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    Luxury is close to completion, this the first art pass (no color correction yet) The setting is somewhere to the west of Hollywood Hills
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    Some screenies of a level I've been working on for HL:Alyx. Assembling this scene would've taken a year in Source 1.
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    progress update on bg map, now in action
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    [CSGO] Bloodline (Deathmatch)

    Hello everyone! I just finished my new map for CSGO. It is a fun map, with a lot of interactions and a unique theme. I invite you and your friends to play a game of Bloodline! Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2112785597 DESCRIPTION Fight in the Parkists Arena in this battle of Bloodline! The most violent and controversial sport of all! When you hear the crowd remember to fight for the field, avoid the lava, press the explosive buttons and make the best score of the match! They will shout your name for sure competitor! MAP SIZE: Large RECOMMENDED NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 12 - 16 AVAILABLE GAMEMODES: Deathmatch (most recommended); Arms Race; Demolition; Flying Scoutsman; Custom Casual/Competitive (1 bombsite only). Bloodline was developed for an old Half Life 2 MOD (KumaWar2). Because of that I preferred to reutilize some of its assets, slightly improving the look of them! More updates may come in the future! Have fun!
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    Akashi - イェスタディ

    05/06/2020 Major layout changes: Based off of the amazing feedback I've received from everyone and combined with thorough play-testing with friends, I have made changes to the overall layout to Akashi. I removed a lot of the narrow corridors and cut down on the number of connecting pathways. Bombsite B was... terrible to play -^^- Because of this I redid the entire of Bombsite B. Mid was very boring to play so I also redid Mid... CT spawn was moved next to Bombsite B similar to Overpass CT spawn. Although this might seem unbalanced, it will help with timings and give CT's an option to play aggressively or passively. Bombsite A was also changed slightly from feedback gathered through play-testing. I also moved it closer to CT spawn. In the layout sketch I also included some of my basic sketches of things that might be included in the map (rocks, Torii, walls and monorail). Thank you to everyone for the amazing feedback so far, please keep give your opinions / feedback below ~^^~ 02/06/2020 Finished a very very basic layout so I can play-test. Changed a few things from the initial sketches, however, the layout is extremely close. Any feedback is welcomed ~^^~ thank you everyone who has already left amazing feedback below 31/05/2020 This is the second top-down layout sketch for Akashi. A few minor changes to mid and CT. Thank you everyone for the amazing feedback ~^^~ 30/05/2020 Hiii ~^^~ This is the start of Akashi's development and attached is the initial sketch of the layout. This is still early development so any feedback would be appreciated
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    Akashi - イェスタディ

    Interesting thematic ideas and shapes. However, the design may be too complex to be enjoyable. Several of the paths drawn are redundant and easily removable, making the map easier to understand. Here is an example of such a revision: If you keep your paths to the bare minimum, you will see what additional paths are needed as you playtest the map (if any).
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    Akashi - イェスタディ

    I think it's with levels like it's with most other arts and crafts - yes breaking from the traditional rules and making more diverse maps is good and should be encouraged, however imo you can only do that meaningfully if you understand why the traditional rules exist in the first place, which usually means sticking to them until you've got some experience.
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    Half-Life Alyx

    we've come a long way.
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    Half-Life Alyx

    I've got a raging clue. Found this on twitters LOOK AT THAT LIGHTING
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    Akashi - イェスタディ

    Complexity does not equal innovation. You can innovate a level layout without mindlessly adding more and more routes. There is a variety of tools you can work with that are not "paths". One of the reasons why relatively "simple" geometry works well in Counter-Strike is predictability. In Counter-Strike you die very very quickly. If you get caught of guard, you are basically done for since you, as a player, don't have many tools to escape a sticky situation. Being killed from behind is NOT fun. That has nothing to do with "learning the ways of the map". If the map geometry becomes too complex, it decreases predictability, since players cannot rely on their back being safe. Furthermore, and that seems to be the point you are critizing it does make players having a harder time to learn the map. You got to keep in mind, that people will most likely spend their time doing something else, than trying to disect your complex layout just to master it. People don't do that. To give some feedback on the acutal piece: I think that's a pretty good starting point. I agree with @Interfearance that it could use some simplification in some parts. Parts of the map also feel a little cramped, like the CT area on mid. Furthermore there are a bunch of very long, straight and fairly bland routes, especially leading East and West from CT spawn. Routing for CTs that wanna go mid, feels a little weird since you have to run a "U-Shape" followed by a "S-Shape". Might be a little tedious to navigate. Retaking A side for CTs seems tough, since they have hardly any cover at close to the site. Keep it going! Hope to see the layout ingame soon Good job so far
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    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1206809088 -Updated and improved prop fade distance on many outside props -updated textures on sign asset to make it more accurate -improved clipping across map (thanks seth) -hid gap in skybox
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    The random model thread!

