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  1. Cool, but the cans are way to big !
  2. lol that eclipse site smells TES layout rip, cool mod tho~
  3. yeah, looks fantastic ferret! gj¨~~
  4. Looks really cool Defrag! I love the clean typical dm style~
  5. After doing about 1/4 of my map, Hammer decided to leave me with a blank rmf file when i reloaded my map.. Joy!
  6. Marcos

    Beast WIP

    I agree. And the mouth looks like a rats mouth while the body looks like it belongs to a pretty powerfull creature.. I would make the whole head bigger and add a more solid nose, then a big nasty jaw
  7. Marcos

    Beast WIP

    The wild one looks really cool! Nice consepts too~
  8. Im using Nem's batch compiler with the latest zooner tools. Nem's tool is really easy to use and works great.
  9. Started working on co_mistral again which you can see some shots from at the first page.. about fkn time i finish it huh? Would be sad if Blaz's awesome textures would go to waste
  10. Haha damn straight! More pimpin ownage! This was the same night actualy. On a Miami Vice party: http://img219.echo.cx/img219/311/img07070hc.jpg
  11. hehe Sorry the cocky looks but we (my class) were on a young enterprise thing where it was all about business, so you had to dress business like
  12. New pic. The other one was rather old
  13. Marcos


    Looks good, but i think this map needs a better light enviorment.. If you use a batch compiler you can create some crazy lighting (i remeber blaz and i did and we actualy got the light comming up from the ground :S ) Well anyway. Try to play around with the brightness, bounce, scale ect..
  14. Looks good!, but a few blurry spots as you said. And make it tile
  15. Marcos


    Great improvments! Outside could just some more diffrent lighting tho
  16. Marcos

    Portfolio snaps

    MrBen! Cool to have you back sir!
  17. Yeah, it almost look like you painted the asphalt on a paper with real painting and burned the edges(where the damage is), and then scan it heh. You should also add more visible edges on the sides
  18. Marcos


    Wow, that is some really nice photos!
  19. Yeah, thats a monster pc! How much did it cost?
  20. How did you come across that site anyway Frei? :wink:
  21. i like them! The first, 3rd and 4th is my fav.. And btw, bet there was lots of nice useable texture refs there?
  22. Marcos

    hi from me

    u r just jealous cause I rule it u litt0l bærums bum. Haha, im from Drammen. Thats about the oppiste of Bærum.. And, yeah im so litt0l compared to you
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