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    What's going on with your life?

    Found out today I passed the Florida Bar Exam
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    General Vivi


    Yup! Fully funded! Thanks everyone :D!
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    Congrats! Nobody's gonna mess with this community from now on. We've got ourselves an attorney!
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    So I have been working constantly on this map, organising many competetive playtests itterating the layout untill this point. The testers really enjoyed playing this and I am happy myself with the layout as it is. I decided to leave it for what it is and find a Envrioment Artist to roll up his sleeves and make something beautifull out of this. However any gameplay related feedback is still welcome ofcourse! New workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1710165868
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    I think its one of those cases where being too faithful to a reference hurts the final product, it’s waaay off the left field for people not to notice and criticise. It just looks dangerous, as in I can’t see how people wouldn’t get their foot stuck in there, so it’s not inviting to be used. I mean, in real life is not meant to be used, so the natural reaction in game is to stay away as well. You can achieve the same intended effect of metal noise by using metal grills such as this heavy duty stuff used in building sites as well as public installations (catwalks leading to natural beauty spots for eg) https://images.app.goo.gl/hyKEcqySkpkrUotx7 I would convert the left side to a concrete ramp (or wooden! if the map represents a site in early development). Or make a fully finished concrete set of stairs, but one side has wooden board on it to make a ramp. A ramp would make a lot of sense for moving heavy building materials up and down the height difference, and would be accessible if the final site is intended for public use (not moving goods). Ultimately I think would look more logic/organic. ~ I’d like to see this in context, as in: I’m a bit sceptical that such small positioning difference is so advantageous for one team or the other, it sounds wrong. Not that it’s a bad idea to differentiate peek spots, but the closest example I can think is underpass on Santorini and the two angles are separated by a wall and there’s an accentuated difference in the way you walk up to the spot that makes sense. If there has to be a clearly more advantageous way to peek, than I argue that you should have a clearly different variant (like forking the path to go indoor and come out from a window/door or you peek from a platform which you would have had to choose to get up to before getting here)
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    Before and after for some stairs leading from T-spawn to a main area of conflict. The idea between the two separate stairs is that the farther side is more advantageous for Ts to peak with, but makes more noise when running, while the concrete side is quieter but gives the cts the advantage when peaking. The right side was originally a bunch of metal grate textures and basic geometry, with a low res brick filling beneath. I managed to find a comprehensive guide on how concrete stairs are actually made and got around to reworking the right side as metal rebar used to reinforce the eventual concrete, with a plywood base. The rebar work was left unfinished as to explain why one side was already pored and set, while the other was still exposed.
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    [CS:GO] Golden

    Golden is a 5 vs 5 competitive defusal map. I've been working on it since mid 2017 but with a 8 month break until August 2018 when I decided to pick it up again. The goal was initially to compete in the 2017 mapcore competition but I underestimated the time and effort it took to finish the project. The map is inspired by the older parts of Stockholm, Sweden. An unknown terrorist cell has executed an attack in the heart of the city. Their objective is to create chaos in the normally modest and safe capital. The Counter Terrorist unit called GIGN from France has reinforced the district since the national police force is inadequate and is struggling to handle the situation. Be sure to enjoy the level and I appreciate all the feedback and comments I can get! Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1716064469
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    What's going on with your life?

    I want to be this one
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    [CS:GO] dz_junglity (Danger Zone)

    Great theme, and it's good to see people mapping for Dangerzone! To be honest I watched the trailer at double speed because ain't nobody got time to watch 3 minutes of trees and grass set to that saccharine soundtrack. If the seagull sound is part of the ingame soundscape, I would suggest lowering the volume considerably because that's going to block important gameplay sounds. You may also need to diversify a bit more between areas of the map so that players always have a quick point of reference to figure out where they are. All in all, liking what I see so far.
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    [CS:GO] dz_junglity (Danger Zone)

    Hey, I'm working alone on one of the biggest projects in my life! I'm trying to make danger zone map. I want to show you some my work! My idea is tropical style, I haven't seen similar style in CS:GO yet. On the map you will be able to explore a lot of regions: beaches, tropical villages, bamboo platform, cliffs, and planning also some caves and more! I realize, that there probably will be a lot of bugs, because It's very hard to make huge danger zone map without bugs, so I'm really looking for testers, if someone is interested in, just invite me on steam. Models and textures some are self-made, and some I Have bought on sites with models Here's some screenshots from some map regions PS: I don't know if Valve support this mode already, but I love making open worlds! and I wanted to try myself.
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    I can't judge a game by looking at cutscenes.
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    Joker (Joaquin Phoenix)

    First teaser of the spin-off clown prince movie that should start DC’s new strategy of doing Elseworlds stories and see what sticks
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    Wolfenstein Young Blood

    I thought there was a topic since the announcement was a year ago, but can’t find it. This games will be the first Wolfenstein put us in the boots of someone else other than BJ: the two daughters he has, that take over the nazi-killing duties whilst he’s missing. So here they are, old announcement teaser and recent trailers: It’s out in late July and will enable for a co-op experience, there’s even a “buddy pass” in the deluxe edition, to allow players to play with a friend that doesn’t own the game.
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    Yeah it's honestly not too much like Dark Souls.. It seems to be much more boss/mini-boss oriented. Obviously DS/BB had big boss fights, but nowhere near the amount and density that Sekiro has. It's really good fun. I think the combat is better tbh, it's more about parrying than dodging/blocking.
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    What's going on with your life?

    You joining cooper & norman dude?
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    Hell yes!!!!Congrats :D! It's looking so good!
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    Yeeeeeeeh, congrats! Now go finish the darn thing, I wants to play it!!
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    They appear to generally only do that in public areas where there will be a lot more wear and tear, from what I can tell private and domestic concrete stairs are either made in a mold or with concrete bricks stacked on top of each other, with a mortar finished put on the tops front sides.
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    I still preparing new update to my Crossfire Remake map for CS:GO and i redesigned inside of bunker, improved models textures quality, made new custom textures and re-adjusted Wingman and Custom Deathmatch mod.
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    [CS:GO] Golden

    Thanks alot! I've made several improvements based on community feedback and testing since the release. -Better clipping -Work done to improve shadows and lighting in certain places -Minor details added -Fixed a couple of decals/overlays not showing correctly -Minor bug fixes -Improved overall sound If you find something that doesn't seem right or if you would like to give me additional feedback I would greatly appreciate it!
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    @fewseb Thats cool I never knew they used rebar for stairs
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    [CS:GO] dz_junglity (Danger Zone)

    Looks nice good job
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    De_cache WIP (new version)

    Readability was a huge issue, and also it wasn't easy to get good results with that look everywhere, while it looked nice in some screenshots, it looked quite awful in others. The look didn't have as much legs as a theme in other words, the theme I went with carried over throughout the whole map much better