    I followed latest BlenderGuru's tutorial series to make a chair and I'm pretty happy, the result is very cool ! And thanks to this tutorial I also wanted to make a table with it And ... well why not make a stylish bench too And I made lowpoly versions of these for fun and ported them over Source 2 for HL:A. They don't fit very well with the game's art thought but it works
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    RELEASE Luxury is a Wingman map situated in a modern house complex near Los Angeles, California The residents of the contemporary-style house had held a house party the night before and woke up to the sight of dangerous ammunition crates near the pool. They called 911 and left the residence without hesitation. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDIT Most assets and materials used on the map is by Yanzl Quoting helped with playtests as well as ideas for the map
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    Blender 2.83 is here! https://www.blender.org/download/releases/2-83/
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    Akashi - イェスタディ

    I totally agree on what @Interfearance and @poLemin are saying. About @Ringel his statement I wouldn't so much agree except for trying out new things is cool and sure why not experiment some. Just I feel you lose seight of what is the core of the game and the LD rules that are involved. If you want to design a map for the classic CS mode, I would recommand sticking to the core meta and LD rules of the game. Simply, because this game is out here for a very long time and some things work and some just don't and knowing about it comes with knowledge and experience (which interfearance and polemin share). So for a 5 vs 5 gamemode, you dont want just 1 chokepoint or 10 chokepoints because there is no way the attacker can get passed one chokepoint (lacking options) or the defender can hold 10 chokepoints (too many options). The CS:GO levels have unwritten rules for this to make the gamemode work with 10 players and 2 objectives, changing these metas will make your map not play well and not be fun (unbalanced). I think Polemin explained some of this with his feedback and examples. I do not want to make this thread a discussion about this topic, but do want you to be aware of whats being said from which standpoint. Trying new layouts is cool (vertigo, train, nuke), but they do however apply to these unwritten rules. Also there is nothing wrong with your 'basic' three lane layout as it has proven to work, you can change small things within the meta to make it more interesting and try out some new ideas to make it different from other maps and have it play as you want it to play. To stick to the topic, the sketch looks pretty solid with Interfearance adjustments and Polemins points being thought off, just block it out (as it always changes in hammer) and when the basic timings, chokepoints and cover is there have a playtest and find out! (oh CT spawn looks very long and streched out on your sketch just now)
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    I'm working on my first map, called de_tomb, which is set in an ancient Egyptian archeological site. What do you think of the design/aesthetic/atmosphere and map layout?
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    Better to embed some pictures in your post. Even if it's just one click away, most people won't click it.
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    de_tomb / My first map

    Hey there, I'm looking on feedback on my very first level – de_tomb, which takes place in an ancient Egyptian archeological site. I guess I was in part inspired by Anubis. You can check out the Steam Workshop page here and a Imgur album with almost 30 images here. I am looking for feedback on how the map plays, it's layout and overall aesthetic. And any other thoughts you might have.
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    Next Saterday 6th of June at 1PM - EST I'll be hosting a livestream on the Wall Worm Discord channel on how to create Surf Ramps in 3DS Max in a procedural and easy way, and export them in matter of seconds with Wall Worm. Everyone who's interested is free to join the stream! I'll be covering a few things that are specifically aimed at Surf Mapping, and how you can create ramps as they appear in surf_galaxy, surf_greatriver_2015 and surf_snowslide. This includes -but is not limited to- the following: Creating ramps in any shape or form. Keeping those ramps procedural. Preparing the ramps for texturing. Creating collision models that are not buggy. Exporting all the ramps straight from 3DS Max and also export them as a scene directly from Max as opposed to Hammer (just so you know both ways ). There will definitly be room for a few AmA's regarding surf mapping in general, so don't be shy and let me know of any questions you may have! I'll also prepare a few scenes that can be downloaded, and in case you can't make it, the stream will be recorded (most likely by myself but I'll be backed-up by other members as well). Before the stream starts I'll make another announcements here on the day itself. The stream will start taking place here: https://discord.gg/a6ZByvv
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    WIP background map for Map Labs competition mod
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    What's going on with your life?

