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  1. Looking forward to see how they'll pull of this kind of setting. For sure it gives some constrains regarding what kind of missions, settings ect. but if they manage to "renew" the genere like MW did, this setting might just be spot on brilliant (as st0vle said, there is alot to choose from). Maybe i'll recognize some places And great to see that SF isn't represented as Arnold with a moahawk haircut and pilot glasses
  2. Marcos

    EYE Assets

    Overall very nice work there mate! But I wish to contribute to the weapons part aswell I agree with Sectors points above and here i something I noticed: - Is the mag on the "AK" longer than the grip? If so, laying down to aim with that weapon could in some cases be very discomfortable for the shooter - The grip could also use some ergonomic tweaks - Is the last one a sniper? If so, iron sights? And certainly if you have to use iron sights, make the first one (the one you aim through) round, ie like a hole - It also looks like a powerful weapon like 7.62 or even 12.7, and I realy thi
  3. Looks mighty cool! Digging the theme too!
  4. Neato! siege brings back some good memories! The cave seems abit dark tho. Very frustrating for cs players
  5. Thanks for the tips! I'll have another go at it now edit: got i working now, thanks!
  6. Hello again. Haven't been mapping for ages (as you might have guessed) so here goes another Q: I'v been trying to create an overview and radar for my new cs:s map. At first it worked all just well, but a design change in my map forced me to make a new one. Problem is that now cl_leveloverview isn't my friend anymore and dosn't work like it should. OK, it worked fine the first time i tried (I could see the whole map and everything was neat), but now most of my map turns green. When I try to move around, some bits appear and some disapear. Like there is a difference in where the spec. cam. is
  7. Good idea CJ, I will try that
  8. Hello! Just a quick Q here: Remember in the old days (hl1), it was possible to add a command making the sky brushes in your maps non solid? In CS you could throw a nade in the sky and it would disapear. How do I get the same effect in source? Anyone knows?
  9. Mmm nice! Though when maps have this kind of quality, it's easy to spot the little things. Something I just noticed: You got some antic architecture mixed in your overall industrial theme. Looks abit out of place. Like the collums in pic 3. Where are the sunbeams comming from? The sky looks to dark for it to be the sun and the angle is off. Is there another light source? Whats that "thing" in the middle of pic 1? Other than that, great progress so far i must say! Edit: JoshuaC, what about some horizinal support beams in the ceiling?
  10. Yeah, great stuff! TF2 mappers def need some new content to play with BTW, love the drawn details on the support model pic !
  11. Looks great mate! I dig the DM feeling this map has, it's bold but can create some great gameplay. It looks good, looks fast paced and simple
  12. Wow stunning stuff here guys! Nice to see some new folks too
  13. Still doing some work on my css map, progress is slow though:
  14. Totaly agree with PogoP !
  15. Bought it on Steam and have been playing it for an week or so. Enjoying it much so far as i'm a big fan of cars and racing ect. It has a good balance between arcade and sim, tho it's considered an arcade game, but I have to agree to some issues defrag pointed out and some other minor things: * Menu dosnt support mouse, have to use the keyboard all the way here * Pressing "Enter" a good 5 times after each race gets annoying * You cant tune your car in any way * Sometimes it's just better to cut a corner and just go straight forward over the grass and it wont slow you down that much That
  16. Marcos

    CS:S map project

    Thanks guys! Thats an good idea m8nkey, tnx narby: Reading your comment regarding the second pic and looking back at it, I def see your point. Havent realy noticed that earlier but that's something I have to fix. Also the lighting at A spot have been changed Some other pics (from the same build tho) Ps: Why does the small plant in the last pic render fullbright? Any ideas?
  17. Agree with Buddy, place some strong lightsources around to brake it up. Looks good btw
  18. Marcos

    CS:S map project

    Hello core! Been awhile since I'v been posting anything map-related here, but I'v been silently working on a cs:s map as some of you may have noticed. Thought it was time to post this in it's own thread to get some real c&c that is very much needed. The map is intended to be used for league play which was something I had to keep inmind, that aside the map feels abit empty/open and i'm having a hard time coming up with something to solve this (crates isnt very cool) Please come forth with anyting else! Notice that the pictures came out abit darker then ingame.
  19. Oh nice! That is some cool refreshing stuff DvS! What about a TF2 map with this kind of style?
  20. Marcos

    Old man head WIP

    Looks damn good to me! GJ! Welcome to the core
  21. You continue to impress [AoS]Albatros! Only thing i noticed right away was the palm trees with the summit in the background. Looks abit out of place hmm. Maybe if the summit was more green/brown and not that snowy?
  22. Be kind, it's a "competetive" cs:s map :roll:
  23. Welcome Not much to comment here as HP said, but you should look into your scaling, it seems abit off. Walls looks fairly thin and the hight of the bulding and size looks abit odd. Good luck in the progress!
  24. Fast reply Thanks Punky Yeah, been using the point_spotlight and light_spot. What does the env_lightglow do? Normal glow around a light? Im very interesed in different settings, like the brightness HDR, brightnessScaleHDR, Ambient HDR ect. and any compile commands
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