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    dm factory b2

    The map looks kewl but the lightning = sux~~
  2. We start off with some generic concrete: then a wall: and for desert a wooden floor:
  3. here is my first try at a japanese texture: Im not really satisfied with this one, maybe i try another one later. Edit: Made a new one
  4. Finally this map looks absolutely stunning
  5. Sven_E


    looks kinda plain and blocky. but the 2nd pic looks cool.
  6. Sven_E

    New textures

    Some of me new textures. pwn!
  7. Sven_E


    That underwater gameboy looks really kewl
  8. Sven_E

    City/Brick Textures

    I made some new brick textures. Look up in the first post ^
  9. Sven_E

    City/Brick Textures

    is teh suxsz!1!1"3!!" Edit: Added road textures Edit2: Added new bricki textures. Edit3: Added another brick texture, heh~ Edit4: Added another texture
  10. I worked some more on it ¤~¤
  11. A small basic road texture from a nub artist.
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