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    I haven't posted any of my work here in.. ages. Here are some scenes I worked on in 2018 and some of this year: (Unity) Underground station (Unity) Winter Lake House for VRChat
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    Ayo people, I've been making these 3 wingman projects since late last year so I thought I'd make this topic with them all included. Any kind of feedback is of course appreciated. Morocco ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set in Morocco after the events of Dust 2 Imgur Album Size: Large ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Luxury aka "the Yanzl art project" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set in a modern house somewhere in the hills of Los Angeles Imgur Album Size: Medium ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Delta ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set in a bunker/base in the snowy cold mountains of i dont know yet Not much has been made on this one yet, so these are the only two screenshots I'll share Size: Medium / Small ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's see if I can finish atleast 1...
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    Citadel (WIP)(GreyBox)

    Added a (temporary) overview for my map for an upcomming playtest.
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    Few more pics - included hammer shot to show stuff behind trailers since it was a cordon compile. RaVaGe - mountains will receive more work - right now, focusing on the main map, then the 3d sky. Thanks for feedback all!
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    Resistance is a temporary name for my new bomb defusal map set in a old industrail city somewhere in east europe (maybe poland). One half of the map exist of old buildings and the other part of a more industrial area next to the city dock. The area is highly secured with barber wires, walls and camera's. The story is about the country being occupied and a group of resistance are secretly transporting weapons and such to this compound ready to strike back. However the occupiers got intel of the resistance location trying to infiltrate and blow up their compound. Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1645132160 B bomsite: Midle A bombsite: A-B connector and boost/peek to midle Overview: So for this map I used a whole different workflow then I am used to. I was building a litle scene at night time to experiment with that and kind of created a bombsite out of it. Then I just decided to go freestyle and work from one area to another area without having any idea what the layout will become like. It was really great to logically connect one area to another but to see the whole picture and how it would all fit together was kind of a hell. However I succeeded to great a whole piece out of it and hope people can have a look and provide me with feedback. Please note that most of A site and T spawn lack of details and I have done almost no optimisation.
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    Crafter Soniusz

    [Wingman] Villas

    This place is very empty, also you should make these doors available to open. Except this, map is really cool! I would like to see it as an official map in csgo actually. I hope valve will make operation this year and add some wingman maps from workshop.
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    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    A few weeks ago i started a new defuse map with a desert/arabic fortress theme, using mostly custom materials made by me from pictures taken by me or from textures.com, then adjusted in phostoshop, gimp and bitmaptomaterial. The map has two levels. I'm using custom 4way blend materials and i really love them, they give me so much freedom. I'm not rushing to finish it. I hope to be able to test it in a few weeks. Below are some screenshots.
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    [Wingman] Villas

    Hello everyone, I tried to make a wingman map. This is my first map. The map is located in Istanbul. There's no radar. I am working on it. Can you review my map? workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1592086198
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    I ♡ The 1950's


    I'll bet it's just the same author who published it there who's now posting it here. But that's just a guess. It's a nice map!
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    hope you get it sorted mike. map is always retrievable if it's on the workshop, small comfort just now I know
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Got to do a level design work test where I had to create a TPS level using cave assets and stuff. A million things I want to iterate on but deadlines are a thing.
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    [CS:GO] Metro

    nice, will pimp it asap
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    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    Cool idea. But instead of a hole in the floor I would go for something like in the picture below (not the best reference though). Make a catwalk following the outside wall and the wall with the paintings (edited picture above), this way the walls where grenades are most likely to hit will be clean and free and it eliminate the chance of grenades getting stuck on the upper floor. I think it also makes more sense thematically
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    My first UT map and first post on mapcore! Decided to challenge myself and create a playable map with my own level design and art. huge fan of UT, Quake, and FPS in general and just get knowledge in the new field for me would be a great plus for sure. First of all, I want to say HUGE THANKS to all Level Designers who share their knowledge. You are the best! So, I decided to create an open and symmetrical map just because it's easier for the first map and I got inspired with the layout from Call of Duty maps where they are mostly symmetrical, have 3 main roads with the main chokepoint in the middle, like the main battle arena, and a couple on the side. My main idea was - there must be an arena in the middle where should be the main chokepoint with "quad damage" This is my "dirty layouts": From this "idea Sketch", I decided to stick only with the background next iteration: • the ∞ iteration after weeks of playtesting • I changed quite a lot - introduce height in the level and started to prototype meshes and terrain • the ∞+1 iteration after weeks of playtesting • This is my last iteration after some playtesting with bots and friends. Gameplay video https://youtu.be/0FT-RfjQZ_A I think my blockout is finished and I can start the whitebox stage. I'm fully open for feedback and new information about level design! Cheers!
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    The random model thread!

