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  1. I do slightly regret getting it for PS4, but the usual group of friends that I play with don't have PCs
  2. Oh BTW, there's something special for the good people of Mapcore in the trailer....try looking in the upper right corner of the picture at 0:59 (you probably need to freeze frame it in 1080p tho)
  3. Hey guys! Super thrilled to finally start showing off what we're working on. This is ECHO, I hope you like it. Can't wait to show of the gameplay (we will, very soon :D). We're also on Steam Greenlight, and if you like what you see then It'd be awesome with your support: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=681810803 Also here's the game site http://www.echo-game.com/
  4. Grats on the release guise, hope I can get around to trying it out in the weekend~~
  5. I guess we'll have to wait for the Bethesda E3 press conference for gameplay footage Can't wait, looks and sounds brilliant so far~
  6. Finished it earlier, apart from taking a while to get properly going and from my experience having a really rough first impression with the very first boat scene, then it's absolutely phenomenal once it does going. I'd almost dare to say that this outdoes Uncharted 2, a game I hold in probably too high regard anyway, and feels like a much more considered and impactful experience than Uncharted 2, even if you do end up having slaughtered some 500 guys by the end of the game. Also cannot be understated just how fucking gorgeous this game is, especially the latter half of the game just looks unbelievably good, I bet most folks here end up taking way longer to play through this game than regular peoples since we end up standing around and just marveling at how good this shit looks. Combined with cutscenes that almost feels like a middle finger to other game dev when they seamlessly blend from gameplay to cutscenes and keep the same weapons in the cutscenes, crazy pants. Absolutely wonderful small scale sandbox encounters as well, really dug the level design in the later locations. Anyway, best game in a long while, you're officially a crazy person if you don't play this (or buy a PS4 to play this). The End.
  7. Looks dope, I'm totally ready for this and I love the title. Very brave to call it BF1 and be set during WW1, but for once one of these fucking games actually look fresh, Modern/Future Warfare today is what WW2 was 8 years ago. Also hope they do something interesting with the single player as well and go for a more open world FarCry'ish approach rather than the usual trite cinematic setpiece borefest, I actually really dug BF3's but maybe it's time to move on and actually make the SP worth a shit
  8. Vari goo! Probably the game I'm looking the most forward to this year after Uncharted 4. Really digging the setting from what was shown in the E3 trailer, hope it doesn't get bumped to 2017
  9. That's a dope website, game looks cool too
  10. I kinda want a Vive just to play The Slingshot part of The Lab, Valve's brand of humour at it's best
  11. Video games anno 2016. Kinda interested in checking it out, wanna see some impressions/reviews first tho (and have the servers, you know, work)
  12. Think I'm at like 69 seconds, utterly pathetic I know. An absolutely wonderful game if you just need a quick fix for 5 minutes, I do find it hard to play it for longer periods than 20 minutes'ish
  13. dem Naughty Dog cinematics, fpfp
  14. Can't wait to try out the final game, been looking forward to this for ages~~
  15. Aye, a lot more interested in this project now.
  16. I'm a bit curious if saying different things at different times actually changes stuff later on, there's at least one thing that seems like it could change quite a lot in terms of how the characters relate to each other. So there's definitely that to check out on a second play through, seriously doubt it would change anything drastic in the actual plot tho. Other than that then it feels like a game that is almost better off just playing once to keep the illusion alive in that you can actually affect things in a meaningful way (a bit like the Telltale games, which some of the devs worked on)
  17. Finished it over the weekend, really enjoyed it, especially loved the beginning. Absolutely terrible performance on the PS4 tho (blabla PC master race quiet), which is especially striking when you've just come from The Witness which has a similar art style, often much longer draw distances and looks better...oh and then runs at a completely steady 60fps. Also I spotted lots of rough areas where you can see trees not intersecting into the ground, rocks floating, really weirdly placed blocking volumes etc. Anyway, boring techincal issues aside, definitely worth a play if you like games where you're not constantly running around and saving the universe and shooting people in the face. I've heard a lot of people dislike the ending but I actually quite liked it. Also I'm grateful to play a game that's about 4 hours long, after lasts years onslaught of 50+hour games (Witcher, Fallout, MGS, Batman) then I'm thrilled to play something that's actually realistic to finish within the first few days of starting it.
  18. You fucking rock Minos, brilliant stuff as usual~~looking at this stuff makes me wanna make a map with it
  19. This a hundred times. My classic Ironman runs in the previous XCOM, though mostly very intense, also had crazy long lulls where the beginning of every mission (and throughout most missions) would consist of moving one soldier forward at a time with everybody else hanging back in overwatch, which was crazy dull and uninteresting in hindsight. I love the changes they've made to the beginning of missions with timed objectives in that they're forcing your hand to make clever and hard choices from the beginning but still give you a slight upper hand when you can ambush them. Makes the missions much more exciting from the get go, and looking back then that was honestly the biggest flaw in the previous XCOM (apart from the lack of procedural maps) . Haven't really played this new one enough though, only spent like 2-3 hours on it, nearly no time for it between work, life and everything else, but it's not going anywhere . So far it looks like it'll be easy to pour 100+ hours in this one as well
  20. Nah it's just a one player game, but one that's quite well suited to have another person sitting by and pitch in (though I'm probably gonna try and play most of it on my own )
  21. Played it for a few hours yesterday and so far I am absolutely in love with it. Getting stuck at a panel, going somewhere else to clear your thoughts and take a crack at another panel and then suddenly getting an idea for the previous panel happened multiple times yesterday, creating a really neat and rewarding loop. Also helps when the environments look so dayum good Also, this is a really good girlfriend co-op like game. Played it with my gf yesterday, and even though she's much smarter than me then we actually moments or panels that one of us were better at, rather than her just solving everything Anyway, think we stopped playing just as shit is about to get more difficult, but so far it totally lives up to the hype
  22. http://opencritic.com/game/1557/the-witness Good shit, can't wait to try it out, think I'm in the perfect mood for something like this right about now. Made the mistake of checking out some video reviews that spoiled some of the puzzles tho however
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