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  1. Don't forget the infamous [censored]balls... http://www.mapcore.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1953
  2. mmm... Steven Seagal Juice... ehh i mean eh nevermind...
  3. They Hunger 2 is the best part in the they hunger series! But i actually think USS Darkstar was much cooler...
  4. Not really, I just made them to get some practice… but you’re free to use them for whatever you want as long as you give me credits.
  5. Sven_E

    1st texture here

    that looks ehhh... wierd.
  6. I hear babies crying, I watch them grow They'll learn much more than I'll never know And I think to myself what a wonderful world Yes I think to myself what a wonderful world. - Louis Armstrong
  7. This map looks nice man i got to learn how to use the sandbox editor
  8. Sven_E

    Fishy el Dewm

    Woooo thats a nice fishy you got there. Now make a fishing mod
  9. The new walkway thingey lookz great... btw. this map makes me think of the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy books.
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