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    I wanted to wait till the layout is whole, but saw so much cool updates coming by I just have to share the things we are currently working on. @Momoderator has converted some assets we used on the Desertruin map for PVKII, we will use it as a base to expand on. The assets are originally created by @LATTEH and edited by @phonebooth I bumped into maaaany challanges already and i think the biggest challange is keeping the map compact as the egyptian structures are huge and I want to put in so many ideas in just one small map which is competitive based. Its a new workflow to focus so much on the art direction already while grayboxing the layout and I hope I can get it done well Below a few screenshots of the start of the graybox with a few of the asset placeholders being used to see how they look ingame and what feeling we are going for. Again, these are placeholders! Bridge to midle and canal functioning as A/B rotation for T's View from T spawn B main route, will change from the layout drawing as the road is terribly open and no good for gameplay
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    ...time has past since the global events of 2046, under the scorching sun on a sea of sand lies the remains of the king-class warship USS Carry.
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    First complete radar, check! Workshop version coming soon™
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    Hey, I cooked up some ground materials/blends. The snow does not look as blown out at regular player eye level.
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    Some bricks!
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    Exotic Places CS:GO Mapping Contest 2019

    This is a good time to remind newcomers to mapcore and/or CSGO level design about @jackophant's thread from the 2015 and 2017 versions of this contest. It has quite the info and links to have a smooth sailing in this contest (veterans can use it as a refresher too ) Good luck everyone!
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    [WIP] Zenith

    It does not. I've run around this map, it's basically some custom developer textures tinted to different colors, and some sprinkled around props. That doesn't rise to the level of significant art. We do appreciate people paying attention to the rules and keeping entries honest, though.
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    First father day, so happy to have this cool kiddy
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    It's being worked on
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    [WIP] Passo

    Here's my entry. A bomb defusal set in Bulgarian Village in the Rhodopes mountain (might change). Neither the layout nor the art is done. The theme is not exactly exotic but as I understood exotic meant locations seen infrequently in CS:GO so I think this fits in this criteria. Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1765451412 Some images so you can make out what the overall architecture and style will be and what the current layout is:
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    Also you have to queue to get in to the higher bombsite!
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    I hope you start losing health the higher you go in this map
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    Update time! After the feedback from the forum and workshop page iv'e made some changes to the layout, mainly to increase CT presence at mid and decrease rotation times from B to A. I've increased the height of the wall that separates upper and lower A and added an alternate path into B for the CTs in order to make retakes easier. A new entrance to the A site-Mid connector has been added and the ladder at A has been re-positioned. Mid is a "one way drop" for approaching Ts (you can cross back but you need to do a few jumps that aren't viable mid-combat). A ledge has been added to the space under B's balcony so that players can boost onto the balcony or jump onto it via the snipers nest area. A truck has been removed in the garage area, the trucks at A have been reworked, and cover has been adjusted. Also here's a potential 3D skybox: And finally, I was considering changing the map's name to monsoon to detach it from the physical location. After playing around in blender for a bit i made a potential map pin for it: (The Hindi says monsoon)
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    [WIP] de_Minesite

    Hello, I’m making a map based on abandoned copper mine in Alaska. Bombsite A will be at the entrance to a mineshaft. Bombsite B will be indoors . Here are some photos of the minesite
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    Figuring out a viable layout has proved quite a challenge as aspects of my initial sketch fell apart when transfered into hammer as can be seen below. This is a perfect example of why spending ages on every tiny detail on paper is rarely a good idea. 22 versions and countless compiles later and I am starting to get a result I am more happy with. While the base timings are roughly in place, extensive testing is going to be needed to whip the map into a competitivly viable state. As with most of my serious and pre-planned projects I have created an image board in PureRef from which I also begun to make some small detailing tests and a zoo-like map for props that fit the theme to ensure I have a solid and recognisable visual style and to begin to create a list of custom assets that will be needed. Getting the custom player models sorted early on has helped me chose colours that will provide a large enough contrast between players and their enviroment. I am learning a lot about mapping for hostage rescue as I go and I am confident I will have a complete layout ready some time next week. In the meantime, here are some very early screenshots for posterity.
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    I made a statue. He's a big boy. Fruit basket for scale.
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    New radar for a new version! Many changes, especially to the right side which has been lowered significantly. A very WIP workshop version can be found below but there is no proper clipping yet and several major bugs. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1769160834
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    A defusal map set in a coastal city in Bulgaria. Collaboration with @KeX Main inspiration: Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1721338314 This map is currently in greybox phase. We're looking forward to any kind of feedback you've got for us. Here's the current layout:
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    Here's a comparison of versions one and six of Gongji.
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    Hong Kong Map <name not fully decided>

    Coming soon to home theaters near you...
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    [WIP] de_hawaiimap

