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    [CS:GO] Ravine (wingman)

    Hi all! I started this one way back in 2018 and have been working on it on the side to keep me cool from all the desert maps I've been making lately . The map is set in snowed in castle connecting two sides of a river. Layout: More screenshots: Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2257823084 Credits: Additional LD - @Quotingmc Additional props - @Quadratic
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    It took a while to figure out how to do it, but I actually managed to port a few of the models from Half Life: Alyx to CS:GO! (including it's skin variants) My new lockdown project as of a week ago is to attempt to port as many of these beautiful high quality models/textures to Source 1 for other mappers to use. It's surprisingly fun to do, though each model presents a different challenge of what needs to be fixed to get it to work. Plus trying to recreate the Source 2 shaders in Source 1 is quite difficult. But I'll keep on working at it! I like a challenge, and this is fun!
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    Hi everyone! It's a pleasure to finally make this update! AK47 Type 3 is a personal project and at the same time a benchmark that I've set for myself to beat in the following works! Check it out on artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ba2ERv
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    Sounds like Gabe is pushing to relocate Valve to New Zealand, or at least part of it. By the sound of it, seems like a long-term but temporary solution because of COVID, as “work from home is causing depressed productivity”. Also, in entirely Valve fashion, they might just make a new VR headset “because Index can’t keep up with demand” Gosh, personally I’d jump on the occasion before Gabe could finish the sentence, I’ve always wanted to see NZ and considered moving there as well, but could never find a job I could apply for from outside, and I felt it was too far of country to go and do what I’ve done moving to the UK, starting anew and from the literal bottom.
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    Pretty much in the last stretch now, managed to do some good work on it through the autumn break but still falling just short of what I'd confidently call the RC1. Finally got lighting figured out a bit though, and swapped out all the dynamic models for static ones - so better shadows and no more seams. Got nearly all the textures' colour and brightness normalized, and improved the meshes on all the custom props with much increased polycount as well as adding some more details while I was at it. Most of the map's detailing up till now had been done with - well - at lack of a beter phrase; hammer sensibilities. I should clarify that I have little if any real modelling experience, and rather have mostly just limited myself to working within the source sdk itself. This has caused some quirks in my work, such as that I (with very few exceptions) only create lines at relatively specific angles, as well as that I tend to be pretty conservative with my brushwork - well, conservative compared to someone using modelling software, but pretty liberal by hammer standards. On this map though, I hit the block and waterindice limit right before I intended to upload the first public version on here, so I had to start using propper to get that back down. Since that pretty much completely removed my constraints, I've been able to add much more detail than originally planned, which is kind of a monkey's paw since I'd hoped to be done with it much sooner. What was I getting at again? Oh right - so the point is that even though I'd converted most of the map details into props, they were still designed with ''how do I make this out of as few blocks as possible'' in mind, which means very large and often very elongated polygons. So, yea, I've subdivided them and tried to equalize the polygon size a bit, which has improved the lighting a lot. I've also culled some of what I considered redundant areas - in effect about half of the wing & parallel halls, since they were all just copies of oneanother. Some of the doors in the east hall are open now though, and the stairwell is fully usable now, too. Not very well detailed, mind you, but it's very hard to find references for it, nevermind create some acceptable textures.
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    Mafia Trilogy

    Just finished it, good game, had fun! I felt the ending came up a little rough and bumpy compared to how smooth the rest of the story went. But now I need to go finish Mafia 2 again.
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    I love me some Quake!

    You guys should deffo try Arcane Dimensions if you haven't already http://www.simonoc.com/pages/design/sp/ad.htm
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    Metro: Exodus

    So... a few years late to the party, but I finally got around to play the first two Metro games, before playing Exodus. I don't know why I didn't play them back then, it's right up my alley in almost every single way. I think it could be the oppressing rundown metro tunnels theme, I remember thinking a game can't stay fresh throughout on this one claustrophobic theme, and never ended up picking it up. Now, with the Xbox Game Pass, both Metro 2033 and Last light Redux versions are there, I thought why not take them for a spin and I'm completely hooked. Finished 2033 in a few days, and I'm now nearly done with Last Light. 2033 is a serious macho survival shooter, I loved every second of it, even the clunky mechanics add to the charm of this game. For Last Light they really upped the ante in so many ways, the art is way less busy, the lighting actually looks good and volumetric and for such an old game it still managed to impress me. The gameplay is a lot more action oriented than 2033, they lost most of that survival element in exchange for more combat, and there's waaay more ammo, health packs and filters than the original (Played both on hardcore difficulty, with a xbox controller, that's right motherfuckers) but I have to admit it's a more smoother experience for sure. I'm savoring my time with Last Light now, dope ass game complete with a lap dance section. I can't wait to try Exodus. So, if you're reading this and you never played 2033/Last Light, deffo give the Redux versions a try, it might still surprise you as it did surprise me.
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    Frostbite - Danger Zone

