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  1. R.I.P. Engineer much love Too many good memories. You will be missed. And for one last good time, I hope you're "stretching" on the other side. R.I.P.
  2. Spelly we talked about this alittle before you left so i don't have a whole lot to say, but you will be missed, i wish you the best of luck on your life adventures. Remembers the core is always here Keep picking those mushrooms! <3 Spellbinder you crazy swede
  3. Watah, I will miss you and it's sad to think you're gone. I wish your family and friends the best, you will be greatly missed by many people all over the world - KD
  4. Why hello there to teh core. It is the kid dyna here to hopefully not get flamed. Firstly I started this to get back into modelling as I haven't done it in 2-3 years. There is much that still needs to be done as you'll see in the pictures; a bunch of the verts from different body panels still need to be welded together and still haven't added details for door panels or smoothed out the front grill so some of the smoothing shading groups need to be changed, etc so it looks alittle bland. I finally got it to a point tho where I felt like I might not be douched by "oh thatz ghey" comments. *crosses fingers* here she be! I'll continue to post as I get the detail work added etc. Please only CC and comments please as I haven't modelled in acouple years <3 u core~ max: - Wheels are place holders - Verts need to be played with - Smoothing groups need work - Needs more cowbell
  5. Odd sizing for images 1024x576 almost like the bottom of a 1024x768 screen got chopped off to hide a 3dmark bar that was at the bottom of the screen
  6. <3 gun running and scoped colts mmmmmm!
  7. i love the arch way with the double pane glass, something about that shot is sexified. great work
  8. dissonance that looks awesome, i'm looking forward to the rest of it. also agree with polaris, that'd be really neat to see the buildings that high, would create a fun player experience to feel so daunted by the tall buildings
  9. perhaps you should apply fetter fetter fetter head.
  10. my 350 gets 10 in town and 12 on highway with exhaust cut offs off, it's also running alittle rich.
  11. jesus sonic welcome to 2005 learn how to resize your photo.
  12. KidDynamite

    Fallen Angels

    pretty cool, just curious, where did you connect the wings to always wondered, got any pictures of the back? <3
  13. lets all get shot guns and go kill some zombies.
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