    Name is under development, will change upon feedback or so. Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1762866894 Setting: Hawaiian Resort during a rainy day Terrorists traverse from the sandy shores of the beach through the long garden or building in the resort (I'm thinking a spa room perhaps?) to A, or can make their way over to the steep hills or pool to middle or B. That's right, middle is part of a pool. Up the rocks is the entrance to Bombsite B, located behind a waterfall, which is directly connected to mid (Whether the cleaningness of waterfall source pouring into the pool is debatable). Middle leads to another cliff into B site, while past the walls take towards CT or A site. Through the building (Spa Room???), terrorists can still head to middle for quick rotates or through another building, which leads to Bombsite A. Bombsite A just so happens to be the location of a courtyard, where a tiki bar and stage are present. Meanwhile, Counter-Terrorists coming from the front of the resort can climb the steep cliff to B or head to the open area which leads to middle or A. CTs can push through an alley to the tiki bar, or head through the local restaurant to take a height advantage the visitors. Gameplay: A site has two main routes for both sides that lead to it, while B site has one main route and is more connected to middle. Right now I'm trying to work out the gameplay mechanics, but the waterfall that's present could be shot through and can be jumped out of, like a one way drop from a site to middle (right now I have a waterfall that can be technically climbed, although it has the properties I desire except being able to climb up it). My inspiration sparks from my many visits to Hawaii and how beautiful of a place it is. Upon looking up "exotic places" online, one of the first results was Hawaii, and instantly sparked me on how wonderful of a place it is. I don't have any direct visual comparisons for inspiration, just sort of the concept behind it. I do have to fix the radar for some building entrances and the lack of the tiki bar (a playable area in the map) but feedback is appreciated! Here's a bunch of screenshots. Still under development, and need some feedback on what to refine: https://imgur.com/a/gpIxOGI
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    [WIP] de_databunker

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    [WIP] de_Monsoon (formerly Jaisalmer)

    Sorry for not really updating the thread yesterday, nothing incredibly interesting has happened. I've been working on some layout changes but they aren't completely established yet. I did some "detailing" in mid using brushes and hope to get more done soon. Greybox is my favorite stage because i get to play around with new layout ideas and make mock up models until i have a good aesthetic.
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    Myself, @Squad and @Oskmos are taking you on a trip to this exotic place: Everest is merely the working name. Final name tbd.
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    finally i can upload an update to the map. the layout should be finished either today or tomorrow and then i will upload a (hopefully) playable map end of the week or early next week. for now i made some decoration: hope you like it
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    [WIP] Torga

    Here's the layout: Gonna have a playtest tonight. I didn't add the permaclose door, but I did make one that takes 15 seconds to open, so that should be an interesting feature to test, should I say EXOTIC. Rotation time between the sites is now reasonable.
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    [WIP] Grotta Palazzese (de_ palazzese)

    Hey guys, I'm Jony's teammate in this mapping contest, and I've created some ambient music for a portion of the map! This will play somewhere in middle when you get close to a door, similar to the hidden music on dust2 and inferno. It was performed by one of my good friends Quirby64. Hope you all enjoy! Sorry if it's too loud!
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    General Vivi

    Mapcore Job Census

    I guess I never updated mine, I quit Starbreeze Dec, 31 2017. Started my own studio with my buddy Mike called "Bounding Box Software" , we're making a game called Prodeus.
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    The information booth pillar is now a model, so it now has double the faces!
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    First version of a layout which I kinda rushed to finish. note: still missing crucial cover all around the map 3840 x 3760 units ish
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    Radu's mexican town

    I blocked out some windows and door frames in hammer:
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    Exotic Places CS:GO Mapping Contest 2019

    this sounds super fun! think I also shall contribute with a entry!
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    Main mall entrance is ready! Just gotta consider if I should add more plywood planks 'n stuff... I just need some more cover for B-Site and this area should be ready!
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    [WiP] de_sean

    Even up the height of each step so that they nolonger overlap. Copy the entire staircase and paste it directly above the original. Apply clip tool texture to the higher set. Select the lowest of the higher set of steps and use Hammer's clipping tool [shift+x] in the x/y window to cut from one corner to its diagonal opposite. In Vertex Tool mode in either the y/z or x/z window, box select the two verts at the upper front of the step and drag them straight down to meet the lower front verts, clicking accept when Hammer prompts you to merge them. Rinse and repeat for the rest of the staircase. Shouldn't take you longer than five minutes. Good luck soldier.
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    [WIP] Grotta Palazzese (de_ palazzese)

    1-Starting with mid 2-Changes to the Bombsite after some playtesting 3-Starting with Upper 4-reference image for mid
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    Made in halo 5 Forge
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    [WIP] de_stonetown

    First thought: it exist from corridors and square rooms only. Try to variete a litle, maybe use some more open spaces, some diagnal routes, maybe some small invertion at some paths (but watch out for getting to many cheeky corners). Anyways if you want solid feedback, show us where the spawns and sites are edit: and add some height variation and cover, or didnt u add those to the radar yet? right now its very plain
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    1- Mid is almost done. 2- CT spawn is done and changed 3- Cool view
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    [WIP] de_databunker

