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  1. Hello everyone, Dorian aka DD here. Back when I was still trying to get into the game industry, about 10-12 years ago, I was active in the mapcore community for anyone who remembers me. I know there's a lot of talent here so I wanted to forward a link to the id software/Zenimax hiring page. We're currently looking for level designers & gameplay designers. Click the following link then select id Software & design: http://jobs.zenimax.com/ We don't require 2 years experience if you have great personal work to show, in fact I'm going to harass HR just after this to remove that note. Just a few tips: Don't send in a resume without a portfolio, otherwise its straight to the trash. Your portfolio should have relevant recent professional & personal work in 3D first person or third person shooters. Be specific about your work/contributions. It's frustrating looking at vague portfolios. Again, be specific about your work! ​We're looking for unique & creative gameplay work for gameplay designers. What interesting combats or sequences have you created? Videos are best for this! Be specific about what you did! For level designers we want to see actual level geometry, lighting, examples of your level composition, level layouts, prop placement, examples of how you worked with a team. Screenshots & videos are great for this. If you have any questions or comments, please post here and I'll check in here later. Good luck
  2. Understanding art and good architecture is great, but it is becoming less and less important. Understanding great single player levels is an extreme plus. Most LDs are purely multiplayer.
  3. Here's what I know to be true based on my own experience: 1. We are and will be even more hungry for LDs. Most of our projects are in prototype or semi-prototype which means smaller teams. When we move into full production we are going to need LDs. After reviewing our submissions I was extremely disapointed, I had to go looking myself. So yes, at least at GBX, right now is a great time to pursue LD although expect delays. 2. Most of the mod LD portfolios we get are better ART portfolios then ART game-school portfolios. I'd say about 80%~90% of the time this is true. 3. People that get hired for doing just one good map are extremely rare, usually they are really talented and have experience in traditional art or some related field. If they do get hired it's the studios fault if the person is not talented. Hiring a LD with just one map in their portfolio and no other experience is an extreme NO GO. Even if it is great. One decent level and a dozen okay or bad ones usually gets more interest.
  4. Wow Hessi, good job. What other maps have you made? Very nice attention to detail, good model work, I like the details in the sidewalks and paths! The ambient sound is a bit loud and annoying, but visuals are great.
  5. DD


    Looks great! Some suggestions: -There are techniques in HL2 you can use to hide the texture seams here. For the main road you can create a new material that blends to the rocky road texture between the road and snow. -You should be able to fix the seam between the vertical rock->snow texture and the snow floor. You can align them perfectly using 90 degree angles then distort the displacement map. -The road texture looks too scaled up, maybe for performance reasons? If not scale that sucka down
  6. I agree, I'd like to see this title on DS with more developed graphics.
  7. http://wireless.ign.com/articles/697/697629p1.html Gameloft made this game, and I was totally shocked by how good of a job they did. Very cool controls, auto-cover mounting, very cool grenade controls, vehicles, destructible enviroments, etc, etc. Anyways, check it out.
  8. I love this game. Love the SP. Some missions are a bit hard, which I usually like, but the parts which were hard to me were because bad training or no training (helicopter sequence plzzz). However I'm really excited about their game design decisions. Auto-cover mounting, context sensitve button, squad control from situational awarness, squad behavior switch, completely open levels with linear control, a persistent world... I mean, great! I don't like how they cover up mediocre AI with superhuman mexicans that have 360 fov, bat like hearing, and night vision. MP is awesome, specially coop. I love how difficult coop is too. I also wish the cover system was in mp/coop as well as sp. I can understand some technical reasons and gameplay reasons for mp but not sp. I plan on buying a 360 after I move just for this game (and burnout), and media center, and geometry wars. The end.
  9. You should hand the domain over to Mikey or Mojo so they can have it forward here.
  10. Well here's something you all should know: -Most creationist/self-proclaimed scientist who believe in Intelligent Design support the big bang theory. It supports the idea that the universe starts from a single point and revolves around it. This idea of singularity supports the notion of a god. -The big bang theory has major holes starting from the base. It assumes the explosion was not symmetrical/even for some unknown reasons and assumes there is selveral different forms of dark matter, and all sorts of unproved notions to support why the movement of stars/planets don't add up. -I believe NASA needs lots of work done to it to improve cost, productivity, and keeping up to date with technology. This appointee may just be the move that starts the dominos, hopefully the reform or removal of NASA. Basically what this all means to me: The 24 year old douche or whatever his name is believes that support big bang is against intelligent design. He is a dumbass. He is arguing against his own belief in dumbass confusion.
  11. http://www.wired.com/news/politics/0,70047-0.html?tw=wn_tophead_4 I didn't vote for him.
  12. Modern film and prints can be processed incorrectly, a few minutes off in a certain chemical (fixer?) can mean destroyed work. 1's and 0's are equally tangible as a roll of film IMO. I'm guessing you're the kind of person who would prefer a piece of cake rather than enough money for an entire cake? You can argue up and down for both sides, just I'm willing to bet most people with experience in both prefer the digital route. Enough to validate the decision to stop making 35mm cameras
  13. I'm excited to play it, looks great! The scale seems a little broken but meh.
  14. DD

    de_cpl_strike beta 2

    Looks great! Trimed most if not all your doors, most windows, something I always look at. Did you clip your corners so players can move smoothly? Nice colors, details, and I like the light shine coming through the windows. One suggestion is finding a new tree, that tree looks awful. Is it a default HL2 prop? Maybe find a custom one, a lot of valve trees are really ugly. Try adding some grass decos, it will help make the warehouse area look more abandoned.
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