    I didn't finish the label, but I recreated a pill bottle that was sitting on my desk. Modeled with blender, textured with GIMP.
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    The random model thread!

    Its a great feeling when getting your first 3d model into a game engine... well done @kek9z
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    [CSGO] de_mineshaft

    Hey guys. This is a demolition map I made. My goal wasn't to make a competitively viable map, but rather a fun and unique map, with many ways to play it. The terrorists spawn at the top of a cliff, and the CT's at the bottom. The site itself is located just below the cliff, with high walls surrounding it. The walls are filled with things to jump on, meaning that the Terrorists can do a bit of parkour for a shortcut. This makes the map play extremely vertically, and makes for a very unique game. However, behind the walls of the cliff are a series of caves, that play more typically. Fight your way to the bottom for a covered route to site, or take a turn along the way to peak a window with direct view onto site. The map looks complex at first (which isn't helped by the 3 levelled radar), but becomes intuitive the more you play it. The map is currently in greybox, so I'm looking for gameplay feedback. The level was not designed for competitive play, but to be more fun, but also balanced. There are plenty of angles, boosts and jumps that may be considered OP in your average de_ map. I think it makes the level unique, and every round plays out very differently (unless your playing with bots, who rush one of two routes each time as they can't perform complex jumps). This is also my first map I've ever made, besides a bad layout I made in 2015. This project alone has taken me a bit over a two months, however a lot of this was learning the editor from videos from TopHattWaffle and 3kliksphilip (who initially inspired me to map). Inspiration of this map came to me when I was thinking about drawings my friends and I did when we were 8 or so. We would draw a big cliff, with things poking out, with stick figures shooting each other from different angles. I thought it would make for an interesting map. Radar (Confusing af): Lower Middle Upper Site Lower Tunnel Upper Tunnel CT Side T Side Crane Load CT Spawn (Bad deco) T Spawn Observation Lobby Upper Tunnel Site Ramp Workshop
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    El Moroes

    Random Photo Thread

    So the pictures are coming...slowly
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    El Moroes

    Random Photo Thread

    Lyon (FR) in an early September morning
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    [Wingman] Station

    I walked around the map and it really seems to be great fun. The big pillar is well placed and the height variations are very very interesting! I definitely want to test this map in a 2v2 scenario!
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    I think this is what blackdoggo means:
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    It's difficult to tell without a player model for reference, but your scales look a bit funny, and not just in a 1.6 way. If that tiny little door at the back is big enough for a player to walk through, everything else is going to feel giant. Either way, it's giving me nostalgic feels, so good work!
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    This is what the second bombsite looks like now: This room is inspired by cs_thunder's hostage room. The major difference between that room and this bombsite is the scale: my bombsite is much smaller, and not as high as cs_thunder's hostage room. What's left for me to do now is connect this bombsite with the rest of the map, which includes making the spawn locations.
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    More graffiti, waiting to finish off this wall until I know that the door placement and stairs is where going to work or not.
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    ​It's important to keep in mind which curves and part of the map are supposed to block visibility. This is on radiant, pink is the equivalent of nodraw for the Quake 3 engine. Without the brush highlighted in blue, the room a might be rendered from the room b, and vice-versa. Adding other brushes to fit the curve more closely is completely pointless in this case, only 1 brush is really needed. It's easier to think about sightlines, which part of the map can you see from somewhere, etc. Almost all of your map should be either func_detail or nodraw/sky brushes. Textured brushes are for big/cube-shaped/straight buildings only.