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  1. I'm not new. I just haven't posted in 5 years and wanted to say Hi! before disappearing again.
  2. My copy is here so I know what I'll be doing today
  3. Charlie Brooker on the trailer:
  4. Mazy, are you trying to piss me off?
  5. You're not professional. And those trees aren't Russian.
  6. I lurk ¬¬ come on now, this is my second post of the year this is my third, that was my second. ¬¬
  7. Pretty much sums up my thoughts.
  8. And my real reason for posting Noticed a few folk getting PS3 slims lately, just got mine and want to check that I'm not the only one with one that gets pretty hot to the touch? (My only real comparison is my 360, and my slim is hotter than that, but that could be expected given the power supply is internal and it's more compact)
  9. Earth Defence Force 2017 It counts, ok!
  10. Nope, it requires you to have bought the game new, not a second hand copy.
  11. Why would they? all they need to do is try and get it to UK people by Friday.
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