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    [WIP] Hello Team. Rush B (No name yet xD)

    this is the first prototype of my matchmaking map
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    This map is available to download here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1833955880 Been having some issues with textures etc, but hopefully it should work now, ironically I forgot to change the visibility to friends only which drew a larger crowd than I wanted (I usually upload my wip's and keep it as hidden/friends only for a few days so its buried in the noise) ...thankfully the steamworkshop bots saw that the submission was trending and downvoted it, crazy to see how fast they are!! haha Where did you get that model cuz damn that thing slaps. You might want to break something else big like the bridge or its radars, cuz it looks a little too pristine. @JackT There is a playable version available now, still very wip, but it's at least something... @Interfearance The model originates from another unreleased/unfinished project, I hope that the completed version will look a little bit less pristine, @Ynel Thanks, you can try it out now if you want @JorisCeoen Ah yeah, you are right, never played that game so had to google it @Vanx Thanks, will see how much the carrier affects the performance, I don't think it will be any problems, its rather few polys and very simple geometry (all static)
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    I have had several playtests, the last one was very long ago, but still had the paperlist with feedback laying on my desk and feld like working on it, so here an update: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1836479638
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    [WIP] Bombspot Bitcoin

    The reference image - and what i have made from it. Tweaked a long time to make the pool look as natural as possible. It has reflections (map, sun and 3d skybox) but you can also see through the water (caustics on the tiles:-). Most water shaders dont allow you to see the ground in the distance, thats ok for an ocean or a river. But a pool has to be crystal clear and that was tricky.
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    Its work for my, only on my content. I was make copy CS:GO folder and rename it to "game" (*//common/game/*) and change source folder for my source .qcs and .fbx files to "content" (*//common/content/*) and full recompile all my props. I think, if you want used original content, you must recompile it. Now i have a 2 copy CS:GO games: 1 - clear for play, 2 - for mapping. Then you need make a "*//common/game/csgo/scripts/hammer/spcombinerules.txt" and now you need a stub file in "*//common/game/csgo/scripts/hammer/spcombinerules/qc_templates/example.qc" it eazy file and now, need compile a map with Combine settings in VBSP -StaticPropCombine -StaticPropCombine_AutoCombine -StaticPropCombine_SuggestRules -KeepSources (for checking in hammer) -StaticPropCombine_ColorInstances (for checking after compile in game, it add random color for combined props)
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    Swamp autocombine of props Hi Mapcore! Today, I want to show you, great stuff! I finally figured out the issue of auto-combination of props_static. I have a many props environment, tree, woods construction and others, and all built on a modular system. And I initially wanted that, as a result, they were clustered. But without the final problems and mistake at release.
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    The random model thread!

    After working on my cave scene so much, I decided a few months ago to parry away from environment art permanently, and instead have chosen the VFX route. Below are a couple I have worked through. I am on the fast track for learning Houdini as well.
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    It's not a tower, but rather a small viewpoint overlooking the (non-playable) surroundings, as can be seen in grapen's video.
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    [FC5] Jungle Raid

    Album with an overview of the changes: https://imgur.com/a/hpZmy04 Most notable changes include reworking the camps, two of which have been almost been remade from scratch. I've added more fluid cover inside the camps as well as along the roads and the rice fields. There's a more clearer line of sight towards the camps and enemy patrols have been restricted just for the main road. And you can now find additional weapons placed around the map. Unless you guys notice anything else, I think I'm quite done with this. Ideally, I'd like to add some climbing ropes and maybe a zipline here and there. But I'll be looking to write the documentation and do a clearer presentation via greybox with properly marked enemies, patrols, items etc quick example: Camps + road cover:
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    [WIP] Rumble

    I'm kinda late but... "graybox"
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    The Official Mapcore Anime Fanclubâ„¢

    It's about time we have a place to post anime recommendations, discussions, music, art, etc... it's time to bring out your inner otaku! I'll start with some great music: And a recommendation of a movie I really liked, with character designs by Sadamoto (Evangelion), great backgrounds and a really fun light-hearted family story Recommended for a chill day when you want some good vibes!
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    [WIP] de_durani

