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  1. wow, have not seen anything of NS2 sicne the cool techdemo videos. looking superb while keeping the feel and look in great detail
  2. Farewell H2o.. he was a funny guy and always available on irc for mapping questions and general banter. Enjoyed working with him on some modifications and mapping contests. All the best m8..
  3. over 4 seen it all happen live and exclusive
  4. Ratking


    Thanks Stratesiz, some very good points made there, i will be taking your advice and reworking said areas
  5. Ratking


    thx, i decided HI because i wanted to release some work i thought would work perfectly for it. And i need to release some work
  6. Ratking


    Here is my WIP, titled United Thunder. ****************** HI_UNITEDTHUNDER 26-06-2006 ****************** MISSION Time: 0330 ZULU Location: Classified SITUATION Rebels have infiltrated a government run weapons research centre and are believed to be in control of the facility. A class 1 alert was recieved around 0100 and CCTV footage shows heavily armed Rebels within the reactor test chamber. NATO officials believe the Rebels are trying to extract the composite PN-14, a dangerous catalyst used in nuclear weapons. NATO elements are to enter the facility and secure the test chamber at all costs. Intelligence has discovered that the Rebels are planning a 'dirty bomb' which is located within the reactor itself. (NATO) Primary: Defuse test chamber bomb Secondary: Clear & Sweep the facility of hostiles Eliminate threats (TANGO) Primary: Protect dirty bomb Secondary: Maintain Security Eliminate threats BACKGROUND PN-14 is a highly dangerous and radioactive composite but is safe with short exposure. The Rebels plan on using a "Dirty-Bomb" after staff were alerted to their presence and activated the internal alarm system. Government officials are being kept in the dark about this situation so it is imperitive you complete your mission. If world leaders heard word of this security threat, we would lose allied support. The facility itself is a vast bomb proof bunker burried underground in an undisclosed location, secuirty systems are malfunctioning so access should be no problem. Pics: Funky stuff in the map includes: Constructive critism welcome P.S some of the pics may have changed slightly
  7. Heres some artwork i drew up out of boredom, hopefull they will goto good homes No need for critism, take 'em or leave 'em ok?
  8. ok its prohibited, get it everyone? i only just found out the hard way, monkey see monkey do etc.. btw its not clipart
  9. i had a fiddle, some parts are still not the right depth. any tips for my 2nd attempt? and its not cheating, its just being sloppy
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