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    De_forlorn WIP

    Really like the clean oldschool look here! Reminds me of the old de_prodigy. Do you have the layout done?
  2. Hello! Judging by the vent props you placed in T-spawn, the map looks very small? If so, I think the chocke-points and general feel of the map will be cramped. It also makes it a bit too easy to rotate around the map for both sides. The middle corridor just east of CT-spawn looks too "powerful". CTs can guard both bombsites from this location and easily rotate from A to B (or B to A) . Try to redesign it, maybe delete the connecting path in the middle? I like the idea behind the train though. But I would consider making the train rails from north to south so it lines up with the bombsites
  3. Working on the transition between hi-tech and rustic, but im having a hard time detailing the floor infront with something interesting..
  4. Unbelievable work there Philip, your creativity is mind-blowing! I realy dig how it all fits together even though there is so much contrast in the scene. I started a little cs:source map since I got alot of spare time now. Layout is done, but I redid the whole look because I want to incoporate Phil's texturepacks into it. Dont know if it will be do-able because of it's sci-fi look but im trying the whole "secret government research lab" cliché. Pic shows T-spawn which is a bunker/sever system. It's the first compile and clearly the env_sprites turned out shit
  5. Sadly, Norwegian isn't a major international hit yet. Gamesexpo right? Im very hyped for this game, even though I have never played any SimCity for more than 15 min in the past. But all the media for this new one looks awesome. Hope they fix those issues you mentioned Skjalg, that didn't sound very nice
  6. 3? tried to understand your satement, but i gave up. can someone translate?
  7. To compare your rings, hold the alt key to see the other one
  8. Very true Taylor, I did actualy change my build to something very similar yesterday. Now I wont be instagibbed atleast
  9. Been playing monk through normal, nightmare and now act 3 hell. The game def becomes better and better the higher the difficulty. The only problem is that monk stands out to be such a weak character. You cant do tanking and taking damage like a barb, and you def cant do range, so you are stuck with going in doing some strikes and move way out again. And with all the fucked up combos the elites got its almost impossible. To move on, my gear has to be much better and that means one thing. Grindfest. Which im not very keen on
  10. Downloading now. Havent played any Diablo game before (just this beta), but i fkn love the setting and feeling of the game. Mucho exited!
  11. Its economics made fun looks mighty cool!
  12. Was about to say the same. It does realy look like Oblivion with some gfx mods.. Too bad they didnt use iDTech for this! Though faces and body's looks way much better now, I wonder how the animations are going to be like. Beth has much to improve in both modeling and animation department. Textures will be replaced by mods anyway
  13. how is that possible in source? insane man!
  14. haha awesome mate! I remember the incident and that I saw you walking around with that eyepatch, felt sorry for you there mate. Man CSS was a shitty place though.. Who was your LF?
  15. Haha yeah I did! But how does all this fit together? You were there as conscript? edit: I just did one year in fsk and said cya to the army after that. now im studiying
  16. For me: no, it was a realy quite period when I was down there and luckly there where few losses for the ISAF force in total. Though I could count on two hands how many times the flag was not flagged at half-staff. Since I was in a SOF unit, some of the other guys had been trough some hairy shit though (i was just new) and there are some insane stories from afghan heh.. maybe we will see them in the new MoH and those mags, in a full contact, would last about 15 min
  17. hehe sorry n8braker, all footage from my unit is classified :/ e-freak: no not at all, theres around 500 soldiers avarage. Most in north and some around Kabul!
  18. should say that this is from afghan, and it's from 2009, not 2010 sry
  19. Thanks mate! You have a good point there! Looking back at it, all those lights look silly, I'll try to do some changes tonight. I'm still stuck in 2004 so im trying to figure out the lighting mistery of source.. Are there ANY lighting parameters you can use to get a bit more exiting result? As we could in the old days? Yeah this macro exam realy makes me do everything else except reading.. I even installed Morrowind again D;
  20. Beacuse macroeconomic can be slightly booring sometimes, I'v been doing this "scene" during reading breaks.. Still need alot of work though and im not shure about the lighting. Something about the colours that dosnt seem to exactly right.. Would dig some input on that!
  21. Marcos

    [UDK] Oil Field

    hot damn! looks awesome!
  22. yay a cabin! Some things i noticed: - Logs seems way to large - Walls seems too flat - Loose the upper metal part (texture) of the cabin as it dosnt seem to fit Just looked up a ref pic for you, it would also be very cool if you did the grass thing on the roof, though the setting would need to be more forest like: other than that: cosy
  23. Let there be TES V! Though it will never happen
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