    Achievement unlocked: you kept the baby alive for 1 year
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    Ancient Arena from UT1 to UE4

    I've learned the very basics to model the basic shapes in blender. Still have to master boolean operations though. In UT I was limited to 8 - 16 sided cylinders, in UE4 I'm going up to 64. IT's much easier to work with multiples of ten than with powers of two.
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    [WiP] De_againstthegrain [Wingman]

    Hey guys! so im taking a swing at this wingman comp, im taking inspiration from Cod:bo4 blackout with a twist, The spawns are flipped! crazy i know and will it win, no but im going to have fun! check it out https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2103601295
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    Hi Leo, it's always nice to see new people here! I took a look around your map. I like the start you have made here! I gathered this imgur album to give some feedback: https://imgur.com/gallery/Wfwju6v I hope it helps and you keep going! All the best.
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    The map feels a bit overly designed. Too many paths that do not have to be there, you could defenitly simplify a lot. Just make sure that all paths do have a fully own function and if not remove it or see how u can redesign it to make them more usefull. Especially talking about the T side of midle connectors. Also not a fan of the T spawn being this 'seperated' and facing to one side of the map, rather have them face to the center of the map and be more included. Dont be afraid to have some open areas in your map and make things less corridory. Show them from spawn all directions they can take. Also T spawn to the upper site path is very long and straight and all. I dont see its function except for rotating unseen through T spawn, but u could design that in a more straight forward way
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    Akashi - イェスタディ

    I agree, no one should work on a map mindlessly. Many players play too unaware. Don't read the minimap and stare only at one direction. As I played the game I often saw a group of people only looking at one entrance and they left the only one other they came from totally open and uncovered. I could often cought three or more people of guard because of that. Such people need to learn the game instead of learning the map. If you make the map fun they will learn it over time without have to dissect the map. Just by playing it. Oh and there are new players who do that. Most of them are new players or some who want something new.
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    Akashi - イェスタディ

    Too many paths are bad and too less are also bad. If you keep it as simple as possible the map will be much easier to learn and feel more familiar. But if you make it simple, it will most likely become just a copy of something that is already out there. It seems like most people here think it is bad that players have to get to know your map. So, they want to make everything as comfortable and convenint as possible for players to get a good start and feeling while running around your map at the first time. You can do this, but in my opinion there are already enough noob friendly maps out there. Like dust 2. A more complex map has to be explored and you need to get to know it. But if you create a good one it will be worth it. People easily say to you that some paths or areas are redundant. This is because they are stuck to what they learned and just repeat what they believe is the best. But that is not always the truth. Many "redundant" paths are of good use. For reasons they can't even imagine. Those paths can make your map more fun and unique and gives it a better fresh taste. But this has to be tested. And I mean really tested, not just checked. One or a few more playtests will most likely not be enough for that. Because players could play your map as it would be a standard map and might not get how to play it until they played it more often with an open mind. Most stick to what they already learned, just copy what they see others do and rarely come up with something new by their own. You have to teach them new ways or wait until someone who likes to come up with new things found out how to play it. Don't get me wrong, a few things only need to be checked to know whether they work or not. Feedback is very important, but also to filter out the most useful feedback and not just say yes to everything. If you want to create something new then think outside of the box and do what you are interested in. This is much harder than just following the given rules and make your map good and acceptable by following them. Because you might fail and most likely will fail at your first attempts. But if you keep doing it your way and improve it with every project you can create something new and wonderfull. It is up to you if you want to make just another standard map or something unique. So, find out what kind of map you want to make. One more advice. Find one or two who likes the concept of your map and team up with them to improve it as much as possible. This will make some things easier.
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    I'm working on my first map, called de_tomb, which is set in an ancient Egyptian archeological site. What do you think of the design/aesthetic/atmosphere and map layout? https://imgur.com/a/4xDqw6K
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    Source 2 Hammer Bugs

    You can change a binds \steamapps\common\Half-Life Alyx\game\core\tools\keybindings\hammer_key_bindings.txt
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    [CSGO] Bloodline (Deathmatch)

    Isn't this just Wario Stadium from Mario Kart 64? Looks fun!
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    de_loreley [wingman]

    hey people, screenshots see below or at the imgur link https://imgur.com/gallery/20n8GQu. I took the cs mapmakers wingman competition as an occasion to make a new map. I figured two against two was a small enough scale to slot this one in. Little did I know that within one week I would already have developed two entirely different concepts and greyboxes, and be toying with a third. de_Loreley is the most polished, so you get to see this one first. For this map I was inspired by a train journey I did along the Rhine basin recently. One stop along that journey is the famous Loreley cliff. I thought it was neat and based this layout on what I saw. Check after the screenshots for some of my reference material. Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2111658014 The layout is a very simple threelane design. There are three distinct pathes, separated by elevation and theme. The uppermost path is a slightly bent train tunnel, connected by an emergency door to the main street along the center of the map. The CT end of the street is flush with the tunnel's elevation thus allowing CTs immediate control of the tunnel. The main objective is on the street. Locals are entirely fed up with the rampant tourism in their home and have decided to symbolically target an open-topped tourist bus. Right next to the street where these actions are meant to take place, the third and lowest level is the riverside of the Rhine. Taking control of the Rhine's beach allows Ts a great insight into common defense positions further behind the site. Final touches are added by some accessible rooms (one staircase and one basement workshop) in the local houses that divide the street and beach. I hope you can find the time to boot this up and have some fun on the map. Enjoy your stay at the Rhine! Screenshots:
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    Half-Life Alyx