    Hello, just getting back into mapping after a few years and just wanted some general ideas and criticism on a project I've been working on for a while off and on. ive torn it apart and reconstructed quite a bit since the original version. Here are the top down maps, one with terrorist routes And shots of t spawn and ct spawn 2 choke points to site A site A I'm still working out b since it is also ct spawn, going to change it, I don't like timings. I will be looking to playtest the rough in soon.
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    ...time has past since the events near Suez Canal at 2046, under the scorching sun on a sea of sand lies the remains of the king-class warship USS Carry. Download here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1833955880 Alpha 4 overview, slightly out of date compared to the Steam Workshop version
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    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    coming soon (valve time )
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    While on the search for a enviorment artist for Resistance I have came up with a new concept de_tracks. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1836479638 Basicly I wanted to create something mechanic. My first idea was to make parts of the layout change when you enable a trigger, but scrapped that idea pretty quickly. But it was no waste, since it brought me these tracks that can be repositioned easyly and bring some cool dynamic to the map and connects parts on a interesting way. I started with this idea on midle and just worked my ways trough the bombsites and spawns in one go and got this concept + itteration in only two days. Its not been tested with actual humans and I am planning on doing that any time soon. I am not sure about the exact theme, but the basics are there. Enjoy! Some usefull nades: https://imgur.com/a/L8uH3Gp midle (from CT window) midle (from below window) Midle from T entrances A site CT spawn B site (from T main path) Trying out something new. This is the T connector from B -> A and since its a very small map I was thinking of removing it but then considered using these sliding doors which make sound and also block a long seightline Thanks for Terri for making my life a litle easier with the auto radar!
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    [WIP] de_brew

    A map based in a beer distillery. I'm making this with Interfearance. No confirmed final layout. The graybox looks pretty nice so far.
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    ITT: Indie Games

    Think the indie that stuck with me the most in recent years was Inside: brilliant 2.5D adventure-platform by the makers of Limbo. Such an unexpected ending I liked Firewatch but I think it loses itself a bit and the tension it builds. On my "coming up next" list I want to play Rime (above), The Witness, Abzu The ones I'm most waiting to be released are: The new game by Hello Games, The Last Campfire Dead Static Drive Beware and our very own Prodeus, first game I ever kickstarted Very eager to find out what gameplay Europa will have @[HP]
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    ITT: Indie Games

    I remember when indie games were really exciting lamest era I can remember for a long, long time
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    Many layout changes based on feedback from the playtest. There's still a lot to do but I thought I'd show you all how it's all going. I am also beginning to make the theme more apparent and making the player feel as if they're playing on a level set underwater, not some boxy rooms with sand outside. But for now it is boxy rooms with boring sand outside Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1783407163&revision=1
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    [WIP] Comuna 13, Medillin (de_Medillin)

    UPDATE!! 1.- Graffiti in honor to a Smoke discovered by Sam Raimi in a playtest. 2.- Bombsite B 3.- Bombsite A 4.- New Cool View (Gondolas)
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    General Vivi

    Prodeus (random dev stuff)

    In order to push myself, I organized Wednesday, Thursday, Friday to be the only days I could work on this new layout, one or two gameplay tweak days, and then next week will be environment art. So far so good. DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3
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    ITT: Indie Games

    I'd love to have a "indie games" discussion thread. Not the "industry" around it, or dramas, just actually discussing a indie game you've played lately. Also, any indie game you played in the past and would like to recommend or any upcoming indie game you might have your eye on. Why you love it, what made you pick it up in the first place, did you finish it, how would you improve it, etc! I guess I'll start, this is ENCODYA, sort of an attempt at the 90's anime style art direction with point n click adventure gameplay, deffo have my eye on this one.
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    Site Changes and Feedback

    Can I have your part of the 9 million? Thanks
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    I also love those ideas, thats why I started this layout to bring in dynamic ideas, but then quickly find out its not going to work and making things hella difficult. (I had moving gondolas at the Avalanche map ) So.. I keep things static which most csgo players prefer and organise a test afther the contest to see how it plays now.
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    [WIP] de_brew

    @JorisCeoen minus the whole historic aspect and plus a more industrial feel in some areas. And also hopefully completed lol
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    Iv recently mentioned on another thread, as someone that can literally count the number of anime films iv watched with both hands, (i guess the environment iv been brought up in) watching anime has kinda always been regarded for children/childish.. but the few that i have seen/ properly sat down and watched. akira (a must watch imo) ninja scroll (another i enjoyed) a couple of street fighter films (not bad) cowboybeepbop (keep fekn falling asleep everytime i try to watch but enjoyed what i have seen of the film^^) Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend (1 of the first films with ninja scroll a friend showed when i was young.. this 1 kinda fuked me up when it came to manga/anime^^) ghost in the shell (seen 1 or 2 of these films very enjoyable) BLADE RUNNER 2049 - Black Out 2022 (have to mention this just because im a big BR fan and i thought the 3 shorts released especially this short anime was magical!) aside from old anime tv cartoons? and being a fan of the art in old manga books and lone wolf and cub (if that is classed as anime books?) thats pretty much my list, but i do love the styles (especially older 80's n 90's anime) and ovc have seen/heard other things from anime stuff but never properly sat down and watched, so i would love to see some more recommendations from folk. will defo check out Evangelion (iv seen a few folk mention its not bad) any more for non anime heads
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    [CSGO] Dojo (defuse map)

    Update 7 Redesigned A site. Redesigned paths to B.
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    [WIP] de_hillside

