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    Evert got a reaction from Vaya in [CS:GO] Limestone   
    The level looked good, dont necro the thread with nothing to say.
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    Evert reacted to zastels in [CS:GO] Limestone   
    You can map, that's for sure! I don't agree with you that you 'need' to make things models, this is not a productive way to do mapping in my opinion. Imagine how much work you could save by easing up on that philosophy. I think models are a fad in BSP level design. Don't believe me? Well, look at the original maps, they had no models. Adding models to them over time never made them better. People only use models to try and achieve parity with Valve's artistic direction; which doesn't exist. Realism is perceived through stylization, not mimicry. CSGO is devoid of style, all it does is mimic reality. If you want to stand out, keep doing what you're doing it looks great, do not try and copy Valve with a bunch of models. 
    Long story short, you do really good work, but do not snag your workflow pursuing models. Models are an insane waste of time, they absolutely will not make more people play your map. Your brushwork is much more alluring than any models you could attempt to supplicate with. 
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    Evert reacted to melc311 in [CS:GO] Limestone   
    Hi folks. I've been slowly reworking the layout and remade bombsite A from the ground up to be more interesting game play wise. I'm planning to do another play test soon after I redo bombsite B. I updated the workshop map too. Give it a try and tell me what you think so far of the new A site. 

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    Evert reacted to Corvus in [UE4] Island Environment [W.I.P]   
    Getting close to finishing the project. Mostly fixing the performance right now. here's some recent screenshots 

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    Evert reacted to zavaro in [NS2] Tanith   
    Some updated screenshots for the basically final release follow
    Here's a shot of marine start, known as Old Wing. The shadows are rad.

    A little hallway from Old Wing to Exterior Paths

    Here's a shot of Exterior Paths. I had someone create this neat little fog cinematic that gives some depth to the area.

    Exterior leads to Relay, where we have this little setup with a cool sunset skybox view.

    I re-did Chemical Transport's lighting to something more neutral and less green. This has been met with a better response, though I was growing fond of the green Half-Life vibes.

    Here's a finished shot of the alien starting point, Fusion Core. It's not much different from the previous iteration, but it's all textured and ready to go. A shame these aren't in motion, there's lots of little things in these scenes like a moving "emergency exit" hologram in the back.

    Some lighting changes in Sewer with some additional decals along the floorspace to look grimier.

    Research Labs (now known as The WAC [short for Western Access Corridor, which is quite a mouthful and not a particularly short call-out point])

    Not to be confused with Western Entrance, this room leads into The WAC. This was the first room I worked on. I wanted some clean colors and shapes to differentiate players against the backdrop, so I modified a lot of props to get this grimy but clearly silhouetting look.

    Reactor Room, the most iconic room from the original game needed a serious make-over for gameplay, so I made the room a figure-eight. Still has a double resource node, which plays pretty well given the circumstances.

    So, whenever the next big update comes out, Tanith will ship with it. Just doing some teensy bits of fixes from here on out. Thanks for checking it out!
    Oh, and here's a picture of the skybox!

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    Evert reacted to ics in Terror [TF2]   
    This map is now officially part of the Team Fortress 2 Scream Fortress XIII Halloween update.
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    Evert got a reaction from Lizard in Trademarking New Game Modes   
    I wonder if I can patent tdm or even actual deathmatch. Or "walk right". Or "move up on button press".
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    Evert got a reaction from blackdog in Trademarking New Game Modes   
    I wonder if I can patent tdm or even actual deathmatch. Or "walk right". Or "move up on button press".
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    Evert reacted to Minos in Spanish Town - Unreal 4 VR Environment + Tutorial   
    lol, haven't updated this thread in a long time  I've been working on this on and off throughout the year and I'm getting close to calling it done. The architecture is about 90% done, then it's time for the backdrop, foliage (all temp assets now), set dressing and polish... well I actually still have quite a bit left to do, but feels good to be over the most critical part (architecture).
    Here are some pics of where I am at:

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    Evert reacted to Minos in Mapcore Job Census   
    I'm now a Principal Environment Artist at Lightspeed LA (updated the board to reflect it). Last time I started a new job was 10 years ago, this is very exciting!
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    Evert reacted to General Vivi in Mapcore X Prodeus Winners Announced!   
    Judges for Mapcore X2 Prodeus
    - GeneralVivi (@generalvivi)
    - KinoFabino (@kinofabino)
    - FPSCarol (@FPSCarol)
    The Prodeus community would like to thank our guest judges for helping us rank this competition. There were a lot of high quality submissions and we were excited to play them all. 
    The winners of Mapcore X2 Prodeus 

    1st place: Paws [ Retail Therapy ]
    P-link: m-MC0iuUs2j6
    - $1,500.00 USD 
    - One year of Humble Choice 
    - Excalibur Shotgun and Gauntlets (skins)
    - Biker Gloves (skin) 
    - Special winners role on the Prodeus Discord

    2nd Place: Grays [ Firebase Kodai ]
    P-link: m-5J9cCzaepH
    - $1000.00 USD 
    - 1 month to Humble Choice 
    - Excalibur Gauntlets + Biker Gloves (skins) 
    - Special winners role on the Prodeus Discord

    3rd Place: Vladd [ Maximum Menace ]
    P-link: m-9yZfaAliyx
    - $500.00 USD 
    - 1 month to Humble Choice 
    - Biker Gloves (skin)
    - Special winners role on the Prodeus Discord

