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  1. Marcos

    hi from me

    Hello! Welcome! eot sucks! dont go there
  2. Now that is some hot stuff!
  3. lol Zyndrome, you got the zschnappi song!
  4. TES is their flagship, so focusing on FO3 would be a very bad move i think
  5. Marcos

    Soon it's summer! :D

    Cool pics Phil! Somehow i just love the colours in the 2nd pic~ Are you playing golf too?
  6. Bethesda Softworks is showing of new Oblivion stuff at E3 and damn this game looks so awesome, i consider to buy an xbox 360 just to have this game.. You can grab the E3 trailer at their homepage. I saw through it two times and holy macaroni that is some sexy stuff! Well here is the trailer: http://morrowind.com/downloads/media_movies.htm And a interview with Todd Howard (some more info and ingame pics) http://www.gamespot.com/x360/rpg/theeld ... 24431.html
  7. I live in Norway, nor do i have the money
  8. I think it's models set with shadows
  9. Looks cool. But as you pointed out yourself, a bit empty. Have you guys tested it on a full 24 player server? cuz whith all that water I think it would lagg as hell for medium comps
  10. Hot! Great model and incredible texture detail!
  11. I really dig the tree stuff. Nice colour and shape~
  12. Looks kickass Ferret, and with all the things "still to be done" finished, im sure it will look awesome!~
  13. Marcos

    WIP Room scene

    yeah, looks great!
  14. I agree with mike, slicky and Blaz. Oblivion dosn't look like most new engines. But damn thoose new shots are hot!!
  15. Looks cool Blaz! Your max skills are improving greatly! ~~
  16. Marcos


    in 98 you were 8 years old and didnt know how to use the interweb..
  17. Impressive stuff from all of you!
  18. Marcos


    Yeah, whats up with all the old wierd maps latly?
  19. Woha! Good job Zazi~! Congrats!
  20. Marcos

    Band graphic/logo wip

    Looks sick. In a good way. What kinda music?
  21. Of all the nations I'v been in (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Polen, Italy, Greece, Spain, Egypt) Sweden and Norway has the best avarege chicks, but some Italian and Spanish chicks are like "wooooohzaaaa!!" The only problem is that it isn't many of them :/ lol Phil~
  22. Rock: Guns N Roses Nirvana Trance/progressive: Hmm, Paul Van Dyk and Gabriel and Dresden. Philip too~;D!
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