    I just wanna say one thing: I kinda lost momentum, and I'm working on it very slowly, and at the same time, I started learning C# and Unity, so maybe it will took a long time, becouse I'm lazy. However the update is coming, I'm just simply slow! Oh and I'm learning German too...
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    5 year old thread? No worries, i got this. There are currently 2 merch stores: The old one: https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/mapcore/ and the new one: https://teespring.com/stores/mapcore 1. The old one should be nuked to avoid confusion. Also: Old logo. 2. The new one got cut down for some reason. Can't buy a mug no more? GUYS! MURGS - WE NEED THEM MURGS!! 3. The store isn't really linked to around here. Gotta fix that. Edit: Tagging some cause otherwise nobody will find this comment ever. @FMPONE @Thrik @Yanzl
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    More progress, more screenshots! I've been detailing the buildings at Bombsite A: The floor and the cover and the background of the bombsite still have to be done, but I think I'll first be moving to the other parts of the map to get them up to the same level as this, to get a sense of what the town as a whole will look like.
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    Yellows and blues, low saturation is key. Have a look at this: Basically, use natural light colors for the sun/moon and the lights that are providing actual light for your map. To get that 80s neon look, use spots of color like neon signs, bright trims around things or colorful props.
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    Mafia 3

    Stumbled on this video on YT today, and reminded me how disappointing some aspects of M3 was. M2 still looks so good, still very smooth and readable, there's no DLC crap and even though it's an open world game, there's zero grind. It's been a while since I played it and correct me if I'm wrong but I don't even think there's side quests, how amazing is that?
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    Those blue lights are so much easier on the eyes
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    Roald van der Scheur | Level Designer

    Hi there, my name is Roald and I have a strong desire to create things in any sense of the word. I love to draw, paint, photograph, write, create spaces, develop ideas and think about solutions. Hope this helps
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    @H1PP0P0T4MU5 Just focus on gameplay and scale. Make sure you don't have insane sightlines. Change based on feedback. Only start detailing and texturing after you finish the layout and know what everything will be. You got this
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    I've made some progress on the accessible building at Bombsite A, taking inspiration from Nuke and Classic Offensive's fy_iceworld: For a moment I doubted whether the theme would look nice at all, but then I added some placeholder snow heaps in the background and I'm quite happy with that. The interior of the building is now pretty much empty, because otherwise I think it would be too easy for a Terrorist to camp in it while the last CT nervously attempts to defuse his bomb. Here are some more screenshots:
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    Based on the recent playtest and feedback by @Momoderator I have add big changes to the map and I feel happy with the layout for the first time, so guess thats a good sign! EDIT: a video of the map with some usefull nades New radar: Tactical nades: More Images:
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    Played wow for 4 weeks straight, so I had to dust the SDK tools off and get back at it. big new update out now
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    I heard that in the swamps people often disappear. I will be excited if you disappear in my swamp. A lot of work and a lot of things I want to do, before the first public playtest.
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    Soon first alpha playtest (mb, i don''t know about rules, i can or not make a playtest)
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    Oh yeah looks like they changed how the product listings work, remaking everything now.
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    [CSGO] Dojo (defuse map)

    I'm working on a CS:GO defuse map and I'm looking for layout feedback. Notes: Map includes sliding door on A site. I'm gonna only put latest map here. All other screenshots are in the later posts. Edits: Update 1 Major change on enterance to A site. Added backlane on B site. Update 2 Remade dojo. Remade A site scheme. Update 3 Remade long and B site. Remove alley next to A site. Update 4 Redesigned CT area. Update 5 Redesigned A site and connections. Redesigned middle. Update 6 Swapped sites (A is now B, B is now A) Redesigned middle and A (dojo) site. Redesigned T-spawn. Update 7 Redesigned A site. Redesigned paths to B. Download link -> workshop
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    sir goober


    mine is actually very close to that 0 341 0 / -35 / 213 200 223 38 / 78 87 126 25 guess I gotta bump up the ambience
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    For the contest I'm trying to implement an older idea of mine: Terroristst are trying to bring down a radiotower by destroying one of it's two anchors. Beforehand they allready blew up the third one. The setting and layout is completely new though. It's all taking place on a set of adjoining rooftops in a dense urban context. Let's see how exotic I can make this.
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    I haven't opened up Hammer for a long time since the playtest, but finally managed to make some big changes in the layout, which is mostly smallen the map size and decrease the timings alooooot. New radar: Tighten up midle canal, oh and weapons/bomb now 'float': New B bombsite and CT spawn: New T spawn, moved forward on the road:
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    [WIP] de_Digital

    Final Version of the Radar for the First version of De_Digital! What do you guys think? This first version will serve as my Contest Entry! NO BOMBSITES NOR SPAWN ICONS ARE ON THE MAP.
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    [WiP] de_sean

    Only B remains!
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    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

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    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    Looks really good.
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