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  1. cool, that worked... unfortunately it doesn't affect models i've already made thanks guy
  2. The cylinder on the left is unmodified, the one on the right I converted to editable poly and deleted the top face. Notice how faces that don't exist are showing up as solid? This happens with all materials and I seriously cannot figure out why. This is a fresh install of max and it's never happened before. suggestions? edit: force 2-sided is definitely off in the viewport options
  3. OL

    The random model thread!

    heres the wmv file, open it in a media player directly http://beancitynights.org/gamedev/Micro ... oscope.wmv
  4. OL

    The random model thread!

    I added a box thing, without any major optimizing lod0 is 5065 polys total
  5. OL

    The random model thread!

    I time-lapse recorded myself modeling a thing maybe it's interesting http://beancitynights.org/gamedev/Micro ... scope.html
  6. OL

    go-kart model

    yeah, I don't know if you haven't gotten around to it yet but even some simple cartoony shadows could add a lot to the graphics quality. Especially in the screenshots of your desert level, the cacti and buildings, not to mention the karts, are kind of just floating there. regardless, loving it so far
  7. OL

    [WIP]Me, myself and I

    you suck he probably really looks that way
  8. OL

    The random model thread!

    a random thing to go in a tf2 map, just wanted to give the style a try
  9. OL

    go-kart model

    will you be hiring
  10. This theme is terrible argh change it back
  11. OL

    go-kart model

    looks v. cool
  12. OL

    go-kart model

    I havn't read most of this but is there a black rider? if not i'm going to have to file suit. here use this skin:
  13. not much man, have you seen my tortoises? they hatched like last month they're cuties huh
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