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  1. Wow insta, that looks fkn awesome!
  2. Is it even possible to get this nerdy?
  3. Looks really sexy, but not really mindblowing tho Morrowind had a day cycle and that was in 2002
  4. Yes, finaly the aoe 3 demo arrives! Loved aoe 2 and i still play it sometimes /starts dl'ing~~~~~~
  5. Isn't the orginal the one based on a kitchen? Hmm, so many of thoose rats maps
  6. Did that one time and my whole map was deleted by hammer.. Never used it again
  7. True, but it works well when you just are doing a test-compile which mike probbly had in mind
  8. Cool drawing mino, nicly done~
  9. Marcos

    Behold! Meh first model

    Uhm, what ecsactly is it suposed to be?
  10. Wow! That's some really kickass skies! The last one makes me wanna do a NS Source map
  11. This map really got the oldschool cs look and it looks stunning, lovin' it! But it needs some other lights than just white.. Maybe use some blue/red around the bomb site so it's easier to get around the map (many areas look the same)
  12. Marcos

    Elvish Warrior

    Green, brown and some steel would be nice i think
  13. Marcos

    cs palmrich

    Map looks good enough, but I dont really get a hold of the setting.. What kind of complex is this? Office or some sort of factory? You should go for one or the other. There is lots of nice flowers and trees even a bench to relax on, very office like, but over there lies a barrel with radioactive stuff and there is another with some biohazard shit in it, very "secret factory" like heh. You see what i mean?
  14. Marcos


    Imo the architecture is pretty far from simple! Lots of interesting edges. But as the other's say, the map fails in the aspects of details, theme and also lighting. Fix this and this map would look really awesome
  15. Marcos

    Elvish Warrior

    Wow ferret! Armor is looking great!~~
  16. Marcos


    Mythbusters rox! The chiken-cannon episode is one of my favorites~
  17. great photos! Number 5 reminds me of de_port
  18. 2 great looking maps here! The HL rally one just blew me away, great job! The 2nd prison map looks good, but i have a problem with the prison theme. Many maps is based around this theme, even a official one.. well thats just me
  19. Yeah! LBA was such an awesome game! Love it The map looks cool, to bad I aint got UT2k4
  20. I think it's r_drawviewmodel 0 What's the setting around your map mike? looks cool edit: turn cheats on just in case (sv_cheats 1)
  21. Wow great Evrt~~~! Congrats!
  22. You better not be the man behind the Jamba commercials on MTV
  23. http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/screens.php?id=28
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