in a lot of their WoD design choices. However it may just be too little too late with mmos like Wildstar knocking on the door. ESPECIALLY in terms of PvP - I have considered pvp dead in wow since TBC, unfortunately.
  3. I was at blizzcon and was able to line up with 9 other people and play 2 games of in house 5v5. The big differences from the other mobas are as follows: XP is team shared - everyone is the same level on a team. There are no items - everything is based around the skill build you choose. At certain levels (1,3,6? I cant remember) you get the option to choose 1 of 3 upgrades. For example, you may be able to choose to have 15% stronger heals or 15% stronger damage. The entire game is based around 5v5 team fights and map objectives. No one is off fucking around with neutral creep mobs in the jungle. Its a refreshing look at the genre.
  4. This game looks so beautiful - that amount of detail is incredible. If they are actually recreating a full detailed NYC I am going to poop myself. I am very sad there is no PC version planned. Although it has a pvp game involved, so the PC gamers would absolutely trounce any consoler 8[
  5. Stop trying to make Ipad games happen. They aren't going to happen!
  6. I loved the original - but I was 14 at the time so... This is a very easy thing to get wrong. 8[
  7. I bought this awhile back from gog.com. The steam build is not compatible with the SS2Tool which helps the game age dramatically. Info on the SS2Tool and current version: http://www.systemshock.org/index.php?topic=4141.0 The gog forum for SS2 (useful stuff here) http://www.gog.com/forum/system_shock_2#1368641759 It's $10 at good old games but probably worth it due to the modability.
  8. can someone explain why i should give a shit real quick
  9. My big issue with the guns vs robot game is that I have yet to see a game pull off a decent amount of feedback for the shooter. I guess Mass Effect 2 did a pretty good job when you were shooting droids. If I only have a low caliber or slow firing rifle, I want to be able to at least knock them back a little bit. Or if its a larger robot, I want to be able to hit shoot its hand or weapon and have it do something. Nothing is more boring than emptying 30 SMG rounds into an unflinching robot until it just explodes after X amount of damage.
  10. If there are two things I love, its alternate history and Nazis. *killing Nazis
  11. Yep. We look to games now to solve our age old existential crises. Books failed, movies failed, music failed, now it's up to games to take charge and illuminate these problems. I don't want to waste time just playing something, my time is too precious for that. I want something that will change my world view. We have to stop with the man shooters and make meaningful faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart Nope, we can have both. But a yearly released cookie cutter shooter is an obvious cash grab.
  12. I was just pointing out how silly it was for you to instruct people on how they should be enjoying games. <3
  13. i hope this one has iron sights and kill streaks
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