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  1. Dual screens, naiiic Here's my room: I'm on that pic too, I'm waving, yeah, on the right, in the dark corner! I wanna see Mazy's dark cave ;D
  2. Right Chips, your enormous signature has offended me for long enough by now Na seriously, 360x90 or something around that should be big enough.
  3. FrieChamp


    Get that shoutbox back up again Zaphod
  4. FrieChamp

    Post your desktop!

    omg mojo that fg evil monkey desktop rocks! And you happen to have the revolutions and rotk trailer on the desktop like me! Maybe we are soulmates....or not.
  5. FrieChamp


    http://www.friechamp.net .net domains > *
  6. I liked that nuke artillery better
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