    Frostbite Update 3 We could finally update frostbite today with an update that has been long in the works, but was delayed due to the wingman contest. It is now finally out and it’s a big one! We addressed a lot of the feedback from the start that everything looks a bit too similar, therefore we redesigned parts of the map with new buildings and structures that better fit into the environment. Additionally, we fixed tons a small issues and improved gameplay with more cover in open areas and finally fixed the drones on the workshop version of the map! I would say the map is now in a state, we had originally intended it to be in. There are some issues on the current version we are aware of, but please feel free to share everything you find here. Patch notes: [General] - Made rock and cliff collision models more accurate - Tweaked map boundary rock formations and clipping - Added rocks and fences to some areas to break up open spaces with no cover - Reworked several buildings around the ski slope to be more unique based on feedback - Fixed strange z-fighting issue with some of the cabin buildings on nonstandard resolutions - Adjusted weapon crate spawn locations in some areas of the map and added more to others - Improved visual look and feel of various areas [Cove] - Slightly rotated turret hut [Tunnels] - Adjusted func_tablet_blocker under ladder entrances [Village] - Adjusted fence to allow entrance from the ski slope - Made the snow on the roofs fluffy and smooth to walk on [Shack] - Added ladder to reach balcony [Radar] - Added stairs for better movement [Misc] - Drones now work in the Workshop version of the map - Player controlled drones are now stopped at the map boundaries - Raised some fences that were buried in snow - Added some trees all across the map - Adjusted prop fade distance on some props - Various minor fixes to misaligned props - Connected more of the map to the power grid Pictures of some of the new buildings:
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    The Steam Sale Thread

    I think this applies to a lot of folks here
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    New Zealand actually has leadership and some form of stability in the country. America has neither. Go go gabe.
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    depends on where you are in a project as well
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    Fallout 4

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    Fallout 4

    I remember when mods were actually released
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    Self motivation is a lot easier if there's a smattering of fear that a colleague might walk in to your office at any moment. I would think Valve's model would be more susceptible to the common problems of WFH, because they don't have such a rigid hierarchy enforcing deadlines and guiding development. Edit: I also wonder if Valve's model only works well when there's a big exciting project on the go. Even if there is something big like L4D3 or Alyx2 in the pipeline I feel like it would be difficult to maintain excitement when it's kept secret and you know all of your fanbase are only seeing boring steam updates or something. And if you're not excited by your work, self-motivation becomes that much more difficult.
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    Console Warz, 2020

    There's a chance I might get both this time.
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    PlayStation 5 Reveal

    A bit of a shame they havent fixed the whole library thing. If a console wants to go digital only, which they evidently both do. They need to change how they display games that you have bought, not just showing installed games in a linear list with all bought games hidden away in a thing somewhere. Games library > social apps etc
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    Since the wingman contest has ended I've been working on a new greybox of cs_sapper, a hostage map loosely based around the city of Bo, Sierra Leone. This is now the 9th iteration of the map layout since July. I've learned my lessons from the judge's feedback on de_dozen and from previous attempts at brushing out this map, so the focus is on layout and gameplay this time around. I don't expect any of this to remain exactly as it is, but here's where it's at currently: Full album here: https://imgur.com/a/TNKtgTH This version is way too rough to consider playtesting at this point, but if you feel like taking a run through, the current build is available here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2259031029
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    The Steam Sale Thread

    Agreed, I have a category in steam called "Completed not finished" for games that im done with but i didnt 100% or finish a full campaign of. As soon as a game is bought it goes in my favorites so its at the top, when that list is too long I don't buy anything. When im done with the game it gets categorized and removed from favorites.
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    The Steam Sale Thread

    Seriously, how does everyone buy so many games during sales that they forget to play them? Let alone forget you bought them. I know the sales are cheap, but damn!
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    Let's talk VR

    Simple, don't buy an oculus.
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    [CS GO Wingman] Vaccine (WIP)