    All of the winners will also be showcased on our Youtube channel, and because we had so many amazing entries, we’ll be showcasing parts of our Staff Picks too. 
    We want to thank the wonderful folks over at Mapcore for hosting this sick competition, and a big ol shoutout to our sponsor Humble Games (who publish Prodeus), for making a large contribution to our prize pool this time around. 
    Looking forward to the next competition already! Maybe will do a coop one with teams allowed? WHO KNOW!? Can't wait, see you then!
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    Evert reacted to leplubodeslapin in Deathloop - New Arkane Lyon's game   
    Deathloop previews started to drop today
    Man that's weird, people are getting their hands on the game and played a few hours on it.
    After so much work, it's a relief. And the previews are actually pretty damn good !!!
    Here are a few for the ones interested in the game :
    and it goes on and on o_o
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    Evert reacted to Tisky in Life is strange sometimes   
    Between 1990 and 1996 i lived in a house together with my family and it was the period of my life that i remember most fondly. 
    We got a Super Nintendo while we lived there and after my mother and step-father broke up and we sold the house life kind of went spiraling downwards. By 2004 My grandmother and grandfather died of cancer, my father had commited suicide and my mother started abusing heavy drugs. 
    All i ever really wanted was to find the same stability and family-life i had as a kid. 
    My kids mother (we were together between 2004 and 2012) destroyed my hope for women but i got two amazing kids out of that relationship. 
    I met a woman through internet after years of terrible dates and extremly low self-esteem. I remember thinking when i first saw her that "she is waaay out of my League". Fast forward and this weekend we moved into a house, on the same street i grew up on. I would never have dreamt of this in a million years and i get all teared up watching my daughters playing Sim City on the SNES mini. 
    Sorry for the rant but i never thought a game i played as a kid could make me feel this way today. 

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    Evert reacted to kleinluka in Corona Virus   
    I'm closing this thread as it has outlived its initial usefulness and has been reduced to mostly personal attacks and misinformation, neither of which have a place on Mapcore.
    If any mods disagree with my decision feel free to open up a discussion in the Staff section of the forum.
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    Evert reacted to Pericolos0 in Corona Virus   
    This sounds insane and would be huge news if true. all I can find about it is a comment taken out of context and spun into fearmongering by conservative pundits (of course).
    Might be worth reassessing where you get your "news"
    EDIT: also, please don't derail the thread with conspiracy stuff guys. There's EOT for that 
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    Evert reacted to Radu in Steam Deck   
    I'm not even planning to reserve it, but

    If this is too new, how far into the future do new-new people get to reserve?

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    Evert reacted to FMPONE in Steam Deck   
    Owned, newbie
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    Evert got a reaction from Radu in Steam Deck   
    Ill buy this and plug in my steam controller. Nice to not have to rely on a the breath of the wild or Mario odyssey.
    Always wanted a game gear 2.
    forgot about my steam machine, sorry, I use it all the time
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    Evert got a reaction from Minos in Steam Deck   
    Ill buy this and plug in my steam controller. Nice to not have to rely on a the breath of the wild or Mario odyssey.
    Always wanted a game gear 2.
    forgot about my steam machine, sorry, I use it all the time
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    Evert reacted to -HP- in Unreal Engine 5   
    Not yet... they really need to study what valve did with the in-editor modeling and UV'ing tools of source2. UE4 modeling system (Brush editor) is still too primitive and clunky.
    They need to sit down with people that actually make games, and ask them how their workflow is, and act on it. All of what we see up there on that video is absolutely fantastic, and it's one step closer to a one shop application for game development (the animation stuff is amazing, for instance) but they really need to work on their brush editing mode too, it'd give the chance for people who find Maya, Max or Blender still too daunting to delve into, the ability to at least do some modeling in UE5, and actually be shippable, not just treated as a function to blockout temp geo.
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    Evert reacted to -HP- in (Source 2) Porto - Portugal   
    I wanted to document my lighting process, so I recorded myself doing that night scene. It's sorta long (3.5 hours) but I hope it helps someone. Plus, it's free so you can't say uncle HP has never done anything for you
    I actually learned a lot making this. One thing is to never narrate these things at 1am, I was a bit too whispery.
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    Evert reacted to -HP- in (Source 2) Porto - Portugal   
    Hey guys,
    Finally got around to make a short breakdown of the Source 2 scene I made a while ago. I made sure I took a few WIP screenshots as I worked on it, so I could do a thorough breakdown later on, so here you have it.
    This engine is really fun to work with, you can model nearly everything in editor, just like you could back in the BSP era, I really hope to see more engines (specifically Unity/Unreal) follow suit, as removing the need to use so many third party apps from your workflow really makes making maps a lot more fun.
    (Had to divide it into two parts, as ArtStation limits the amount of characters per post.)

    Steam workshop download link:

    Steam workshop Night Version download link:

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    Evert reacted to dux in The random model thread!   
    Dumbass continues to learn Blender.

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    Evert reacted to Minos in Spanish Town - Unreal 4 VR Environment + Tutorial   
    Another weekend, another update
    I just finished recording a "crash course" on making textures, by using a combination of Substance Designer, Photoshop and Zbrush. I start from zero and assume that you never used SD or Zbrush before, and walk through the tools I use the most. Still a lot of polish to do with these, but I'm digging how graphic they look already

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