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  1. The build editor for Blood and then after a long gap worldcraft 3.3 (maybe an earlier version, I forget)
  2. I personally preferred using spot_light (or a similar entity name, it's been a while! ) in my HL editing days. Not the best example for the cause, but the best I could find without opening up and compiling .rmf's of 2 years and more old Texture Spot Light (Sorry for the Hijack!)
  3. Really like the FarCry scene, quite refreshing from the usual FarCry stuff I've seen.
  4. click That's are latest demo it's a bit more 'poppier' than our previous demo. Dang, I like it. Have you ever heard of The Blood Brothers? There seems almost to be influence there, if you have. Blood Brothers are amazing, also, I seen them live 5 times. sounds pretty cool yeah , added you on myspace Thanks for adding us sir! @curman - yeah I've listened to the blood brothers a fair bit but the infulence mainly lies with bands such as Mclusky, Jesus Lizard and Ikara Colt.
  5. click That's are latest demo it's a bit more 'poppier' than our previous demo.
  6. Mclusky Talking Heads Pulp The Fall Ikara Colt The Residents cLOUDDEAD
  7. http://www.tec.army.mil/td/tvd/survey/MapCore.html
  8. Only gripe I really have is that every building I can see are at right angles to each other.
  9. Sadly only have a couple of days off from work (Monday and Tuesday straight after Christmas).S o will probably go stay at my mothers for the long weekend and drink excessive amounts of alcohol while watching elderly relatives argue about arguments that happened (or did not happen, depending who’s story you believe) pre 1940. Then head back home and wait for my housemates to slowly filter back in just in time for New Years Eve, which is another perfect guise to get hideously drunk again. I'm rather looking forward to the short break even if my liver and wallet are not.
  10. Yeah Dizzy was probably one of the first games I can still remember the title of. Think the first one I got was the stand alone Amiga version of Spellbound Dizzy absolutely massive, I really wished Dizzy had a save option sometimes! The Amiga was when my first remember able gaming experiences happened; it was a big step for me going from a commodore vic-20 where a free game with a magazine would be 10 pages of code! To my 500+ Other than Dizzy I played Lemmings, Sensible Soccer (SWOS), Another World and various other games that I’ll probably remember and edit this post! Then after that Goldeneye and Blood introduced me to the joys of FPS Multiplayer.
  11. Are the latest screens the one featuring the sourced up dod_donner? (Probably spelt that hideously wrong, it was the re-make of thunder anyway ) As I didn't think they looked that awful, admittedly a little plain looking and by no means mind blowing, but still solid looking enough for my eyes. But I did enjoy playing DoD, just hoping that playability converts over to the source engine and the return of bandages wouldn't go a miss!
  12. Of course, I also have the variations of Just Brick, Brick and Trim and Windows and Brick. Just give us a shout if you need them.
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