    @Karthoum Ohhh that makes sense. I thought they were imported with materials baked into them. RIP Oh also, mid is gonna be two lanes with the left train line seemingly going from T entrance 1 to A conn. To solve timing issues, a train will block T entrance one for ~3 secs and then stop, conveniently on the empty platform car which player can jump over.
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    CTs have to be limited to Galils and Dual Elites, since the SA Police force standard issue R4 rifle is basically a Galil and the Vektor SP1 pistol is a direct clone of the Beretta 92
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    Is this happens because we are from bulgaria!???
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    Mitch Mitchell

    E3 2019

    Well, like Hollow-wood, Games publishers are not really any different in terms of the sort of people they hire: spreadsheets-wearing-suits/suit-pant-suits. Check the job listings to work in the executive branch of a games publisher, it's all spreadsheets and product-marketing-led desirables. The people working in the executive-branch typically come from another consumer-led industry, like: sports apparel, healthcare and beauty, cosmetics, soda-pop, Public Relations, music, lifestyle magazine/e-zines, fast-food and so on. The highest requirement in gaming is typically 'must have an interest in the games industry' and that is about it, because in the executive branch it doesn't really matter that you understand anything about games, just how to get products sold, on the shelves and promoted accordingly, with a massive back-end in marketing statistical analysis for the future. This is why there is a homogeneous tonality to gaming: lowest-common-denominators rule, as the data is like a bell-curve.
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    [WIP] de_databunker

    I did some really basic lighting for B to make it playable: \ So far I'm learning a lot about lights! The dots on the ceiling will emit weak light to cover the dark spots.
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    Don't waste too much time and effort redesigning your layout for bots, they behave nothing like humans so you run the risk of imbalancing the map. In my experience terrorist bots always have a preferred bombsite, probably the closest or easiest to navigate to. If you want to test their timings and approach to the other site you could temporarily cordon off the other one. Personally I find it quite useful to have competitive twitch streams running on my second monitor whilst I'm designing/building/tweaking layouts as it keeps me in the mindset of a human player. Ultimately the only important test is getting 10 real humans to have a few actual games on your map and collect their feedback.
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    [WIP] de_databunker

    @SUMOSUPREME Thank you! Things are really shaping up. @text_fish HA! BLIND! I'll slap in A and magnify the thumbnail.
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    Just ran a playtest, I know what you are saying. "CSGOJohnMadden why do that, you said FMPONE said it was the most perfect layout he's ever scene". And your right, how dare I test it. Well I'll tell you it wasn't to test it, it was to allow some cool mappers to see into the eyes of a goddess for the first time since they laid eyes upon dust 2 since 2001. 18 years is enough time for everyone to adjust to greatness again. And I'll let you know the map has it's vaccines so don't @ me. Also it's like the earth, my layout isn't flat. All the surface's are slightly curved so players can feel like they are playing something from the actual earth. Also don't forget to join my discord, where you can buy shirts of my layout before the map gets published. #SourceEngineMansion #MsJim
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    Dying Light 2

    Here are several articles from gaming sites (Rockpapershotgun, IGN, gamesradar, vg247 etc) with their impressions of Dying Light 2 demo at E3 (hint: they were impressed and loved it) Release date: Spring 2020 https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/06/12/ive-seen-how-choices-impact-your-dying-light-2-city-and-im-sold-e3-preview/ https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/06/11/you-will-probably-only-see-50-of-dying-light-2s-content-in-your-first-playthrough-e3-2019?sf103901898=1 https://www.pcworld.com/article/3402256/dying-light-2-preview-e3-2019.html https://www.gamesradar.com/dying-light-2-e3-2019-gameplay-preview/?utm_content=buffer787a3&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer_grtw https://www.vg247.com/2019/06/11/dying-light-2-e3-preview/ https://www.pcgamesn.com/dying-light-2/parkour-movement https://www.polygon.com/e3/2019/6/11/18660950/e3-2019-dying-light-2-demo-preview?utm_campaign=polygon&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter https://www.usgamer.net/articles/dying-light-2-player-choices-preview?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter And some in-game screenshots (for those of you who did not see the trailer and gameplay videos yet) after teasing with so many concept art pics. Can't wait to get my hands on the game and the developer tools afterwards
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    [WIP] Torga

    Here's some screenshots for yall to gawk at: I decided to start from one bomb site and make it work well with middle and then continue on to the other site, considering balance, scale, fighting range variety, etc. The concept seems to be working out pretty well, this is either going to be super cool and unique or an utter failure. And a random texture: Still looking for an environment artist to help out with a lot of the modelling and texturing. If you think you're the best 3d artist in the world and my map is not trash, then hit me up. I'm right here.
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Trying to finish this FC5 map "this week":
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