    Alright the contest results are in and i reached 65th place. (I beat my other wingman map from last wingman contest ) Not bad considering i started detailing in the last month due to spending to much time on models. I learned a lot this contest (mostly about modeling, texturing and creating textures) and i am happy with what i achieved. Now with the feedback i will apply some changes to improve the map as a whole (new detailing overhaul + some layout changes). I congratulate the winners because this contest had so many good entries and some amazing people. Idk if i will be participating in the next contest because it took me a lot of time and i still have a study to finish. (Maybe with a collaboration with someone). My plans for now are finishing Vaccine and after that continue with the rework for Zansort (My Mapcore 2019-2020 contest entry). Also i will focus on improving my model skills and spend some time learning detailing so that Vaccine can become something i can be proud of.
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    Doodlin' some bombsite ideas.
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    Throwing together some new ideas for a 5v5 map i was working on last year
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    It'd be cool if the world could just build a wall around you guys until you get your affairs in order.
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    I think a big reason for it is that, in your portfolio documentation, I didn't see any mention of how the levels evolved or if you tested them with actual players. I want to know what things worked and didn't, if you found solutions, how you moved forward. Saying that you understand something isn't the same as showing it in your actual work/documentation. Here's a cool example by someone from ND: http://www.mikebarclay.co.uk/blocktober-2020/ Taken from the blog post, stuff like this: "The key objective locations changed a lot throughout production as we iterated, made changes to narrative flow and playtested. As players found their way through the space or, as was more common early on, got lost, we would shift pieces of the level around and make adjustments often. The total number of iterations made to a level this size would be in the hundreds, if not thousands, and the end result that you see in game is drastically different to the early drafts of the space." "I moved the domed building (a synagogue) closer into view as I found it really helped the flow of exploration. It was the most commonly visited first location statistically and I used that to gently push players into discovering secondary locations such as the ruins traversal puzzle and guitar store by placing them between the start position and the synagogue." "Spacing between these points of interest was important. As we were iterating on the space we had to make sure the map was evenly populated with things to do, to reduce any sense of “dead” areas. Sometimes a specific location was a great fit for a piece of content and other times we had to shift whole buildings to maintain this spread."
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    Thinking you can live without the consequences of our country’s leadership because you put an ocean in between us and you
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    Hey Radu, Sorry for the late reply been busy with work. I have applied too all sort of company's in the UK, like Ubisoft, firesprite, Sony London, Cloud imperium games, splash games, sumo digital ltd, Creative Assembly, codemasters, climax studios and many more. There were a two that I got invite to the studio and few I fail on the test which is fine helped me improve, while the rest said "unfortunately". The most recent job I applied was Team 6 Game studio pass the level design test and got to the interview stage but they said today unfortunately they are moving on with someone else, they also said this "We can clearly see that you're an incredibly creative person and that you have some great ideas, something we like to see in a Level Designer! At the same time, we also see this as a possible bottleneck. You've mainly worked on your own projects and therefore you haven't build up (much) experience within a professional environment". which for me is due to not having any team members to build a project upon after leaving Uni 2018, and been trying to break into the industry I really want to be apart of. My target company I wanna be apart of is Naughty Dog like that my end goal, that the reason why I meanly did linear single player games, which is what I meanly play aswell. I don't mind doing multiplayer levels as love a new challenge aswell as learning new things. So would it be worth doing a blockout level and then uses one of the SDK to make it fully playable level? Also been thinking of getting dreams and build a level on there aswell. All I been doing is keep pushing forwards until one day someone will take a chance with me, not going to give up!! Thanks Radu for reply back to me
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    Fallout 4

    lol, this looks awesome. The zombies cracked me up xD
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    @Vilham I think you might be focusing too much on the ''independent'' aspect, Valve's workspace - in theory - lacks a rigid authority structure, i.e. noone's just following orders from their so-called manager, because there are no managers. But I'd never interpreted that to mean the majority of them don't rely on collaborative work I think when it's said Valve values independence in their potential hires, it just means when you get into work in the morning you know what you're gonna do today, rather than sitting around waiting for orders. That doesn't necessarily mean you don't walk around to see what everyone else is up to, tune your progress with everyone else working on the same project, etc I'd argue it's doubly difficult for Valve employees to work from home, because in a normal structure the project lead/manager/whatever can be relied upon to act as communication between team members, and keep their work synchronized - whereas without such a designated role every team member would need to keep track of the progress of every element of the project themselves, which I imagine is far more difficult when not in person
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    Working from home can be a slippery slope. Yes, it's more comfortable and you can avoid the commute, but at the same time it creates so many opportunities to fuck up your schedule. There's no pressure to be on time because you just have to get out of bed. And that's a bad thing because work now blends into your off time. There's no buffer or transition period. I've got a room separate than my bedroom that acts as an office, but it's not the same thing. There's been some mornings where I literally woke up 5 minutes before some meetings. Even if you're fairly independent as a person and in your tasks, you can find yourself slowly drifting off course. After the initial 2 month lockdown, I went back to the office and pretty much worked from there the entire summer. And while there were only 3-4 people on my floor, it made a huge difference. Just being able to go outside for a break and have some small talk face to face with people. That's a good opportunity for ideas to flow freely.
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    Gordon aged well! Joking aside, I wouldn't mind playing as an older Gordon, if HL3 is ever released.
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    PlayStation 5 Reveal

