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Status Updates posted by Thrik

  1. Might be a blip of downtime this weekend as I apply some forum maintenance updates, which will bring various tweaks and bug fixes.


  3. Alr8 laddos, forum will shortly be unavailable for (hopefully) a small amount of time. Need to do some behind-the-scenes magix.

    1. Vaya


      currently getting


      You don't have permission to access / on this server.

      When I try to access via mapcore.org. any other link is fine

    2. Thrik


      Doh. I just need to make that redirect to the www version.

  4. Excellent cover photo

    1. Sprony


      Thank you! Do you think people will notice I'm a fan of Arnold?

  5. Gentlemen. There might be a short blip tomorrow evening (UK) while I run some tasks to fix a few things. :oops:

  6. The article sidebar has been temporarily hidden so that I can fix the underlying issue this evening. For now, articles remain available via the top menu!

  7. I'm aware of the issues with errors when loading pages, it's related to our article code. Working on a fix this morning.

  8. This forum update has taken 10 years off my life. Lots more to tweak and fix tomorrow though. Thanks for the patience everyone!

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    2. jackophant


      Having said that... It enters a responsive state when using half the width of a 24 inch, 1920x1200p (16:10) monitor, so i guess ill always be browsing this way from now on :(

    3. Seldoon182


      I've got a request:

      - Take some sleep !


    4. oxygencube


      Thanks for the hard work. Square avatars plz? 

  9. Preparing to set us up the bomb this evening

  10. Updated my poor neglected old fan site http://www.grimfandango.net/

    1. Sprony


      Good for you man. Enjoy the remaster!

  11. Frantically trying to get a repeatedly procrastinated web project done for launch on Tuesday. Why do I do this to myself? :(

    1. Sprony



  12. My god is moving forums a pain when they get this big. Time for bed — at 2am!

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    2. Sigma


      I got the forum offline message of death last night. Glad to see the migration went well!

    3. Furyo


      Thanks for your hard work Ryan :)

    4. D3ads


      Cheers Thriky.

  13. Aware the chat room is down, it relies on a server that isn't responding. It's being looked into (slowed down by the holidays) and will hopefully be back soon.

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    2. Sjonsson


      Oh I just saw this status update, sorry I sent you a PM about this :<

      You guys are doing a helluva good non-profit jobs, so no complaints here, keep it up! =)

    3. Thrik


      Ah, no problem. Thanks. :D Just to update you all, I've been bouncing between the server hosts and the forum developers because it seems there's some weird DNS/networking issue preventing the chat from working — or rather, preventing the glorious MapCore server from communicating with the chat shit. If it carries on much longer I might just look into trying to implement Mibbit to connect to IRC instead.

    4. Sjonsson


      Aah I see, sounds a bit complicated to me. Mibbit would be cool, especially if we could have additional tabs and join multiple channels! ;)

  14. Back in business with an internet connection. No prizes for guessing what I'm doing next.

  15. Day four of no internet at home. Slowly losing grip on reality. Everything seems so static, so colourless. My connection with the world, I feel it fading.

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    2. Thrik


      lol. Think I'll be close to that within days. D:

    3. Sprony


      Nice, where do you live ;)

    4. knj



      but srsly dude, have you mobile internet ? Make your phone as a router and use that bitch, just to have at least some basic www shit :v

  16. Time to go out and get sozzled. Hope I remember to eat my kebab rather than leave it next to my front door this time!

  17. Shit, car crash outside my apartment. The impact was incredibly loud, and the horn just kept going GTA-style for like five minutes... https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/37346336/car-crash.jpg

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    2. PogoP


      Wow man was everybody ok?

    3. Thrik


      I think so, nobody was crying at least. :s

    4. Hipshot


      Attractive vista from your balcony...

  18. Well, that's that. Just gave my employer my notice following weeks of deliberation, interviews, and stress. Now ready to start a new chapter of my life! Oh, and spend more time on MapCore. xD

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    2. Pampers


      Fulltime Vine production from now on.

    3. knj


      Better times ahead of you ! good luck ! :)

    4. AlexM


      Nice, another homebound mapcorian :D

      To better times!

  19. Ach mein gott, finally sorted out a new apartment to move into next month. That's one big weight off my shoulders!

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    2. esspho


      Herzlichen Glückwunsch! I got a new apartment today too.

    3. selmitto


      Great to know!:)

    4. Sprony


      Happy for you dude! This is news you really needed. But the big questions that remains is: When's the housewarming party?

  20. Ah, for fucks sake. Apartment I was looking forward to moving into was snapped up by some bummer an hour or so before me. Back to the drawing board...!

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    2. Sentura


      I just moved into a new apartment, and holy damn now I remembered why I don't like moving. Stay with your penthouse mang, there's other fish in the sea that you can share it with ;)

    3. selmitto


      I've been looking for a place to move since I started my new job, and it hasn't been easy!

      I will have to spend a lot more cash than I do nowadays, but I hope that it's worth it because at least I'd have some time to do my projects and pimp up my portfolio...!

    4. blackdog


      I thought you were set and you posted pics... maybe i'm starting to confuse users

  21. Saw a shitload of pizzas being delivered to Crytek UK on my way home this evening. I guess it's crunch time. xD

    1. KoKo5oVaR


      Big studios management team : Guys we have money for one year, let's make it 7 months, and increase the pizza budget *laughs*

    2. e-freak


      or they just hit a milestone and got a little party?

    3. Thrik


      Maybe, was like 7pm though. Happy for them if they have, though. :D

  22. You can add a real name to your profile now if you want. Might use it (plus the job/employer info) for some kind of auto-generated census page at some point...

  23. Nooooo! I can handle the sniffles, sore throat, headaches, and blocked sinuses... but not losing my sense of smell!! :(

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    2. blackdog


      Bow your head over a large pot of boiling water, covering your head and the pot with a towel, so that you breathe all that steam. That will help a lot in unclogging your nose, if it's not bad 3-4 times and you're ok.

      Otherwise you can try a spirit, one time my uncle gave me a shot of what in Italy we call grappa (this one was the green - so herbs infused)... 30 secs later i was pouring snot like a fountain.

    3. cincinnati


      take a deep breath in...pinch your nose and hold your breath...put your chin to your chest...still holding it....then, over the course of three seconds, move your head so that you're looking at the ceiling...still holding it...then back down to your chest over the course of three seconds...repeat until you can't stand to hold your breath one second more. this fools your brain into thinking you can't breathe and it will stop sending blood to your nose, reducing swelling. works for...

    4. Thrik


      Thanks for the tips guys! I went ahead and tried the boiling water and towel blackdog, worked very well... although I used tea, haha. xD That sounds crazy cincinnati but I'll give that a try when I'm at work tomorrow and can't use towels, lol.

  24. No trolleys or baskets in the supermarket. After hours of Grand Theft Auto 5 I had to fight the urge to nut someone and jack their wheels.

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    2. Thrik


      It isn't THAT different from GTA4, though. Part of me wishes I'd never played GTA4, because coming straight from San Andreas to GTA5 would have blown my mind. A lot of the stuff GTA4 introduced has been improved for GTA5, but there's not much new sandbox stuff on the streets to play around with.

    3. Buddy


      Yeah, more of the same is my main problem I guess. And no, havent tried online yet!

    4. Sprony


      You know I've put a lot of hours into GTA and I understand where everybody is coming from. It isn't flawless but honestly, this GTA has some of the best missions I've come across in games ever. There's just so much awesomeness everywhere that the little things stay exactly that....little.

  25. Hopefully things will be a bit snappier for non-EU MapCorians. Now using a CDN (i.e. US users get images, etc from US servers, etc).

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