    Thank you, next model we're shipping with a strap-on, stay tuned.
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    [CS:GO] Erect (wingman hostage)

    Thank you all for participating in my Piss off the Mapcore moderators speedrun! Totally stomped it! P.S. seriously, why is this in off-topic? P.S.#2 I've put all the jokes in spoiler.
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    haha, in that case then, it's free for you
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    Thanks for the feedback!the middle part of the map is something that I am going to have a huge change on it.On the B site,I think it is very fun for me because it make shotgun,Negev viable for ct and smg for t,that make anti eco more challaging also I think the problems of it being too cramped is ok for me,the dumpster make a unique gameplay of wall bang like mirage firebox that you can wallbang and enemies cant see you until they check it ,of course it can be easily counter by fire.For A site ,I will make the bomb zone further away to force t gain more control for the site,and i think push out ramp without other entrance support suppose to be hard and scary,you should stay on the top if you have no support,I will also add a roof under the ramp to make it safer for the camper.At last,I will add more room or cover for those corridors,A long is a recent example that I am trying to make those path more angles instead of long unfun straightline.Again I am very happy about the feedback
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    Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2116410504
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    Hello! After a few years of development, Coachi (https://www.mapcore.org/profile/37221-coachi/) and I have finally released our map, Firenze. We hope you enjoy! Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2105680462 "Terrorists have driven into the previously busy streets of Firenze, with the goal of causing as much mayhem in the city as possible. They have set their eyes on select cultural centers and local tourist attractions. They plan on detonating either the the statue outside of the De Vitis shoe store or the local street market. However, Counter-Terrorists have been quickly dispatched in the city to disrupt the actions of the Terrorists. Who will win?" Full Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/HEixUjk
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    Adjusted some lighting by adding in some fire rubble to darker areas of the map.
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    Added in some dead clone props
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    Replaced the Reek.
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Starting my first ever map, don't really know where I'm going with this, well see
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    [CS:GO] Erect (wingman hostage)

    watch out! below lies a contextual joke, building up the suspense for the below screenshot. you might feel uncomfortable.. and now...a series of tasteless jokes with some facts sprinkled here and there:
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    [CS GO] Pithead (WIP)

    So we made a whole new layout and we also changed the location a bit, the map is now set on a sawmill some wip pics
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    The Last of Us Part 2

    Yes, spamming HP
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    RaVaGe's real life WIP

    Yeah it's a pretty neat bamboo, it's bamwood nairobi if u wanna know (pretty expensive shit).
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    RaVaGe's real life WIP

    Fuck this, can't upload more
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    Just to add to the collection of "my first map" posts... de_shortbloc: a wingman 2v2 cs:go map. This was the first project I've completed to this stage, which I initially released on April 30th after 55 hours of learning my way through Hammer and then mapping and detailing. Yesterday I released an updated v2 with improved env lighting, more detailing work and random issue fixes. Will continue to fine tune as I get feedback, but as this was my first project in hammer, I was more focused on experimenting with everything in the entire map-making process so some of the stages were likely a bit rushed. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2079112663 de_shortbloc consists of the 5th floor and roof of an apartment bloc. The radar overlay probably needs fine tuning as I realized the transparent second level doesn't work too well, and I didn't have the courage to try a multi-level radar yet. Roof layout showing CT spawn (right side by stairwell door) and roof access to bomb site in center. Main hallway from Shop, or laundry area, with door to Kitchen apartment that has bomb site access through a breakable wall. This is still CT side with T's attacking from the other end of the building. Bomb site from elevator vent access. Centered is breakable wall to Kitchen, on right is breakable wall of main hallway. These walls were a big part of the initial brainstorming, so while maybe not the most practical gameplay element, I've left them in the final version. Around the left wall is a door with balcony access. The buckets are normally stacked up, but I knocked them over while in noclip and didn't realize until after the fact. Speaking of balconies, here is the exterior approach. Only 5th floor balconies are accessible. Far balcony is a sniper box accessible from roof or vents. Ts start by the near balcony via Library apartment, and then have roof access via the fire ladder, or can continue to site via the clotheslines which are walkable. I know that might not be super intuitive, but like the breakable walls, walkable clotheslines were one of the ideas I initially built the map around, so it stayed. Again, it's not the most polished piece in the world, but I'm happy so far as a first go, and hope to improve going forward. Thanks in advance for any and all feedback!
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