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    Evert reacted to General Vivi in Mapcore X Prodeus Winners Announced!   
    Judges for Mapcore X Prodeus

    - General Vivi
    - Dragonfly
    - FMPONE

    The Prodeus community would like to thank FMPONE and ICARUSLIV3S for helping us judge this competition. It was very difficult judging the entries this time around and we were glad they could join us on this noble quest!

     The WINNERS of Mapcore X Prodeus

    1st place: Bunnymauler [ Internal Disruption ]
    P-link: m-DlOgFtF8dy

    - $1,500.00 USD
    - One year of Humble Choice
    - Excalibur Gauntlets and Biker Gloves (skins)
    - Special winners role on the Prodeus Discord

    2nd Place: Paws [ Altitude ]
    P-link: m-ht1EjFQZov

    - $500.00 USD
    - 1 month to Humble Choice
    - Biker Gloves (skin)
    - Special winners role on the Prodeus Discord

    3rd Place: Iori Dyson [ Xtal Site 02 ]
    P-link: m-yM9kZZRh3g

    - 1 month to Humble Choice
    - Special winners role on the Prodeus Discord
    All of the winners will also be showcased on our Youtube channel, and because we had so many amazing entries, we’ll be showcasing parts of our Staff Picks too. 
    We want to thank the wonderful folks over at Mapcore for hosting this sick competition, we couldn’t have done it without you! The future's looking bright, and we’re glad you could be along for the ride!
    Here is a bonus video by Kirk Collects going over the winners and his top picks! 
    Also, be sure to retweet the winners!
    See you next time!
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    Evert got a reaction from FMPONE in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    Amazing level

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    Evert got a reaction from Pampers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    Amazing level

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    Evert reacted to blackdog in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    Long version
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    Evert reacted to Vaya in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    god you are awful -either a troll or so far up yourself you'll never see the light of day again. by your logic there's never been an original work in any game - everything comes from somewhere, be it real life or a derivative of another artform.

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    Evert got a reaction from -HP- in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    I know where this is gonna go so I´m out after this public statement: People who release their creations to the public, great go for it. But to ask that to be the norm, meh.
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    Evert got a reaction from Lizard in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    I know where this is gonna go so I´m out after this public statement: People who release their creations to the public, great go for it. But to ask that to be the norm, meh.
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    Evert reacted to Rump3L in Freya [Wingman]   
    After slowly recovering from covid and digesting some beginner tuts on the custom assets part in the meantime, I decided to do a somewhat intermediate step with the map. 
    That is - a few preparation layers across the level to keep things organized and pre-planned for myself before diving deeper.
    Here a few images

    Full imgur album with commentary
    A few things to note:
    - simple brush placeholders across the map acting as a prop placement guide, basic outer shape and sizes ratio reference
    - added a layer of props that I don't feel like doing custom (chimneys, antennas, gutters, power boxes, lamps, curbs, wires etc.)
    - established area-based color coding across the map: 
       [blue, teal, purple] => CT area,
       [yellow, orange, tan] => T area,
       [white] => neutral areas, 
       [rose/pink] => unifying color, central area of the map guiding players in & out of the site on inner routes
    - I guess lower parts of some buildings will have to be split up for different supporting materials like stone/plaster/concrete otherwise wood all over the place could be an overkill
    - couldn't hold myself and already did the 3d skybox (there is still room to push it a little step further later on though I guess)
    - added the base of shop-windows in different spots across the map, these might prove themselves pretty beneficial for callouts later on (f.e. "shoes", "akevitt" etc.)
    - lighting will most likely need a little further tweaking later on once I add actual textures and snow on the ground (f.e. pumping up some lights even more)
    Feel free to add me on steam or on discord (Rump3L#8889) if you would like to test this level as well some time.
    Thats about it for now, thanks for tuning in!
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    Evert reacted to blackdog in Sprawl (Retro FPS) (UE4)   
    I just discovered this because the author was on the latest episode of the Quakecast. The project was in fact started on Quake (Darkplaces fork) but after hitting some snags it was posted to UE4. They are doing the same thing of Graven in building the maps in Trenchbroom and importing in UE.
    Fascinating that the creator is a musician by trade.
    The teaser and two gameplay tests are the footage that exists for the project at the moment
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    Evert got a reaction from Vaya in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    I know where this is gonna go so I´m out after this public statement: People who release their creations to the public, great go for it. But to ask that to be the norm, meh.
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    Evert got a reaction from blackdog in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    I know where this is gonna go so I´m out after this public statement: People who release their creations to the public, great go for it. But to ask that to be the norm, meh.
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    Evert reacted to Minos in Spanish Town - Unreal 4 VR Environment + Tutorial   
    New Dev log is up
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    Evert reacted to Minos in Spanish Town - Unreal 4 VR Environment + Tutorial   
    Update time!
    Finished the blockouts, and did a lighting pass. Now onto my favorite part: Texturing

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    Evert reacted to -HP- in What are you playing now?   
    Like he vanished into the shadows in real life?
    People complain there's no good SP games, then an amazing one comes out, and they say to themselves: "I'll play it later... lemme hop on dust2 match for the billionth time real quick."
    Then the sales aren't as good as they could be. It's a shame we won't see any new dishonored game anytime soon. 
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    Evert reacted to leplubodeslapin in Deathloop - New Arkane Lyon's game   
    Along with that new trailer, our creative director Dinga took part in another video to showcase some core concepts for the game :
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    Evert reacted to celery in My First Year in Review   
    The title is a bit misleading. I have been mapping for a while, but after a two year hiatus I came back to it a little over a year ago when I wanted to make a neat little Wingman level for CSGO. I just want to share a few screenshots of projects that I started (and some finished) in the past year in order.

