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  1. Ello mapcore Been fidling with an css map for some months now (pics will come here soon) and really enjoying mapping again. But, im still pretty newbie in the new Hammer and there is so much i havn't mastered yet. One thing is lighting.. Whenever i compile my map and run it, damn that light_enviorment looks booring. Normal lights made by the light entity dosnt really scream SEX! either :/ As i'm a big fan of lighting, please share your best tips regarding ligting in source! (and ofc any tips & tricks that's allways nice to know) edit: yes i compile with HDR
  2. What you mean by "No" ? Very helpful there mr. Nexus.. For a DM style this looks good and could be as you say a refresher for the old cycle on CS:S DM servers. And i'l think it will work. So keep up the good work
  3. Yeah Been busy with the Army for the last 1,5 years So feels good to do some mapping now in the holidays , and ofc see the core again
  4. Heya! Very early css map! PS. Is there any good guides/tips on compilesettings for the new Hammer? I want better lighting!
  5. Wow! This is just splendid! Looks better than Oblivion I really hope the life of Source will expand like the good ol HL did. Those NS-maps really pushed it far
  6. Nice improvment, but many of the outdoor textures looks too cartoony, undetailed. Maybe try PhilK's Morningstar wad?
  7. Marcos

    Tech textures

    man that's some sexy textures!
  8. Mazy: I dont know if it has the same system of stealing like Morrowind did, but there you had to crouch, point at the item you wanted to steal, and wait for the "steal item" icon was shown to the buttom left of your hood. And yes, sneak skill will improve your ability to steal and aslo do critical damage BTW, just bought a new PC (so I could play this game) Wonder if anyone got about the same speccs as me, and how the game runs? AMD 64 X2 4200+ gForce 7600GT 1GB RAM 400hz ESC Extreme MB 450W Power supply Thanks
  9. Yeah Tequila, is right. I remember completing MW with about 4 diffrent chars. Joined guilds I didnt complete in past games ect, and it was suprisingly fun every time One good thing about the PC ver. is the mod's. Morrowind had plenty of them, making the game soo much better
  10. If Oblivion is as good as Morrowind, im going to upgrade this PC just for the heck of it. I heard its a review of the game out there? gave it a 9.5/10 AND STOVLE! They ARE working on that Fallout game. How many times must I tell you this? They have two seperate teams. One for the TES series and one for Fallout
  11. Latest shoy is awesome Hipshit! I dig how your maps looks so realistic~~
  12. New Oblivion stuff. This is the full video shown at E3. Amazing stuff imo, but some animitions are abit off. Anyway the video is about 6 month old now, and with the new delay, Beth have more time fixing those little things. You should seriously dl the videos. They look stunning! http://morrowind.com/downloads/media_movies.htm
  13. great work! looks very good~ only thing i think could be improved is the lights on the sidewalk. looks abit too yellow, but thats just a matter of taste btw, you the guy that made that kickass ns map?
  14. curman and mino: try to restart steam. that should work.
  15. Marcos

    WIP halftrack

    Looks cool! Nice polycount too
  16. Marcos


    the new Jag is soo sexy~~~!
  17. Marcos

    Mercedes 190

    Great work, looks aweosme! Maybe dirt up the seat skin abit, since the car itself looks pretty old edit: sorry i see now that you didnt do the skinning
  18. Marcos


    I dont own any cars, but i use the family cars: That car is soo dull Edit: I love that SL gin! Did you sell it or do you still have it?
  19. Marcos

    WIP Helicopter

    Mmm looks nice ferrat~~ As you said the tails needs to be thinner, but I also think it should be longer
  20. Nice mino!~~ Now pimp it west coast style! ;D~
  21. Looks good, but why are the paper boxes placed on another box? For the ekstra hight? Would look more natural if they wre stacked in this kinda boxes
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