    Kinda bummed out that we are not getting PS1/2/3 back compatibility. I was kind of looking forward to having one piece of hardware do it all especially because it should be possible with the amount of processing power it has
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    The Steam Sale Thread

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    [CS:GO] Ravine (wingman)

    this looks great
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    The Steam Sale Thread

    I basically just buy games during the sales, buy 6-8 games, that will last me 3-4 months. Then next sale. Easy. Occasionally buy something outside the sales.
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    General Vivi

    [CS:GO] Ravine (wingman)

    This map is hella gorgeous. VERY NICE WORK.
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    What have you watched recently?

    Recommend "The World at War" narrated by Laurence Olivier.
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    Let's talk VR

    Because he legit loves VR and thinks it's the forefront of something new and fresh. He always had boner for the link of hardware and software, improving latency between the two and VR still has a lot of uncharted territory. That and I'm sure they're paying him butloads...
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    What are you playing now?

    November 2020 is packed with them vidja gamez!
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    The cost of games

    Amazon cancels / interrupts support for Crucible, the game that tried to offer ALL the game modes from the most popular eSports… the writing was on the wall on this one https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/10/10/amazons-crucible-wont-be-coming-back/ https://www.wired.com/story/amazon-wants-to-win-at-games-so-why-hasnt-it/
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    I love me some Quake!

    Quake in 2020, WAT!
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    [CS:GO] de_fallow

    Nice to see you on mapcore Hope you're doing good
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    Mafia Trilogy

    The rainy farm bit was good fun. The tommy gun makes this game absolute EZ MODE. Which is fine though, I enjoy spraying bullets.
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    "Get to the choppa!" A man is being held hostage in his mansion located in the Swedish skerries. Secure him and bring him to one of the TWO rescue zones to call in the chopper. Keep the landing zone clear and extract the hostage! Made for the 2020 Source Engine Discord Wingman Contest TEAM Fnugz | Gameplay MadsenFK | Art Andi | Models SHOUTOUTS Yanzl | Mapping hotline ZooL | Grand vscript wizard Terri | The People of Mapcore. Additional Credits Yanzl | Making and sharing the majority of the assets used Skybex | A few assets WORKSHOP LINK MOOD BOARD
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    [CSGO] Engage

    Hello all! This post is a little late on Mapcore because I have been moving and working on other projects also but I still wanted to share the release of Engage with the Mapcorians for who missed the release on the workshop. Two years ago BubkeZ and RZL came to me and asked if I wanted to work with them on a layout BubkeZ created in 2010 for CS 1.6 called de_engage and obviously I said yes. The three of us then started to look at this old layout and discussed what needed to change to make it viable for CS:GO and improve on the original design. RZL then made the first blockout with all the changes we discussed and handed the greybox level to me and I took it from there. The result: ENGAGE WORKSHOP PAGE
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    [Wingman] Paro

    Got this done just in the nick of time. I guess this is the rough draft, since the map contains basically no detail as it is. But it was a fun project and worth the crunch. Pics below: Thanks @Roald for making such a cool graybox. And good luck to everyone in the contest!
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    Quake is one of those games that keeps me coming back for a few months every year or so, and I'm always astonished by the quality content people put out for it. I've been mapping for it since it first released, but with very little to show for it publicly aside from the odd speed-map release here and there. I have a HDD full of scraps and half-finished levels which I want to release as an episode one day if I have time to piece it all together. Here's some pictures of the obligatory first base map. Do you map for it?
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    [Help] CSGO Soundscape Issues

    Solved! thanks to everyone on the discord channel. Soundscapes must now be setup as a soundscapes_mapname.txt file and placed in the scripts folder. Example soundscapes_de_distillery.txt Your level will automagically reach this file now.
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    The random model thread!

    Decided to fidget with Blender. My first 3D model in more than a decade, the DAC I use.
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