    I cooperated with Sir Thomas and 9yz as level designers, environment artists, and prop artists to finish and release my first level ever, which finally got it's release in August after a few months reacquainting myself with Hammer and learning how to model for the first time.

    I consider this project a failure, but learned a lot from it.

    This was my first success with mapping. I won 10th place in the Source Engine Discord mapping contest and modeled more and detailed more. I eventually took help to optimize it after I released my first version.

    I worked as the level designer, environment artist, and prop artist for this project. I received help from Sir Thomas and Peake to help optimize the VVIS on the level to increase the performance significantly.
    This level was also featured on the Mapcore Wingman Hubs on FACEIT over the winter.

    Following this project I was well on my way to learning how to model. I decided to help a bit on a Sourcemod aimed at recreating a Quake-style deathmatch game in Source.

    After running into engine limitations on the beefed up version of Source, I decided to repurpose those PBR-authored Quake assets into an aim map for CSGO.

    Between working Paradise and the Quake-style levels I started working on a wingman level with a number of people, including Sir Thomas, iTwins, ynel, Jayk, and Jonmcbane on an unfinished project that was nicknamed Paradise 2.
    I worked primarily as a set-dresser, prop artist, and material author, creating materials from photosources I took and PBR materials on Textures.com

    This was a stepping stone for what I am currently doing on my three unreleased/unannounced projects which I am excited to share when they are ready. (One of them I do share a lot about on my Twitter and will be posting a few of the assets below).

    My newest project, a Wingman level in Great Britain is well underway. I am primarily working as the prop artist, material author, and set-dresser for this project. I have improved and built on my techniques for generating PBR materials from photos I take and porting them into the CSGO Spec/Gloss shader workflow.

    That's all I have for now. I expect to be sharing more soon... and I hope nothing takes too long.
    I also want to say thank you to everyone whose helped me along the way and I'm excited for what's next!!
    (formerly TheOnionChef)
    Here are the links to my ArtStation, Twitter, and workshop pages.




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    Evert reacted to Corvus in [UE4] [WIP] Ryokan   
    Starting to detail some of the roofs. All of the texturing is done by using one trim texture for most of the geo. 

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    Evert reacted to Lizard in County   

    Happy to announce that we just released County!
    This took us a while but we are super happy with the final results. Map is now ready to be played and enjoyed by others players. If you have any feedback, hit us here or in our DM's.
    Thanks to everyone who helped us trying to workout danger zone game mode and to everyone who provided us with their feedback! 
    Workshop link
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    Evert reacted to Corvus in [UE4] [WIP] Ryokan   
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    Evert reacted to dux in The random model thread!   
    Been following some Blender tutorials  

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    Evert reacted to Paws in Altitude - (formerly named Turbulence) (Prodeus)   
    Altitude has now been published, overall I think it's a large improvement from my last map Transit, especially when it comes to texturing and set pieces.  I've learned a crazy amount along the way though and there are so many things I'd do differently if i was starting again.
    If you fancy giving it a play the p link is: m-ht1EjFQZov

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    Evert reacted to dux in OLDSKOOL   
    I just found this old map from back in the day. Think I posted shots of it on here during the glory days when I was 16/17. Gonna go have a mid life CRYSIS.


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    Evert reacted to -HP- in Post interesting talks / presentations / conferences   
    What is true? Got anything more specific other than posting a 25 min long video?
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    Evert reacted to D3ads in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    So I might as well post about my current project here finally, since I've been doing so on the Discord for awhile now. Half-Life: Dark Matter is designed as if there was a fourth and final expansion to the original Half-Life from the perspective of a Black Operator named Kovac. I got the idea when I was replaying Half-Life for the 20th anniversary in 2018, I realised that although the Black Ops had appeared in a couple of mods, they certainly weren't done real justice, so I decided I would be the one to deliver it...
    Since then it's evolved a fair bit, and I have seven others in a team working with me now, including brand new code! There will lots of new areas and also crossovers with existing areas as well, and the story will not only be in keeping with Half-Life 1, but also Half-Life 2 and even Alyx where appropriate!
    This is my last ever Goldsource project*, upon completion I will be moving onto a newer and more modern game project, what that will be exactly is not known right now. Most of you guys know I've been working with Half-Life 1 for almost 22 years now, so I've got the experience and knowledge to pull this off, and the others have extensive skills in the field as well!
    Main page: https://www.moddb.com/mods/half-life-dark-matter
    An extensive FAQ which answers most questions: https://www.moddb.com/mods/half-life-dark-matter/features/frequently-asked-questions-20
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/HLDarkMatter
    and we also have a Discord server! https://discord.gg/yX4CfrH
    Right now as we speak, Dark Matter has been nominated for the ModDB Mod Of The Year awards Top 100, in the Upcoming category! So if you guys want to vote for me, that would be awesome 🙏
    Just follow this link:  https://www.moddb.com/groups/2020-mod-of-the-year-awards/top100#vote41984
    and select Dark Matter on the bottom! If we win, there will be a new chapter reveal in advance of the media update next year!
    Anyway, it wouldn't be the WIP thread without some WIPs, so here's a bunch of screenshots, more on the page above obviously!

    I'll post more enviroments here as I make them! Enjoy.
    *I might still work on something smaller for fun, if an idea arrises
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    Evert got a reaction from blackdog in Cyberpunk 2077   
    Lmao. Would be fun if a game would tackle this kind of shallow corporate wannabe law thing.
    Tho I am actually enjoying this game a lot.
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